Or, "The Old Rocking Chair," by Ron Ginther

Remember the old rocking chair

where Grandma, Grandpa, loved to sit?

Or did you climb, or were pulled up

to hear God's Word, lamp-lit?

Was that where David and Goliath fought

upon those loving knees?

You can't forget Jericho's Walls

blown down by your own sneeze!

Remember Bible saints first met your gaze

as Grandma, Grandpa, made them real?

And didn't you learn true godly ways

before you went to school?

David showed you faith and courage too--

a shepherd-boy, not much bigger than you!

Joshua--what trust in God!--

though eyelids droop, and heads go nod!

It's Sleepytime for little ones,

Queen Esther waits another day.

She'll save her people yet,

And Haman will God's Justice pay!

But Jesus is the Best of all

the people in God's Book--

His love for you shone from each page,

for on the Cross he paid sin's wage.

Who else would come to where we are--

stable-born beneath a star?

No one needed to explain,

or give Church Doctrine--

He came as a baby in Bethlehem,

He died on the Cross for us,

He conquered sin--

Rock-a-bye, Rock-a-bye, and sleep, Child, in Him!

If you enjoyed this poem, let us know sometime! We are always open to encouragements.--R.G.

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