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Rangens' Thank You Note to Ron (& Jerry) for the Butterfly Productions Mailing about Grandpa Alfred Stadem; this would be prior to 1997, possibly 1991

Estelle and Joseph Rangen's letter of Jan. 1991, with Good Joke by Kids about Noah, & a Over-the-Top Cherry Coffee Cake Recipe

Chloe Rangen Koslowsky's Tribute to her Mother on Mother's Day

Rangens' Victory Family Letter, 1989

Rangens Victory Church Letter 2, with Psalm 37:4, "Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart."

Estelle's Letter to Victory Church, Yuma, Arizona, Ladies

Estelle's 1988 Letter to Dearly Beloved (Relatives) About Yuma & Victory Church

Estelle's Yuma, Arizona Letter of 1988 to Dearly Beloved, #2

Rangens' Mama Bergit Stadem Picture Letter

Estelle Rangen's Letter to Be & Russel Schaefer, and Pearl Ginther

Joseph Rangen Memorial

Candid Questions and Candid Replies, with Joseph Rangen

The Stadem Family Reunion on PVF, June 5, 1995, with Postscript

Rangens Christmas Letter

Joseph Rangen's Christmas Letter, 2003

Tribute to Paul Rangen

Happy Birthday Tribute Poem to Joseph Rangen, Age 80

Paul Rangen's Radio Ministry

Acre 1, God's Little Acres--Plain View Farm by Estelle Rangen, With Six Acres Attached!

Estelle's Cameos, "Memories of Papa and Mama"

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