"Peapod Soul,"

The Trap of Christian Culture,

Or, "It Doesn't Take All That,"

A Rebuttal Poem, by Ron Ginther


You keep your soul in a peapod,

and never let it out;

My, how you look so humble and godly,

with ne'er a Pentecostal shout!

You keep your soul in a peapod,

and like your godly parents you strive to be--

only you think you're doing much better,

with less Bible, less prayer, less repenting of sin, you see.

Just a little polishing up,

where'er you think it best--

that way you can always fit in,

and look good to all the rest.

Oh! You're so grateful for the Grace of God outpoured!

Everyone thinks you've surrendered ALL to the good Lord!

You keep your soul in a peapod

right to the bitter end...

when out pops a demon--yikes!--

that shared your little pen.

"Better late than never" won't apply to your case--

when you go stand in the dock and eternal Judgment face.

Your comfy peapod's gone, your devil-worm departed too--

and now all your inner ugliness is exposed to public view!

And people's good opinion of you?

It matters not a whit

when you stand naked and black-hearted,

before the awful Judge Who comes to sit.

Excuses matter nothing,

when your condition shouts you're wrong.

And there's no appeal after the sentence

that needs be only one word long:

"Depart!" is all He has to say,

for He never knew you,

not one moment of a single day!

And you know full well YOU chose this very fate,

it was Him you turned away each time He knocked,

and YOU who slammed the gate!

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