"Shaking the Nations,"

A Ballad of Babylon Falling,

by Ron Ginther


1. God Almighty, Lord Sabaoth,

has rent the heavens and come down.

Duke and Queen have fled the castle

to escape the Heavenly Hound.*


"There's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on!

There's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on!

Lyin', buyin', dyin', cryin'--

there's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on!"

2. She signed QE2 to blasphemous Writs,**

God's IED blows them to bits!

Zion's King is on the march,

Judah's Lion with emerald arch.

Bow down to Him! And plead His mercy,

Give up sinning, rebellion, perversity!


"There's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on!

There's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on!

Prince or pauper, rich or poor?

The wolf cares not, he's at the door!

It's God's way of shakin' goin' on!"


*Reference to "The Hound of Heaven," a great British poem about Christ.

**Regardless of her personal beliefs, Queen Elizabeth signed the Act of Parliament legitimizing same-sex marriage. Abortion also is approved by the Government, and recently the British Parliament "legally" as Overlord overruled the majority of Northern Irish by using the deadlock of two parties there to mandate abortion for Northern Ireland. This is a great evil to introduce there, imposing it on the people in Northern Ireland, rather than waiting for the Irish to solve their own divisions and return to unity in their Parliament. She could abdicate in protest, being powerless to oppose such measures otherwise.

Of course, Prince Charles, who practices little Biblical morality in his life and espouses New Age tolerance for all religions as equal faiths with Christianity, approves what the God of the Bible detests, so that would give England no relief from the godless, immoral, humanistic make-over of a once Christian and Gospel-propagating nation.

Note: As of April 1, News of Prince Charles testing positive for corona virus; he had seen his mother the Queen just before, now she has flown to unknown destination; British Royals are exposed, including the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth's husband, who is aged 98 and so there is concern that he might be exposed to the virus. A high Anglican churchman also tested positive.

Over on the Continent, the German finance minister dealing with the corona virus effect on the German industries, was found dead, an apparent suicide, on a railroad track.

Doctor of Angela Merkel, Germany's Prime Minister and a EU rotating ruler, tested positive, and she had been given a vaccination by her physician not long ago. These are but a few instances of the great upheaval at the highest levels of European and British society. Can America be far behind? Babylon is, indeed, shaken, and is falling, but yet there is a great good that God is bringing about through all this. And we do not have to look very far for it. How about in our own lives, are we succumbing to fear and panic, or are we reading Psalm 91 and receiving God's promised protection for his own children? If not God's child, you too can be one. It just takes a moment if you will call on His saving Name in prayer for salvation. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved."--Ed.

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