"Ruth's Replies to Candid Questions"

1. Would you like to live on the farm in the future?

Reply: Yes, and then go south to work with the Mexican Mission in the winters, the Lord willing. Tom's bro. Bob wants us to retire at Guadlajara, Old Mexico. He say living is cheapest there and others say it's beautiful there too.

2. Who were all your old boyfriends?

Reply: Tom, Dick, and Harry--ha.

3. What have you found out about your husband that surprised you?

Reply: He's very patient with me when I'm handing out the Word of God here and there about our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, putting in a good word for our precious SAVIOUR and Lord. Christ is coming soon and there isn't much time to work.

4. What's the best present you've ever received from Tom?

Reply: My diamond--bought at Minot and give to me in our home (now, not then). His Grandma and Aunt were taking splendid care of Tom, and I just came to visit.

5. Would you feel better if we had a garden outside here [on Plain View Farm]?

Reply: There is no way at the present time to plan or care for it. Weeds keep growing too and then choke the little plants.

6. Ruth, how do you express your maternal instinct at home,and without kids?

Reply: At Christmas time the bears come down from the attic and Tom's 50-some quail come up from the basement--ha. No, really I like mothering Tom. He gets a foot treatment and backrub and nerve pressure treatments every morning before he goes to the Port.

7. Would you like to live year-around at Plainview Farm?

Reply: No, cause it gets cold inside and out. Besides moving around adds zest to life. There has to be an outlet of witness for Christ where our heart is and #1 kinda answers that.

8. Will you soon be moving to the farm?

Reply: Tom's retirement should be in 3 or 4 years, the Lord Willin.

9. [No entry and no question, so I will ask it: Aunt Ruth, you maintained zestiness in your life after Tom's Homegoing by moving to Sioux Falls finally, but did you ever hanker to be back on the Farm itself, since you called it "Home"--and what exactly did you intend for it to be? Or, rather, what did Tom actually intend for it to be? He restored it for our family of Stadem Descendants to use, but what about after his going? What then? Did you know "what then," and so that was why you didn't sell out and you turned it over to Leroy and Liz and their family to have and maintain? Are you now behind our Vision for the Farm? Was this the way you wanted to see it go, but couldn't see it through, as your physical condition clearly declined and didn't permit any extensive renovation or rebuilding the barn?

I guess we will have to wait till heaven to get the answer to this mystery, and meanwhile we go by faith and put prayerful action to it to make faith real and living, not dead.--Ed.]

10. If Tom could change something in you, what would it be?

Reply: Not being bossy. But it's this way, cause he says, "You're a natural born leader." Then too he always says (bless his heart) "It's up to you." Before we were married, Tom went very little so he wasn't used to making decisions--of where to eat out, etc. etc.

11. How do you keep so calm and have such composure?

Reply: Thanks for your confidence in me. Or I should say, ALL credit goes to the Lord. Spending time with HIM in the morning alone or in our devotions is my BEST answer. Then credit to Sis. Be, Bill & Myrt and MIM for getting me on Shaklee Vitamins. Be was so gracious & HELPFUL to send book, "Le's eat right to stay fit," Adele Davis. * when I was having nervous problems while living in DeSmet with those KIND Stadems. Yes, with Mama in her trailer house too. Another thing to learn is only show LOVE to hubby and others. We used to argue but found out HOW FOOLISH. We don't do so anymore and just drop the matter, like one nostril said to the other = "Let's drop the matter". Ha, Ha.

12. Would you retire on the farm?

Reply: Answered on #1 and 7. Will add "THE LORD WILLING"

Let's keep it open for the Whole Family for Reunions--OK?? Tom always says "Ditto".

13. Tell of something that gives you great satisfaction...

Reply: Taking pictures and showing them. Giving out "WAR CRYS" everywhere, cars [windshields of cars?], S.D. State Fair, Jail, "Last Chance Bookstore" (this filthy bookstore is across from the Salvation Army Store, Minot, where the War Crys are picked up weekly. I put them in the door handle in businesses, on streets. The way of salvation and B.G. [Billy Graham's] prayer for accepting Christ is in each W.C.--PRAISE GOD.

14. What's your happiest memory?

Reply: Of when I got up from my knees (after telling the Lord I couldn't quit breaking rules at Augustana Academy in '41, '42) and the PEACE spoken of in Jn. 14:27 became a REALITY. Then instantly I knew I was a Christian and going to heaven, not hell. Praise GOD!

15. Share a joy-filled experience...

Reply: The above--ok?

