Pearl Ginther was given the Apollo 15 picture by NASA-BOEING TEAM MEMBER, Mr. Edward Conlin who was on the stellar Boeing Team that created the NASA lunar rover for Apollo 15. We have two pictures he gave her, one of himself and one of lunar rover and lunar module and an astronaut saluting the flag.

The astronaut shown is not identified in the picture but was one of three Apollo 15 team workers, Al Worden, Dave Scott, and Jim Irwin. He can be identified by going to the NASA account of the mission.

This signed picture has Pearl's notations on the back and she also wrote a note we have attached to the picture in back, telling she received the picture Nov. 7, 2003, delivered by Edward Conlin's daughter. She also noted Edward Conlin's death and his funeral, saying she could not attend but sent $10 as a memorial.

The service was at the Eagle Lodge in Puyallup, Washington. We hope to have this picture at least displayed at the Barna Velkommen with the books and artifacts in the heritage loft on the third level for 2019 and 2020 Reunions.

Pearl Ginther was always extraordinarily fascinated by the moon, so this picture and her coming to know Edward Conlin was very meaningful to her indeed. The rover itself is still there on the moon, in fact, and will testify until the end of time about the great event of man's first walk on the moon--Ed.


Pearl Ginther's son Ron Ginther had a connection with an Apollo mission team member, Charles Duke Jr. Charles Duke, who walked on the moon, funded the biography, "WALK IN THE LIGHT," the story of Romanian Bible smuggler and evangelist, Ilie Coroama, who was miraculously delivered from Communist Romania (no other word fits the supernatural means of escape that God employed!). If you want the story, you can go to KINDLE and use Ronald Ginther's name to access the $1 e-book, which comes with a Study Guide for faith building, since it took the faith-building through all sorts of impossible situations for Ilie to overcome, his wife too involved, before God set in motion the great escape and deliverance from captivity.--Ed.

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