”Ruth Stadem Harrington:

Soldier of Christ,”

A Tribute by Nephew Ron Ginther

Pencil Drawing by Nephew Ron of Aunt Ruth in Christian High School at Augustana Academy

No mistake, she stood for Christ

and held up His banner from an early age.

She saw she was in a battle that people

of true fath in Christ must steadfastly wage.

Like Joan of Arc she pressed forward,

not against oppressing English but

against sin and the Devil, our mortal enemies,

while others fell back who looked to frail men and society’s shallow remedies.

Smile all you like, look down on her as an old-fashioned oddity,

and some of her generation, and ours too, doubted even her sanity.

But look who got the sweet prince!

And Tom’s princess she became!

Compare your own mates, dear ones,

can you really claim them as his peers?

Their marriage was made in heaven.

Yours? It has yet to be purged of carnal leaven.

Joined as one, she and her prince took off

like Ezekiel’s wheels a’turnin’.##

Zeal for Christ and Salvation for all sinful men,

servants with the Gospel light fiercely a’burnin’.

Yet even great soldiers,

though they proved brave and mighty,

may one day lay down swords

when they grow heartsick, sad, and weary.

Christ’s banner she carried throughout life,

marching as to war--

who took it when she let it drop,

her eyes still fixed on the bloody Cross going before?

Oh, not us! That couldn’t be.

We’ve learned to not offend,

and how to get along with sin and wrong.

But never was that the case with Ruth,

she was a Crusader, I think you will agree.


This is Ruth's note marked "To Pearl" found in Pearl's old recipes box.


Psalm 16.8. "I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved." From "Bible Pathway," Jan. 20, 2000. bible Study Prayer suggestion: Trust in the Lord: where He guides, He provides" Ps. 16: 1-8.

Sent above today: Jan. 20, 200 to Pearl, Be, & Corky. It so blessed my soul! [Heart drawn] --Sis. Ruth

Ruth Stadem Harrington’s Spiritual Military Record:

1. Augustana Academy and L.B.I. Graduate

2. Parish Worker in a number of churches and cities

3. Active in Salvation Army, wore the uniform

4. Did Prison Visitation

5. Publicly witnessed of faith in Christ informally as well as formally, wherever she happened to be (this embarrassed people, but her Lord was pleased even if they weren't!).

6. Distributed food and clothing to the poor.

7. Published numerous letters to the editor in papers in ND and SD, identifying and correcting wrongs and defending the Bible, faith in Christ, Christian values, and liberty; and on the other side of the coin, publicly going on record encouraging the right actions of people and groups and institutions.

8. Supported missionaries with considerable funds.

9. Took her position as an aunt responsibly and showed real Interest and friendliness and love to her nephews and nieces.

10. Loved her parents, churches, neighbors, community, friends, husband, siblings, and relationship.

11. Provided without complaint Plain View Farm as a venue for reunions for years after Tom’s Homegoing.

11. Promoted Gospel Signs with husband Tom and participated in a gospel sign ministry in the Dakotas


## "a'turnin'" and "a'burnin'" regarding Ezekiel's wheels, from "He is Able," song on the Gaither music video, "Freedom Band"

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