"The Heart of the Home is Love,"

Motto of

The Stadem Reunion,

May 25-29, 1989,

by Mim Rinderknecht,

With Consultants,

Estelle Rangen & Bernice Schaefer

Aunty Be usually starts this report (and Did!). I sent her the VCR tape from the farm, she took notes on 7 hours of it and along with some cartoon, sent the info to Estelle, tells Estelle to write it up, and they both got sick! So they've flattered me with the request to write it up. I'll do my best...I know I'm a little wordy...please forgive...AND it can only be from MY point of view, please pardon my unintended omissions!

What Love! What a welcome! and what hugs!

After Uncle Leroy picked up Ron, Chad and me at the airport in Sioux Falls,w e hurried over to his house, Liz packed up her bags and bags of food readied for the farm for HER cooking "days," Ron and Leroy strapped the luggage carrier on top of the car, sped off for Bryant, with Liz and Mim and Chad sneaking naps and Ron and Leroy engaged in deep spiritual discussion, checked on the cinnamon rolls Mom had ordered homemade there, found Hans had surely picked them up and delivered to the farm, enjoyed seeing the sweet little town of Bryant again,a nd enjoyeda wonderful trip 4 miles to the farm, accompanied by our tour guide Leroy, who so graciously pointed out all the farms of interest, told the story of the train-tracks (see video) and various interesting tid-bits, while Chad made the count-down on the miles to "Be-Be's farm"...he acknowledged that Ruthie and Tom were the Mom an Dad of the farm, but Be-Be was the boss!

Driving into the farm cause the same pitter-patter my heart always feels when embarking on a great experience just coming up...but oh how it increased as all the Aunties rushed tothe car and Ruthie stuck her head right in the window and started kissing everybody...and then, when I finally put down the video and got out of the car, there was my husband in the arms of two more women....! Pearl and Be! it was wonderful...That started the round of hugs with everybody, and the Reunion had started for us! And then here comes Lulu and Hans! And Ronny Ginther is here!! And Joe and Estelle, Janelle and her kids and Roberta too! And more...

We are ushered in to sit down to a great Norse meal cooked by Estelle and Be--talk about authentic Norwegian stuff! (just before that we got a sneak preview of Uncle Tom's mowed meadow of paradise, huge and flowing, behind the outhouse/garage/toolshed. It was beautiful and obviously showed signs of a very lot of hard work--heard Joe and Tom hauled away loads!!! The meal was wonderful and Chad chomped down the after the other! Ron went for the dumplins!!!

Soon Chad and Ron called us all out for a campfire, a new tradition, which I'm sure will be carried on nightly for reunions to come! The Stadem boys brought their guitars and we sang under the stars and filled our lungs with that rich country air as we sang to the Glory of God! The close three and four-part harmonies brought tears to my eyes...Uncle Leroy so graciously asked my little Chad to sing a solo, and he promptly responded with "This is the Day that the Lord has Made."

Chad then passed around the treats that Mim brought (Myrt's recipe of "Real Good Bars"), so happy to be a part of this loving, jovial, happy group.

[Recipe of Myrtle's "Real Good Bars" at the close of this page--Ed.]

When our voices finally needed a break, we hugged and hustled each other into the farmhouse for the surprise viewing of Pete and Kari on the VCR, singing our Theme Song, "Back Home Again", after which we enjoyed a video tour of their home, the surrounding area and good old Minnesota earth! And of course, a peek at the new darling baby, who continued to entertain us as we oo-ed and ah-ed! THAT was Friday night!

Saturday morning saw the gang, led by Mary and Curtis, digging the holes for the 3 new Norwegian Maple trees which Tom had picked up in Watertown, one of which was donated by the Reunion Gang. Uncle Tom is going to see some real branching out in the next few years, replacing a few dead trees that he's had to pull out. A real significant sign of new life on that beloved old farm, if you ask me! And as you look around the trees, you also see signs of life starting to emerge from the tents--Janelle's, Lee and Liz's and a few more! Then the frisbee games start and as they whiz by your head, you know the farm is waking up on this beautiful morning of perfect weather, perfect temperature, clear sky, slight breeze to cool the sweaty brows of those working on the trees!

Inside the house, you see Ruthie starting her round of massages, starting with Estelle, naming each part of the foot that corresponds with a critical part of the body and it's functioning! And the group joins in with another chorus of "Back Home Again"--the harmony's getting better andthe words bring smioles to our faces as we sing along and enjoy!