16. What made you restore your parents' home after all these years?

Reply: Hearing someone saying (hopefully kiddingly), that when the farm is bought, it (the house) would just be bulldozed down. This got my Norwegian ire up and when Tom said he would bid on the farm buildings I took it as a direct answer from the Lord to preserve "PLAIN VIEW FARM." After all it's "HOME".

17. Do you enjoy the farm except for the reunion?

Reply: YES, very much so. It's so quiet. This Tom enjoys immensely also. To see the geese cross over from the east "slue" to the west dugout that is turned into a lake; seeing hundreds of other birds including blackbirds, canaries, robins, cardinals, etc.; 2 squirrels, raccoons and deer. Our queen size bed, carpeted upstairs, painted walls up & down; seeing Tom's ingenuity throughout P.V. ETC.

[Steve, did you read that: deer! Get your rifle out and stock the freezer at PVF! No kidding! Quit hauling all the deer meat off to SF, it belongs on the Farm where it grew up--ha.--Ed.]

18. What's a typical day like for you?

Reply: 6:30 alarm, wash-up, quiet-time, Tom's ft. rub, exercising on Weslo motorized treadmill, breakfast, Tom's out the door to port 9:00 a.m; dishes, clothes washing, 9:30 Swindol over KHRT Radio, 10:00 Dobson, 10:30 Stanley, 11:30 Back To the Bible, (writing inbetween, calling about Chr. W. Club, Aux., Bible Crusaders, jail work, take dinner to Tom (on my bike in basket in front and behind) at Port of Entry; 3:15 to town for coffee in cafe; run errands averaging about 4-5, home to take care of garden produce, (Tom has 2 gardens). Evenings include T.V. for Tom and one half hour show for Ruth, namely "Wheel of Fortune". Of course, we both thoroughly enjoy and are blessed beyond description when listening to Billy Graham telecasts--Praise God. Ruth's bedtime 11:30-11:45. Writing more cards, letters, sorting mail, etc. Forgot to put supper (off trays_while watching T.V. 6 pm.

19. Did being the youngest girl cause any problems for you?

Reply: I feel like I don't know my oldest sisters. It's great knowing them now and actually getting acquainted. They are such dears. LeRoy and I are supposed to be the babied ones and got what they didn't--in clothes, etc. ha. Guess we all got hand-me-downs, ha. Maybe the last line is imaginary. Strike it!

20. Do you remember DeVern Fromke? How is Tom better?

Reply: Yes,--never could understand or love him. Tom is a lover. He's always joking and easy to please. The latter qualities in Tom are super. He's always a joy to be around. His interest in the farm proves to me his love for God's World, pleasing Ruth and her family.

21. Why did you and Tom decide not to have kids? Are you glad, or do you have any regrets?

Reply: We married late in life. Don't have any regrets because I don't think there would be patience with them on my part. We would have to drop doing a lot of things we do together since darling children tie you down more. We talk to just about every child we see and the best part is that Jesus loves us and we love HIM.

22. Wny do you find such joy in giving...what does it do for YOU?

Reply: Giving is motivated by two powers within me. 1. As Christians we have SO much so let's give it away. 2. People respond with Love much better after they receive a gift of love. It's a 2-way STREET--right? It gives me great satisfaction to keep things moving. I can't stand to see things accumulate and deteriorate [Amen and Amen to that, Aunt Ruthie, nothing grieves my own spirit so much as to see PVF closets stuffed full of "whatnot," unsorted and just laying there year after year! I could have done something about them, but wasn't given the chance when I had it! In the two years visit in 2011 and 2012 I would have sorted out the heritage items for display, and taken the remainder to the Salvation Army in Watertown, or left some in boxes for sale at the Farm itself at Reunion time, then the residue taken to Watertown for the Salvation Army to sell and get some benefit from. I did put up nostalgic, farm style pictures I bought at the Salvation Army store in Watertown to at least brighten up the bare plaster walls for the children's sake, and soon they were put away into those same closets! Maybe this statement will stimulate a needed change, maybe just offend people who want things left as they are in their hands, but I can't humanly stand it when I look at useless accumulations that benefit nobody and feel so grieved like that, I just have to go away and get my mind on something else more productive and forward-going. God, after all, isn't the Author of confusion, and idle waste, and stagnation. He is a LIVING GOD.

