Silver Wedding Anniversary Greetings

for Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stadem

August 19, 1933,

by Edward Jordahl,

& Rev. Andrew Holbeck

Note: The following two letters were preserved and filed in a tattered envelope addressed to Mr. Alf. J. P. Stadem. In pencil someone has written long ago: "Silver Wedding greetings". The postmarked stamp is 1 1/2 cents, a President Harding.--Ed.

Sand Bay Resort

Sawyer, Door County, Wis.

August 16, 1933

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stadem:

Seldom has it fallen to our lot to send greetings which have been so heart felt as are those we today convey to you, our friends of many years. Strange no doubt it seems to you that so many years have passed since the two paths met to become one. And it does seem so to us too to whom the Stadems always were Young. But the march of time is not to be halted, no, not even by the cheerful and happy people who have lived their lives in that little home on the hill north west of Bryant so rich in cherished memories to us who came to know it. Nor do you expect to retard that pace of time which he has ordained whose will is better than ours could ever be. It is according to his good pleasure that the way home is made to appear short.

May we then today join your many other friends in congratulations. Our thoughts are of those mercies of God which have been new upon you every morning these many years, and which through the day did not fail even when it may have seemed to you that you were failing your God. We think of that courageous heart God gave you to stand up for truth and right where so many wavered and failed. Of a home sanctified by God's word and prayer and a power for God in the congregation privileged to have you as members. Of these and many other things which will have to be omitted from this message are we mindful as we send you this greeting.

May the future deal kindly with the Stadems, granting them the necessities of life day by day even some of its luxuries, but above all an ever increasing intimacy with God.

This greeting is sent from Sand Bay Resort Wisconsin, where we with God above us, his nature around us and with our family for companionship are enjoying a short rest from our labours.

Yours in the Lord, Edward Jordahl & Family

Rocky Mountain District

The Norwegian Lutheran Church of America,

Office of the Secretary

Rev. A. A. Holbeck, Big Timber, Mont.

Dear Alfred and Bessie,

On this your 25th Wedding Anniversary we wish to extend congratulations and best wish to you and family.

The Lord has been kind to you during this quarter century of married life and blest you.

We would have liked very much to be with you on this occasion but it was nto possible. Still, if you can not be present in body we are with you in spirit.

As a token of our love we send you a little gift which we hope you will enjoy.

May the Lord bless you richly in the future as He has done in the past and give you many years more in His Service.

The Holbeck family

SPECIAL INSIGHT: In Edward Jordahl's 1933 letter: "We think of that courageous heart God gave you to stand up for truth and right where so many wavered and failed." This striking observation by a friend of Alfred Stadem's, tallies with the story related by a son of a first cousin of Bergit Holbeck Stadem about her Holbeck grandfather over in Norway: "He [Rennard Svanoe] also shared the story told him by the son of Bergit's first cousin in Mandal [Norway] of how her grandfather had earlier left the teaching profession over a school's refusal to remove an anti-Christian book where he taught."

This sterling signature trait in Alfred Stadem, acknowledged by Edward Jordahl in his letter greeting the 25th Wedding Anniversary couple, is the same trait evidenced in Bergit Holbeck Stadem's Norwegian grandfather many years before. The trait is unmistakable and cannot be mistaken for anything else--and has clearly been passed on to the Stadem Descendants, in the immediate family of Alfred and Bergit's and thence, hopefully, to the succeeding generation. If we have to share newspaper clippings as examples of the countless letters to the editor standing for truth amidst various public and moral issues, entered in the papers of Minot, ND and other papers, by Ruth Stadem Harrington, Alfred and Bergit's daughter, we will, for we have some in the Archives.

How we need to stand in this 21st century without wavering and with courage for the truth and right, while maintaining, as they did, the Bible-based home sanctified by the Word of God and prayer while they were being fully active in the needs, activities and ministry of a Bible-based church!

If we do not do this, if we fail in our trust, we have shown we ARE NOT their true spiritual descendants and are, by default, strangers to the path of God and the true Christian life our parents, grandparents, and ancestors trod so faithfully before us.--Ed.

You need not take anyone's opinion, go see for yourself, and try if you wish to separate the two evidences we have cited:

For the entirety of the article of the Reunion of 1995 where Rennard Svanoe's remarks about Bergit Stadem's grandfather are related, go to:

Stadem Reunion of 1995, June 5, 1995, BRYANT DAKOTAN

Alfred and Bergit Stadem's Silver Anniversary, Aug. 19, 1933, Taken from the Hamlin County News Article

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