Here are some pictures of that super glad event, as well as a most excellent tribute poem by nephew-in-law, Dan Templeton of New Tribe Mission/ Peniel Bible Institute, Jacutinga, Brazil.

"Aunt Pearl's 101st Birthday"

Birthday Tribute by Nephew-in-law, Dan Templeton

"Dear Aunt Pearl--Mommy's oldest SIS; today you're One-0-One!

Not many get as old as this, nor do they have much fun.

"Flying in gliders, or on a place; air travel--or on the ground;

With church, or kinfolk, you entertain; and surely get around!

While some have lived for pleasures and others lived for fun;

Still others lived for treasures; but you've lived for God's dear Son!

We praise the Lord for so much love, you've sown and also reaped;

For God has guided from above, His blessings on you He's heaped!

Yes, on this day we bow in prayer, thank God for your sweet life!

You've been faithful God's life to share; as mother, friend and wife.

Each one who knows you loves you well, for all you've meant to them;

You are the Pearl that none would sell--a praying, loving Gem!

We praise the Lord for all this 'ado'! Praise God for all this love!

We're thankful to the Lord for YOU! We raise our praise above!

And as you live this coming year, we'll remember you in prayer;

Just trust in Him, and do not fear! His peace and Joy are there!"

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Pearl's Centennial Birthday Pictures, & Academy and Home Town/Birthplace pictures

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