"God's Mysterious Ways,"

With a View of Two Significant Dates,

and a Solemn Warning from Scripture,

by Ronald Ginther

Oline Madsdatter Vikoren Stadem,

passed to Glory April 30, 1911;

her Gr-Granddaughter Pearl Stadem Ginther

passed to Glory April 30, 2011

Pearl Andrina Stadem,

born Sept. 13, 1909

Your ways are most mysterious

and awesome,O, Lord!

How you orchestrate our lives--

so that they harmonize and perfectly accord!

One hundred years exactly between the dates

in our count--

O! to You, Master Weaver of Destiny,

our praises forever mount!

Also, that You should advance Pearl so long

in age

--and she still be loving everyone

and counselling wiser than any sage.

With a spirit so indomitable, too,

at 100 she could take a glider flight,

yet be calm enough to nap at 4,000 feet,

not sit stiff in the cockpit with fright!

If WE should ever aspire

to the same height of achievements as these,

perhaps we need to cultivate as she did

the Almighty who has all power

and who performs miraculous feats,

and who entrusts His true saints

with His glorious Kingdom's keys.

Lastly, mark this:

Oline and Gr-Granddaughter Pearl

passed from this earth in the Spring,

which season points to a Promise

and Sign.

What will now transpire

among the Stadem Descendents

in the Great Weaver's Design?

Do you know? Do you see it?

Truly? Or have the eyes of your spirit

grown dim with cataracts?

Or like fishes in deep, dark cavern waters

living all their lives underground

--where you born blind?

Christ spoke of those who claim

to have eyes and to see,

yet are sightless guides and

foolish as can be.

So those who follow such are led

stumbling into a deep ditch,

it is to hell that their followers are led!

We cannot be sure any born Stadem

however good they were, or lived well,

will make it happily to heaven.

But we can be sure those born

again by the Spirit will,

and not be cast out like old leaven.

Without the Spirit Life born in them,

multitudes of good, decent people tramp

heedlessly to their doom, their fate woven midnight-black

in the Master Weaver's loom.

Hear their awful shout as they finally realize their fate?

All their lives they told God, "Wait!

You see, I've got other things to do

than listen to You!"

So, Friend,

leave their Company for God's grace alone

while you are still called out, and there's still living flesh

on your bone!

For Divine Judgment's great millstone grinds slowly,

but every unredeemed son and daughter, surely,

of fallen Adam and Eve,

all their good deeds and works

go absolutely for naught;

they're all ground to powder, Good M'am, Good Sir,

the souls and their life works,

good for nothing but to be cast away--

that is what the Holy Scriptures say.

Pearl's Glider Trip Pictures, When She was 100 Years Old

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