Pearl Ginther's Card/Letter to Bob Ginther of Aug. 2, 1935

Fri 2, 1935,

L [Lake] Geneva, Alexandria, Minn. Dearest Bob:

Received your most welcome letter yesterday and surely was what I'd been waiting for. Have attended classes all morning. Had the dinner done in cooker than were through eating by 1:10 and now I'm writing this until 3 o'clock.

Many are going to have personal talks with Knock [Rev. Knock, the Lutheran revivalist minister preaching the Gospel at the evangelism meeting at Lake Geneva Bible camp]. How glad I was and also an answer to prayer that you could confess God at such a wicked place [do not know the place or incident as yet, but it could be a tavern Bob's Ginther relatives operated in Sioux Falls--Ed.]. God always knows best.

We are starting home tomorrow morn. (Sat) tonight is last night when Rev. Knock preaches. Will you also pray that some soul be won for the Lord at the camp?

We had a wonderful meeting in song, prayer, and testimony by the campfire by the Lake. While it was lightning at about 9:30. How real the Lord felt to us.

Tommy's boy friend (friends of Bob and Pearl, either from the Bryant area or Sioux Falls) also came in here early, another answer to Tom's prayer. He just yelled out for joy in seeing him here.

Don't know when we get home, so write when I really should.

Love, Pearl

Note: Here is the proof, if need be, that our parents and their generation of the Stadems were evangelistic, and unashamedly so. They yearned and prayed to see souls saved and lives transformed.

We do not talk their way any longer, which probably shows we have little or no concern for others in that way. This was our tradition, which has been allowed to lapse, as we have other agendas than salvation and conversion to Christ that have become more important to us. What other conclusion can possibly be drawn? Men's souls still need the Gospel preached to be saved. Some come to Christ individually alone, as my own father did at age 15, and I also did at age 15, but most do not, we would venture to say. Drawn by the Holy Spirit, we are convicted of our sins and then are open to see that we are sinners and need a Savior to save us, Jesus Christ, in order to be fully forgiven by God, and that our lives need to be turned over to him completely too. Nothing in that respect has ever changed (the Word of God would testify that to us). It is WE who have changed.

Lastly, Bob and Pearl had been married one year and four months. Darrell was born Oct. 16, 1934, living to nearly 77 years of age and will be an evangelist on the streets ministering the Gospel right to the end of his life.

A young couple newly married, yet a soul-winning couple, and a baby born Oct. 1934. Obviously, they started out right, and continued that way their ten years together.--Ed.

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