Dedicated to Cousin Sylvia by Ron Ginther

A house with a porch

is the right kind of home,

where the chirp of birds is heard,

not the squawk of telephone!

Shade and fresh air

make a welcome retreat

where folks sink in a couch,

and kick the shoes off tired feet.

No Joneses here to make you

straighten your tie!

Just taking it easy

with a grateful sigh!

Oh, who goes there?--Mrs Johnson

down the lane

with a strawberry pie and her little daughter Jane!

Neighbors call "hi" and give a hearty wave,

--you don't miss much in your porch's cosy cave.

Such neighbors and friends

only a porch can cultivate--

who don't need to ask to enter your garden gate.

When houses have real porches

there's always one watchful eye

to see that children play safely,

and no danger slithers by!

Thank God for porches that increase our happiness;

you can rest, or talk,

or even cry and confess.

No need to be someone you're not--

when the porch brings the world to share the love you've got!

Grandpa worked hard, then hit the old porch swing--

the same where we played as kids,

or had a Gospel sing.

Porches make the memories

that shine life-long like gold;

we keep them always in our hearts

though Grandpa's house was sold.

So don't forget a porch when you're building your new house;

it'll bring you peace and happiness,

and maybe a cricket, cat and mouse.

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