"Pearl Ginther's Jokes"

Pearl: Why is a field of grass always older than you are?

Answer: Because it's pasture age.


Pearl: What do you call a cow with two legs that are shorter than the other two?

Answer: Lean beef.


Pearl: Where do frogs hang their coats?

Answer: In the croakroom.


Pearl: What did the hen say when she opened the door and saw a plate of scrambled eggs?

Answer: "Oh, my poor mixed up kids!"


Pearl: What did the plow say to the tractor?

Answer: "Pull me a little closer, John Deere."

Pearl: What is always behind time?

Answer: The back of the clock!

Pearl: What did the autumn leaf say to the other leaf?

Answer: I'm always falling for you.

Pearl: Does England have a 4th of July"

Answer: Yes, they have a 3rd of July, a 2nd of July, etc.


Our Mother was always ready with a joke, as she carried them on scraps of paper in her purse, and these come from her purse in fact. At home she always had her joke books near her where she sat by the phone at her kitchen table. If she felt a need to lighten things up a bit, she'd trot out her jokes. Her great-grandsons were often recipients of her jokes, as her frequent cards and letters to them always contained jokes. These humorous moments sharpened her wits, and kept her in balance (didn't take life or herself too seriously!) and I myself hardly ever came up with an answer to these "simple jokes."--Ed.

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