"Our Lenita,"

by Beth Templeton,

New Tribes Mission,

Peniel Bible Institute,

Jacutinga, Brazil,


Eastern Brazil, August 1993

What do you think is the fruit of this precious life that was taken so early on, "early" in our human view of things? What did she accomplish that pleased God? She was Complete in Christ, we are assured by her very spirit in what she said about her life in her yearbook, but what does that mean? A following piece by Ron Ginther will consider these topics 24 years after his teen-aged cousin passed to Glory.--Ed.

When Lenita was four, her sister Celinda took her to Daddy "to talk" and she came to know Jesus. When her sister went away to school, Lenita missed her terribly. Later, at boarding school, Celinda became her protector, counselor, and little mother.

Lenita always said she would be a missionary someday, but we told her to consider herself already a missionary. She had a Bible class and sang and testified with us in meetings. In her high school yearbook she wrote, "I know the Lord is with me and will lead me where He wants me to go."

After a year at Tennessee Temple she returned to Brazil to study at Peniel. She stayed in the dorm, ate her meals with the students, and washed her clothes by hand like the other girls. On November 11, 1989, she was critically injured in an accident in which her grandfather, Carl Taylor, died instantly. Lenita was in a coma and never recovered. Nine days later she died. She was eighteen years old. We miss her terribly but look forward to our MEETING IN THE AIR.

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