"The Stadem Family Reunion,"

Plain View Farm,

June 14, 1971

Booklet and Momento Album of Photos, Names of Attendees,

and Cover Letter,

by Dave & Janelle Swenson

This Photo Booklet, the Momento Album, was printed up with pictures and names by Dave and Janelle Swenson and sent to everyone who attended the Reunion! Thirty one Stadems attended. Many or all of the pictures have become "classics," in the sense we see them used again and again in many places--albums, special presentations, etc. No article was done, that we know, for the BRYANT DAKOTAN paper, but we will be looking for it! That great tradition had perhaps not yet started. Yet we may find descriptions of the events in letters written after that Reunion that we can give here to substitute for an article.

And by all means, if anyone can add memories of the events to this page, please let us have them for enhancing this somewhat bare-bones account! Even after 43 years, someone has a memory or two no doubt, and it would be a treasure to get and preserve now for heritage sake at this late date!--Ed.

Cover Letter from the Swensons:

Fergus Falls, Minnesota,

July 12, 1971

Dear Stadem Family,

First of all we want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for making our stay at Plain View Farm so exciting. It was so much fun to see everyone--and a tremendous time for Dave and Sonja to get to meet the family.

While we were there we took snapshots. As you can remember, it was quite bright that day, which didn't help a lot with the pictures. Most of them did turn out, and we consider it an honor to have in our album photos of such a handsome group!

We didn't want to keep these treasures to ourselves, so we have printed a small momento album of photos and names of those who attended the Stadem Family Reunion on Monday, June 14, 1971, at Plain View Farm. We are sorry that we didn't get everyone's picture in the album, but there were several pictures which didn't turn out. We hope that you will enjoy looking through these in days ahead.

Again, we say "Thank you"--for the good meals, the comfy sleeping quarters, and the privilege of sharing in the 1971 Stadem Family Reunion.

Love, Dave, Janelle, & Sonja Swenson

P.S. There are several pages in the booklet where you would be able to insert photos of your own if you wish.

Those Who Attended:

Bergit Stadem, DeSmet, SD

Pearl Stadem Ginther, Puyallup, WA, Darrell Ginther (son)

Bernice Stadem Schaefer, Atascadero, CA

Myrtle Stadem Svanoe, Mpls, MN, Bill Svanoe (husband)

Cora Stadem Taylor, Brazil, Carl Taylor (husband), Hudson Taylor (son)

Alida Stadem Spilde, SF, SD, Hans Spilde (husband),

Eloise Spilde Stensaas (daughter),

Gary Stensaas (son-in-law)

Bradley Stensaas (grandson)

Dan Spilde (son, brother to Eloise)

Estelle Stadem Rangen, Fergus Falls, MN, Joseph Rangen (husband)

Janelle Rangen Swenson (daughter)

David Swenson (son-in-law)

Sonja Swenson (granddaughter)

Paul Rangen (son)

Miriam Rangen (daughter)

Ruth Stadem Harrington, Sherwood, ND

Tom Harrington (husband)

Leroy Stadem, DeSmet, SD

Elizabeth Stadem (wife)

Peter Stadem (son)

Steve Stadem (son)

Tim Stadem (son)

Mary Stadem (daughter)

Tom Stadem (son)

This description is composed of the titles given for the photos in the booklet/momento album:

1. "Home"

(shows Plain View Farm's Home, in full summer foliage around it, with a U.S. Flag by the porch on the left side, a bicycle lying down, a lawn chair or two.

2. "The Stadem Family"

(shows lined up in back row, Left to Right, holding each other by the elbow in the classic Stadem Girls Pose:

Pearl, Bernice, Myrtle, Cora, Alida, Estelle, and Ruth;

in Center: Mama Bergit in chair, with Leroy kneeling beside her

3. "L-R: Pearl, Bernice, Myrtle, Cora, Alida, Estelle, Ruth. Seated in front is Grandmas Stadem"

4. "Mama and Leroy"

5. "L-R: Tom, Carl, Liz, Bill, Hans and Joe"

6. "Four Generations, Janelle Rangen Swenson, Sonja Dawn Swenson, Bergit Stadem, Estelle Stadem Rangen"

7. "Great-grandma Stadem and Sonja"

8. "Grandma Stadem, Sonja and Mary"

9. "Sonja and Mary"

10. "Be, Estelle, & Ruthie"

11. Repeat of No. 2.

12. "The Seven Sisters" (all kneeling, except Ruth has one leg up, about to stand or kneel, and she is saying something--like: "Now everyone be quiet and hold still for the camera!")


Note: Camper trailers can be seen in backgrounds.

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