Saturday noon welcomes the singers again as we chorus together "Be Present At Our Table, Lord", the men's bass voices adding so much to the great "Amen!" Today's cooks are Pearl and Myrt! Pearl makes enough wonderful Spanish rice to feed 100! Throws in 10 pounds of hamurger and some magic--and everyone helps themself! She made the jell-o in the fruit and vegetable drawers of the refridgerator and it worked GREAT to our astonishment! And of course, a couple of Be's 25 loaves of bread were pulled out to tempt our noses. I can't help but stick my face right into that homemade bread before I let myself bite it!

Be and the aunties pitch in to help Pearl since Myrt is absent--but Myrt's food will be pulled out at dinner time, since she filled Ren's trunk with her wonderful contribution to the day, including the homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, eggs, and orange slices and coffee...and tonight we get lasagne, made by her daughter Deb, (everyone wants the recipe!) and fresh cut vegie salad and Mom's homemade special Ranch/dill/onion salad dressing! AND more of Be's homemade bread!

A few introductions are given by Ren, for it's his daughter Colette's first visit to the farm, and his son Todd sports a new wife, Vicky! Vicky is one of those people that it takes about 3 seconds to feel comfortable with her, and you love her instantly! (you know what I mean.) There aren't many people like that in this world, Todd...take heed.

Ruthie comes in all dressed up fro the Centennial [of Bryant, 1989)...makes cute comments and some speeches in her Norwegian tongue (taught to her by Uncle Tom all the way down on the drive from North Dakota!) and hands out little gifts and surprises to all, specializing in the chicken that clucks by pulling the string...the kids had a ball, and of course Ronny and the Stadem boys could pull it off the best! Mim received the prize for the non-Auntie who came the furthest!!! It was a uniform!!! (I love men in uniforms!) Why else would I hand around Delta??!! Ruthie also shows off her license plate with the initials B.V.S. on it--of course--Bergit Vilhelmina Stadem! (Did I get that right, Ruthie?) She then gave all the sisters a large postcard (s) showing the largest quilt in the world!! 700 lbs! Made in No. Dak! Takes 40 people to carry it. And she gave out little furry poodles to all those that came early to the farm and helped SO MUCH to make it spic and span--which it WAS!

Liz read a letter from Kari's Mom, "Gertrude" who so wittingly visited us last year and left us in stitches!! She presented the farm with a a remembrance! It was temporarily hung on the branches jutting out from the corner of the dining room where each person had to sign in by putting their name on one of the red hearts there and hanging it with the group--Be's idea...and her record of who was there and who got fed!

Janelle [Swenson] introduces herself too, to the new people and Ronny and Roberta Ginther and a few others introduce themselves to each other, especially to Ren's kids...Now, we're all set--let's get personal!!

The afternoon sees the beautiful green yard beckoning to all, to join in the games of bean bag (brought by Leroy but starring Lulu and Chad!!!) Also games of croquet, complimented by beautiful clouds int he sky, and surrounded by the meadows cleaned up by Joe and Tom,all the cards and tents lined up in a row...the added little picnic table area created among the trees behind the farm house...the lilacs are blooming...a small group of singers entertain the passers-by, accompanied by Colette at the organ, again so kindly brought by Lulu and Hans!

Inside the house, we see Be and Pearl in the kitchen again getting Myrt's salad all ready and sticking the precooked lasagne in the oven to heat, sending myriads of smells out the front door where the curiosity of the game-players and singers was aroused enough to hear the question being asked..."What's that wonderful smell????!!!!???"

Janelle's two little charmers just floated around the farm, smiling, playing with Britta, not saying much...being good all the time, and so fun to look at and watch.

The afternoon program starts again with the chorus of "Back Home Again" (Thanks, Peter and Kari for making up the words! They're great!) And soon Aunty Be starts the celebration of birthdays! Tim wasn't able to make it this year, but his parents are presented with his gift of bedroom slippers from Aunty Be, who always brings presents for every birthday and every baby! Mim brought out a 10 pound bag of trail mix/nuts/m & m's and announces, "Well, Tim, this was for you, but since you're not here...!" ...slits open the bag into two big waiting bowls and everybody laughs and digs in!! Estelle is next, and we celebrate her 70th year with gifts, cards, special scissors and book of quotes, and basket of candy, accompanied by the words, "YOU ARE LOVED!"

