Estelle and Joseph Rangen's

Victory Family Letters of 1988 & 1989

PASTOR JOE & ESTELLE RANGEN, 11206 Organ Pipe Lane,

Yuma, ARIZONA, 85365

Estelle & Joe Rangen's Letter to Members and Friends of Victory Lutheran Brethren Church, Yuma, Arizona, June-July 1988

Dear Members & Friends of Victory:

The Lord is wonderfully blessing us here at Victory and we are so thankful to God for all of you who share in the ongoing Ministry.

It is our continued concern to keep in touch and informed, so we can persistently pray for one another and support i9n any way possible the OUTREACH GOD HAS GIVEN US HERE IN YUMA.

We look forward now to July with its Independence Day! May we share a paragraph from our files?

"I was born July 4, 1776 and the Declaration of Indxependence is my birth certificate. The blood lines of the world run in my veins because I offered freedom to the oppressed. I am many things to many people".

America is in difficulty today with natural disasters and moral problems that we are unable to handle BUT we have the freedoms to deal with them. Let us be thankful that God is able and willing to see us through. May we be humbled and willing to let God have "His Way".

Some local news: We are scheduled every Thursday 10 to 11 a.m. to "Raise a Might Sound of Victory" at the Lamesa Care Center (where Bessie Johnson is now a resident). A goodly number of our "Year-Rounders" help in the Ministry. We have made some bound books of the Good-Olde Gospel Songs which we use and the Residents join right in singing with us. We intersperse with solos, duets, etc.

We are continuing with our Sunday School classes this Summer...Adult & Youngsters. After the Public School was out, families have taken out-of-town trips, some are spending the summer with their Grandparentgs in the So.east and one faithful Mother with her three children who had just one more Sunday to attend before they could receive their Bibles, left husband and home,a nd took off for the mid-west where her parents live in Jonesboro, Ark. We understand her husband has another lady-friend.

This has been a heart-breaker! Please pray for the Platt family. We are open to god's leading as to how He can use us in this situation. we just received her address so we can write to Brenda and her beautiful children. It's Satan's work to break up families! We are thankful we had the opportunity to minister the Gospel for six Sundays befoere they left. the Lord has patched up broken homes before...He can do it again! We are experiencing some new developments.

Last wednesday evening, we enjoyed the new wood accordian doors which divide our entrance and auditorium. We have now set up thirty chgairs and with the pulpit, organ and some fresh flowers, we will again use the first room (our entrance) for our Worship Services on Sunday Mornin g. Ed Haug, with help, has the installation almost completed. The wood valance will beautify this addition. This should be a substantial saving on the electric bill. Friends are still sending in Memorial Gifts in memory of Leo Barnes so we will be able to pay for it. We say "thank you" to Mildred for suggesting this project in memory of her beloved husband. The Sunday before he died, Leo came up to our class upstairs and met the children and showed them his bolo tie, belt buckle, and shirt color tip coverings which each had an eagel on them. We had been studyign about the ministry of eagles in Scripture and he was willing to dothis for us. What an impression this made on the children when we share that Leo had gone home to the Lord and we would have a Memorial Service that aftrernoon in church. God uses all experiences to get His message across. Many questionsa were asked by the youngsters.

June has been encouraging. Attendance is up considerably in comparison to last year as well as the giving. We can't find words to tell you how lmuch we appreciate your support...prayer...encouraging wordsw via We do pray God will reward and bless you. Thank you for caring enough to open your hearts to VICTORY.

Potlucks continue to be a great time for sharing and fellowship. Our last one was high-lights with an Anniversary Cake given by Janet Combs surprising herr Parents and to go with this, Ileen Humphrey furnished Home-made Ice-cream for everyone. Robert Glaesel gave us a most interesting description & showed colored slides of the Panama Canal he and Doris had toured two years ago....

"July-Aug [1989] Victory Express" Banner held in mouth of drawn Roadrunner.


We have felt ourselves being drawn gently into the warm affectionate fabric of a Roadrunner family!

The male-Roadrunner first sat caa-caaing from the top of our Swamp-cooler. We ran for our camera & got him at the edge of the roof. Since then he has come to our back door & has snatched food from my fingers. When the Combs [a neighboring family] were gone, one sat on their picnic table waiting for them to come home. If they don't respond quickly enough he'll fly to their window and make noise with his feet, on the pane. Our next ambition is to get one of them to hold our "Victory Express" Banner, or should we be satisfied with the drawing??

Rudy and Selma Huseby hosted, in their large Family Room, over 20 of us from Victory who were without family or previous plans or commitments, July 4th. What a sumptuous Pot-luck Dinner! As four of us played Instruments, patriotic songs were heartily sung as were the "Olde Faithful" favorites. Readings, poems, tributes brought pleasure as did the usual Victory fellowship. It was a festive Celebration.

Pastor Fritz & Doris Olderr, Lutheran Pastor & Wife, chose Victory to worship at this summer as they had employment in securing advertisements for the Marine Base in Yuma. Our Church was approached to put in an ad but our Combined Board felt we didn't have the finances to do it. As they were interviewed in our Worship Service in our "Who's Here," to our happy surprise, the Olderrs announced they were giving $100.00 to put in the advertisement. "They felt it a Mission," they said. This will be the first Lutheran Church with an advdertisement in the Marine phone book.

HERE WE GROW AGAIN....Joshua Kirk, Son of Marline (Barbara's daughter) and John Hendley, made his entry into this world July 10th. They are planning his baptism in the near future. What a beautiful bright baby!

WHAT WE REALLY ENJOY is to see how beautiful the "Work At Victory" can still look to our Year-Rounders and our Northern Yumans! We are blessed by the testimonials at our Services and in the letters we receive. Love, as expressed in God's heart through Christ, is the glue that holds our Victory Family together. We really appreciate the response to the ongoing work here. Our mortgage interest was met with your help & of course the General treasury too. The summer months are always lean and while many churches are unable to meet their expenses, we are blessed with people who are willing to support with your prayers and offerings and the responsibilities of the Work God has called us to do as a Church.

NOVEMBER will be the month for our CHURCH PARKING LOT SALE. Old jewelry, clocks, linens, beddings, scizzors, picture frames, small appliances, small radios etc: are favorites.

OUR MINISTRY now is to two Nursing Homes...La Mesa & Yuma Nursing Center. We endeavor to bring an element of hope, vitality & exuberance into their lives. Many need the Lord. We have had a real need for books. Daisy Miller, who sings a beautiful alto & comes with each Thursday, is buying 100 books for us. She was 92 yrs. old today; we celebrated.

Our Lending Library is already active in Victory. We don't have the shelving as yet, but we've had miracles before. We blieve we'll receive them.

We love you each one, remember? --Pastor Joe & Estelle

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