Leroy & Elizabeth Stadem's Letter

to Pearl Ginther, June 24, 1990

From Leroy Stadem:

Hi! Made copies since Liz had written so much news.

Lazy, you know. Thanks Pearl for what you left [much food at PVF for the after-the-reunion work crew?], not necessary!

Good to hear all went well with you on way home! Looking forward to next reunion!

Liz Stadem continues:

I just wrote a letter to the school district and gave verification of my H.S. education and college.

Makes me think education that long ago isn't worth much--but hey, I could give them verification of some hard knocks education--don't you agree that's worth many degrees?

My last letter from the school district says I have a job [teaching], but where has not been decided. I sure liked my WSHS job and wonder if it will be that great to change to a different school--but time will tell and I guess I'm willing.

I've worked my way some above minimum wage, so wouldn't care to start entirely new somewhere else at rock bottom.

I really enjoy the school contact with the children and the staff. Keeps me on my toes and in touch, I feel. Otherwise, I might become sedentary, eh?

I've spent one day down in Sioux City visiting my sister in the hospital. Oh, it doesn't look good, but we are looking for God's healing yet--so-o-o much grit and determination to take one day at a time.

She told me yesterday, she is praying now, "God heal me, not for selfish reasons but because the granddaughters and her hubby need her."

And she is needed so greatly!! Her Texas son and wife are coming home next week and hopefully she will go home to enjoy them. But she has some perking up to do before they will let her out.

Such an awful disease. And how, or what causes it, to strike a healthy lady who has cared well for her body? Some "know-its" say its hits when one is down, as Marie was after the sudden death of her daughter.

Well, didn't mean to load on you but thanks for letting me.

Our St. John Camping group will be at the farm next weekend. What fun. It will be good to see Ruth and Tom too.

Ruth [who was hospitalized for "tiredness" or exhaustion along with a cold that she couldn't kick] definitely feels better and sounds more like herself. They moved to town, you know.

I bet Ruth will enjoy living in town. Agree?

Memories come and come--of a wonderful [1990] reunion. Agree?

Talked to Mary and she said she and Curtis [Coatts] had been over to Myrt and Bill's to see the Taylors and took 2 of those kids home with them overnight.

She introduced the kids to home video and showed them, "I Think I Shrunk the Kids." Crazee. She said, they loved it.

History repeats itself. I remember how our new TV polluted Hudson when he was staying with us and Grandpa in Platte [but Liz is kidding, TV was family-oriented, and Moral Codes enforced on program content, so it wasn't what it is now: truly polluting!--Ed.].

Thoughts: Ruth gets more anxious and nervous about these reunions than lets on.

Maybe we can visit this weekend with Ruth and Tom--to get ideas on more involvement and responsibility from others. I thought the setting for Estelle and Joe's program was great.

Those with children (and ants in their pants, including me) could wander in and out and be happy as well as those who enjoyed staying put and soaking it all in.

The setting for Cora [the memorial program for Carl Taylor on the Farm] was more emotion-packed, naturally.

Some of Cora's family said it was much repetition, but that can be good, but then trying to understand such a statement, I can see that may be the immediate family has gone thru this over and over again.

I still remember the strain of going through 2 complete funerals for my mother--after sitting up nights with her and having to leave my little family all that time.

But God gives grace and strength, so, who knows, it was probably the very best way to be done.

Whoops, I got to rattling on. Now I will close this epistle. Leave a little room for Lee. In 2 weeks I'll be on my way to Anaheim. Come see me there, eh? Don't you go down there once in a while? I'll be staying at the Convention Center Hotel. Leave a message--will meet--tink about it. Thanks again for alt--Love ya, Liz

Leroy again:

Godag! Det var so fint vaen i S. Dak.idag! Tre og blomsten er so vakre. Det har regne so godt,. Ja det var so godt a ser min sosterne og alle familien. Tak far alt ting. Ja Be, ve shal tenke pa 1991. Musik?! Ja, Ja, yeg tror det skal bli akurat. Ufta, dissa Norsk blev er [?]! Jeg skal skrive Engelsk. [anyone with Norwegian language, please correct this faulty rendition!--Ed.]

On the plaque idea for the Memorial tree [memorial plaque for Carl Taylor], I sure think it will be acceptable to all. Perhaps we can take the cash out of the account I've been taking care of for Grandma's checking. [what happened to this plaque, I have never seen it.--Ed.]. There has been getting less and less in there, but as it looks now, it won't be long till we can sell the house [Grandma Bergit's home in Mobridge, SD]. Had to come down to $23,000. But since we paid $17,000 for it, and Mama lived so well in that house for about 12 years, we should be satisfied we will clear $23,000 to be sure. I'll give a complete report when all is accomplished. Hope you got "the deed" of the house to sign and return by now.

Hope this letter can serve OK for several of you; I intend to make some copies.

In His love and grace,

Your bro, Leroy


Part II:

P.O. Box 518

Atascadero, CA 93423


Dear Ones:

What a great write up of the 1990 Family Reunion written up by Estelle and received via the Bryant Newspaper. You gave complete coverage of everything that took place. Thanks, Estelle.

Do you realize there were 72 on the P.V.F. this year, a record.

Next year's re-union theme will be related to music, please send in your suggestions. It should make headlines in 1991!

A large 26ft. in. diameter parachute has been purchased for future use to put overhead in case of rain or sun to make it cosy.

A plaque has been looked into by LeRoy, Pearl, and me in Sioux Falls--this to be placed near the "Memorial Tree". In years to come it will be something we all can be proud of.

Any suggestions as to a different way of serving meals, or by whom?

A "Thank You" to those that repaired Grandpa Stadem's Grave Stone.

Ruth gets out of the hospital today after a "cold-complications" set back. A card to her would be in order.

Hudson received $220.00 for missionary work. There is $125 left in the kitty after the tree, parachute, and shipping costs for sleeping bag, quilts, air mattresses, pillows, from Calif. were deducted.

A special THANK YOU to those who have written notes of appreciation since I have returned home.

Your Coordinator ??


[Ed: Written notes beneath typed letter, not known whose writing it is, appears to be Lorin Ginther's, because it is all capitalized writing such as he writes:]

[I would like to hire Lorin to set up at the Plain View Farm Heritage Annex in Heber City, as he sets up his agenda in a no-frills way and has experience apparently!--Ed.].

"Charge so much per person per day.

ELCW, or other church group catering.

Local catering or restaurant catering.

Hire camp cook to plan and prepare and provide.

Contract with interested family member.

Contract with gas-equipped concessionaire with mobile kitchen trailer similar to what you see at state fair."--Anonymous

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