The highlight of the birthdays this year is Pearl who is 80! Aunty Be presents her with a beautiful cloth covered Memory Book, encasing pages and pages of memories and picturs contributed by everyone there. The pages are then passed out to the owners and read to Pearl, one by one. Upon first realizing what was being done for her, Pearl clutched the book to her heart and fought back the tears, but her words spoke the truth and it was obvious to all that she felt loved and was so touched, all the while giving praise to God for all of us there. The Svanoe kids sang two songs in five part harmony, "In the Gloaming" was to be Pearl's message to Bob, and "Love's Old Sweet Song" was Bob's love song to Pearl [two of the most beautifully sung pieces I ever heard, and so skillfully joined too, they seemed to tell a story of two lovers singing to each other, despite that one lover, Bob, was in heaven, he seemed to be whispering sweet words of love to her; I couldn't help feel that it was from God, this rendition prepared and sung by the Svanoe brothers--Ed.]. Pearl's children, Ron and Roberta also read poems and presented her with gifts, and Mim gave her a picture collage, of Plain View, family, reunions and Bob. Pearl asked if she could say a few words...and graciously thanked everyone for their words, and gave God the glory for the whole celebration!

Estelle had so many pages she had written up for Pearl, there just wasn't time to read them she picked some of the best and kept us marveling at how true her words were...reminding us of what it was really like 80 years ago!! Estelle's memory pages are copied here in your Reunion packet that I'm sending with the VCR's. They're wonderful memories...all will enjoy!

Lulu opened her heart [this was a true "Event" which I will never forget--Ed.] to us all and to Pearl, telling of some premonitions she had had as a girl..[she dreamed a plane crash that took Bob and Art.--Ed] the weight of this knowledge weighed heavily on her for a long time, how she LOVED Pearl, and loved Art, and Loved Bob...but that more important than anybody, she just loved JESUS...AND HE was the one that really mattered to was so wonderful to listen to her honesty, her earnestness, her caring and her love for Jesus!

The program continued with the opening of the suggestion box by Leroy, counting the contributed money to cover expenses and tree, with the balance to be given to our dear missionaries, the Taylors. I have since learned that Aunty Be refused to take any money for her expenses (which were more than anybody else's) and has just wired $300.00 to the Taylors. Glory be to God, and thank you, Aunty Be, May God bless you RICHLY.

Then came the party for the babies!! Since Britta was the only one there, she promised to share her presents with her baby cousin...maybe! Aunty Be quickly changed the decorations on the table from birthday to BABY, lit the candles on the diaper cake and presented Britta with a baby card, whcih, when taken from the holder, played a lullaby! She also gave a plaque for Britta's room. Mim had some matching outfits for the two babies and headbands to go with it..and read the poem of "The Day-Old Child" your packet.

Steve and Tanya's precious little Britta was surely the star of the show...I don't know which was the prettiest, her eyes, her nose, or her lips...what a doll!

Uncle/Pastor Joe was asked to close with prayer, the group sings its "Amen" with "Blest Be The Tie That Binds", as all are silently thanking God for each and every loved one, whether together or whether apart, but thankful that the love of God binds us all together. Joe and Estelle valiantly burst into song with "I'm a Part of the Family of God!"

After Pearl has again thanked everybody for their part in her birthday celebration, Roberta pops up..."Would you like to hear my mother sing?" We all chorus "Yes!" and Ron, Roberta, and Pearl grace us with a song they had sung together on their trip out here from Washington, Ron singing tenor when he didn't know he could! Then Todd and Colette sang a duet together, and pretty soon everyone was in a singing we moved it to the campfire and sang a host of good Christian spiritual choruses! Since I was standing by Lulu, I must add, to those of you who may not have been there and are wondering...she still has that same strong beautiful voice! Way to go, Lulu, you little sweetheart...and I have to thank you publicly for befriending my little Chad when he got hit by the frisbee that cut his upper lip during his first HOUR at the reunion, and you so sweetly and tently talked him right out of his sobs and tears and told him all about when that had happened to you one time. As you notice, he was endeared to you for the rest of the weekend, except when he had to beat youy in frisbee (He tried anyway, not sure that he DID!).

Todd and Vicky introduced us to a couple of new songs..."Let There Be Glory ande Honor to Jehovah!" was one...And after practicing again "We Are Children of the Lord" for church services the next morning, we sauntered back to the kitchen, relished a few treats and hugs and "goodnites"! THAT was Saturday.

Sunday morning saw everyone digging into the cinnamon rolls again, PLUS all the other food that was offered and then off to church in Bryant! The whole Stadem clan stood up in the front of the church and sang to the glory of God! My Ron said he wanted to be up there singing so bad, but that standing in back of the church taking the video, it sounded so wonderful, he would have hated to miss that part too! We pray that some were blessed. [Is this Stadem imperialism, or the Holy Spirit? I have to wonder, but somehow they all seem to be blessed by this yearly Stadem Reunion group singing to the congregation there, or perhaps we are the ones blessed by it more then they are?--Ed.]

