Tacoma Seamen's Center

Letter of Thanks

to Pearl A. Ginther

Note: This center too has changed, and was once new and like new again after the renovation, but now the Tacoma Seamenís Center in 2014 has a yet newer location much nearer the docks and ships than this one ever was on Alexander, which for a long time was cut off from direct access by seamen due to the closure of the damaged locks on the 11th street bridge. The move was precipitated by the Port Authorities, for they planned redevelopment of the whole area where the Seamenís Center was located, and the land being the Port of Tacomaís, and under lease by the Seamenís Center, they had no choice but to vacate a beautiful facility that cost something like $500,000 after the renovation that enlarged it by about half.óEd.


1225 East Alexander Avenue,

Tacoma, WA 98421

Telephone (206) 272-0716

January 7, 1997, Dear Friends,

On behalf of the board of directors, Iíd like to express my gratitude for your generosity. I am very thankful to our Lord for you and others like you who are continually making the mission work possible. How wonderful that we were able to finish 1996 in the black again. Many letters indicate their appreciation of our Bible Correspondence Course for Seafarers, Fellowship-coordinator Program, our Fellowship Ministry, Christmas Present project, and our Transportation Services. We look forward to completing our Chapel renovation. We will have anew challenge of offering transportation to all of the Seafarerís when the 11th Street Bridge is removed on the 23rd of January.

If possible, please join us for our annual meeting Sunday, February 9, 1997 at our center beginning with a pie dessert served by the Ladiesí Auxiliary at 20 p.m. The free-will offering will be a fund-raiser.

Chaplain Eddy Johnson, Exec. Dir.

[Written in ink on the printed letter] ďThank you Pearl for your many years of giving to the Seamens Mission. We are truly grateful for a mission warrior like you.Ē

[Also signed] John L. Thurber, Treasurer; Rev. Eddy Johnson, Executive Director

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