"The Stadem Family Reunion,"

Plain View Farm,


"1987 REVIEW"


July 16th.

Chloe wrote of how she was thrilled to have been at the reunion.

July 17th.

Estelle, the penman and author on the "reflections" on the reunion, writes that she is happy over the response. She did a terrific job.

Aug. 1st.

Ruth phoned and said she had checked all the rooms [at PVF] to see what decorations and signs had been put up since Hans, Alida and I had driven ahead to keep down any confusion of ideas.

Aug. 2nd.

Mim phoned saying she was thrilled in receiving the letter and promises a V.C.R. tape soon.

Aug. 6th.

Pete and Kari wrote: ""Thanks for work, sacrifice and love." Requested time in 1988 to lead a 'work-shop' style sharing session.

Aug. 8th.

Myrtle and Marie Waldow wrote to say they had a good time and wished that they could have stayed longer.

Aug. 8th.

Naomi and Bernie tell of having a wonderful time. Glad Bernie and Gabe could meet the bunch.

Aug. 10th.

Calvin and Gwen tell of Calvin's improvement, and their thankfulness for the enabling finances and love shown them.

Aug. 13th.

Debbie speaks of the amount of work and dedication required, appreciated the effort to make this an enjoyable occasion.

Aug. 14th.

Hazel Zacharison sends an "UFDA" card, regrets not coming. Vacationing in Idaho.

Oct. 1st.

Pearl wishes more would share in the responsibility for the reunion on PVF. Also for new addresses.

Nov. 14th.

Ruth and Tom responded to a letter of inquiry, "Can we take it for granted that we can come again tot he farm?" Tom: "Tell Be that she can take it for granted!" So the "Welcome Mat is Out", so...COME!

Nov. 14th.

Mim wrote a thank you for letters mailed, sent photos of Chad. Naomi and Bernie had a baby boy, Nov. 7th, daddy delivers the baby as the Mid-wife got lost. A poem written by the Rinderknechts and asked that it be placed in this reunion letter, so here goes:


Aunty Be's our fearless leader,

gets things done and so we need her;

She thinks and plans and writes and sends,

and runs and walks and kneels and bends!

She is the one who runs our parties,

she works hard and never "tarties".

She's so hugable, we all wonder

how that coincides with Stadem thunder?

But it takes power to get things done...

with Aunty Be, our hearts are won.

We say, "Thank You!"--is that enough?

NO! We write, send cards and stuff!!!!

Soon we'll all meet again;

Thank you, Aunty Be! THE END



DATE: May 28, 29, and 30th.

Calvin and his family leave in June for Brazil so if it is possible a May date for the reunion may allow them to attend. A volunteer soloist has signed up already.

Come prepared with a "memory". Act it out, sing it, write it, read it, put it to poetry, or stage it in a play or charade.

Saturday Afternoon:

We all dress up in Old Clothes for the rest of the day.

We speak in Old World English.

MENU: A Norse Meal

GAMES: Will be assigned.

DECORATIONS: Bring anything that will be in keeping with the theme.

Pictures to hang

Statues, stuffed animals

Poems and Plaques

Two people will act as judges and prizes will be given.

A response to this letter with any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

When in charge PONDER

When in trouble DELEGATE

When in doubt MUMBLE


When you get around TUIT write me,

My Love,

Aunty Be


New Address: Joyce & Earl Bassett

7017 Alonza Av. N.W.

Seattle, WA. 98117

New Comer: Jonathan David Iserman

Nov. 7, 1987

"THE BOSS" by Mim Rinderknecht has been very slightly amended by the humble editor.

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