I also see PVF's good soil too, year after year, not used for vegetables or fruit bushes or gardens or even fruit trees, though vegetable gardens are not practical as the system operates now without anyone in residence. Didn't God do some extensive clearing for us--of those old and dangerous trees that cried out for culling? What is all that new, open ground area for??? Just guess! But I don't have to guess! At least we have some flower gardens for Reunion people to enjoy. So there is always hope for a change. I know change will come! With, or without us!--Ed.].

Tom & I love to go to rummage sales and auction sales. He's given to me--lotz & lotz.

23. Tell of an accomplishment, in performance, or giving, that makes you feel good.

Reply: Visiting the County Jail in Minot from the Salvation Army has brought great JOY. The devil would discourage me but I don't let him according to James 4:7-8. Going through two huge iron doors after pushing a buzzer & the jailers let me into a meeting room gives one a satisfaction of doing God's Will in reaching the lost for Christ thru HIS shed blood on Calvary--lst John 1:7-9.

24. In a few words, give your testimony...

Reply: See 14. Ps. 32:5 brought me to Christ because as a high school student SIN of DISOBEDIENCE was my problem.

[Talk about self-honest, Aunt Ruth was that! Take or leave her, everyone has some quirks or "craziness" my late pastor would say-- Aunt Ruth was true to her self! She loved Jesus without apology or shame whatsoever. I love her testimony too--this is the first I have ever learned of it!

And I love and admire her for her faith in strenuous action, and her self-honesty, and her giving-ness, and other qualities come to mind as well. We would not have closets and outbuildings stuffed full of dusty, mouse-attracting whatnot, we would have some farmstyle pictures up that can charm the soul too, we would have some real gardening so we can give away to needy families, we would have much more giving-ness from the Farm, if we were blessed to have her in charge and living there today.

But Aunt Ruth is gone to her reward, so we must carry on, hopefully in her spirit and way, not so much in ours, which is so different. Jesus says you can't put new wine in old wineskins, lest they burst and the wine be wasted! Isn't that what we are trying to do? It won't work! We need new wineskins for new wine.

Disagree with this following synopis of Aunt Ruth's character, life, and mission if you think you can!


"Ruth: A Person of PASSION"

Her love for her parents was a PASSION,

her love for Tom was a PASSION,

her love for the Lord Jesus Christ the Savior was a PASSION,

her love for God's Word was a PASSION,

her love for the Lord's Work was a PASSION,

her love for lost souls was a PASSION,

her love for the Gospel and sharing it was a PASSION.


Oh, how we sorely need her PASSION in us, and maybe a bit of that "Norwegian ire" of hers, for we have something less we are operating with and it won't work any more on the new and on-going PVF; we need new wineskins in us, we need Aunt Ruth's kind of passion in us! We need the Holy Ghost fire in us! For then we would see some great things done on PVF we had never seen before and which God has a passion to see us, by his grace and power, accomplish!

Closing with this true happening: In the few times I was able to get to a reunion on those blessed acres of PVF, I happened to be standing with Aunt Ruth outside the Farmhouse at the back. I glanced up at it, and suddenly I saw it was moving forward, as a grand old Viking ship would, the back of the house a ship's keel plowing the sea! It was like "PVF sailing valiantly through time!" It was so striking and moving in my soul, I turned to Aunt Ruth and told her my impression, and she gazed up at the house, perhaps trying to see what I had just seen, and I don't know if she did for sure, but she might have smiled and then the moment passed, and we went on to other things.

Now, maybe this all comes as sort of a bombshell to your preconceived ideas of Plain View Farm, the old ways of thinking that you have grown so comfortable with, but please try to think kindly of me, would you?

I know my mother and aunts and uncles did, and though they are gone, they would want you to do the same. How do I know that? They aren't, I feel, that far away. They're really just a missed heart-beat and a breath away.

And the Lord? Where does he figure in all this? Reply: He has given me a Vision for the Farm, passed to me from our ancestors and my own mother, and I must be true and faithful to it, for the sake of all those coming in future generations. It is a burning Torch I must pass, and I don't intend to let it go out in my hands!

Now if you believe my words, accept the Vision even if largely unknown to you as yet, pass this on to your children, copy it off, email it, whatever, but don't just smile with condescension and then sit on it and let it become dusty and later on get discarded, for you are being offered a golden treasure! (it may be it won't ever come your way again. Does lightning strike twice in the same spot?)

And it comes with this golden promise from God's Word:

"And the LORD said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward."-- Exodus 14:15

--Editor, & Son of Pearl Ginther, Grandson of Alfred and Bergit Stadem, Child of God by Grace & Mercy, Your Stadem Family Co-Heir, Ron Ginther

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