Next stop was the cemetery where we visited and blessed the resting places of our dear Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Bob and Uncle Art. Ron had asked me so many questions about Pearl and Bob the night begfore that I couldn't answer, I had resolved that we would ask Pearl the next day, so she told us the story of how it all happened, and it's on the video for those of you who have a chance to see it. I'm sending one to each set of Uncles and Aunties. We again had a wonderful chance to take the family pictures here, right by Grandpa, Grandma, Art and Bob. [This video with Mother telling the story of the crash and all, is a treasure for our Heritage, and I would like someone's copy so we can digitize it or preserve it on USB or a DVD and not lose it to time's aging effects on old VCR videos.--Ed.]

After finding our preferred Bryant Restaurant closed because of Memorial Day Holiday, it was decided that there was plenty of Spanish rice and salad left at the Farm, so after the Aunties prepared in haste, Aunty Be blows her "fog horn" and everybody comes running! We enjoyed singing about four different songs of "grace," introducing a Norse one for Vicky and Colette!

Aftter din-din, my honey Ron had to leave to drive back to Sioux Falls, getting a flight back to Salt Lake as he had to take a flight out for work on Monday...So more hugs and goodbyes, Chad hanging on to Daddy the longest, realizing when Moms on the video camera, he was losing his "only" playmate! He made up for it though with all the aunties!

Sunday afternoon again asw all the children and parents involved in games...mainly BACKWARD BASEBALL! Out front was frisbee and croquet again, a game of checkers with Hans, Joe & Janelle, some singing, and Mimsie delivered her treats and coffee (Vienese Cinnamon) to the various groups in the yard!

Soon it was time for dinner and Liz and family put on a wonderful feast including beef burgers on hot buttered buns...and did they make up a lot of buns!! Picture 25 people, eating two or three each! Thanks, Liz! Though I missed it, I know she handled breakfast and part of lunch too!

The evening program was set up to allow everyone at least 10 minutes to do their thing, speak their "peace" or "piece," sing a song, or give a talk. To get the ball rolling, I found it necessary to do mine in a hurry since I'd brought a whole suitcase full of stuff I had to get rid of, so I wouldn't have to carry it back to Utah like I did last year when we didn't have time to do it all!

The first thing was the presentation of trophies to some well-deserved people! To Ren-Pen, for most valuable driving effort...(last year he drove to Decorah for Colette's send off to Europe on Choir tour (and Russia!) then back to Wisconsin, then to Minnesota, stopped to pick up Mom, then 5 more hours to South Dakota, stayed one day, drove 5 hrs. back to Minnesota and 5 more hours back to Wisconsin in time for a meeting!).

To Tom Harrington, Most Valuable Helper--in Every Way!!

The Stadem Boys--Best Symbol of Brotherly Love!

A trophy to Gabriel (Nomi and Bernie's boy) as Most Valuable Mower!! This young kid learned to operate and run a riding lawn mower and mowed the whole meadow for old are you, Gabe????

To Liz--Captain of HER winning team, always!

Tanya, for The Most Developed Pumpkin Seed (which has now popped out!)

To My Dear Chad--the Best NEW Frisbee Player (at age 3 last year), the Stadem boys and Travis taught him to throw a pretty mean frisbee, and he's been playing ever since!

To Ruthie--Most Gracious in Spirit and Most Valuable Giver--like I said, we've all received between one and ten gifts from her!!

And to Aunty Be--there aren't enough spaces on the trophy to list all her valuable charracteristics...but as Chad would say, "Be-Be the Boss!" you are our most valuable leader, organizer, worker, AND boss!

I then presented Ruthie with a new battery-operated light for the out-house...and a plaque which read, "My aim is to keep this bathroom clean...YOUR aim will help!" And a new "Getting to Know You" Booklet (from last year's game, inspired by my DEAR Mom) to keep on the farm for reference...a card of thanks...a package of coconut cookies (Ruthie LOVES coconut!), a set of plaques for farm decord, and a heart-warmer book--with 365 loving thoughts in for each day.

I had brought video tapes I made up of Vicky &Todd's Wedding/Colette's Choir Tour to Russia/Mim, Ron and Chad's Trip to Al and Rach's in Calif. in March,a nd gave a copy to Ren, to Carol (Ren's wife, who, as Ren puts it, "was a terrific Mother and did a great job! and gets all the credit!") to my Mom, and to Todd and Vicky. Brought lots of goodies that Ron brings me from the hotels each week, including shampoos, rinses, hand lotions, sewing kits, shoe shine kits, shower caps, etc., and invited all to help themselves. (I put them in a wicker basket for guests to use at MY home...) candy treats were passed out to all, in case I missssssssed anybody! [yes, we thankfully all got them, and they lasted us a long, long time.--Ed.]

My talk was on:

1. Introducing Christianity to the REAL Skeptic through a little book called "My Search", written by a scientist, given me by my Mom, passed out 7 or 8 to who ever wanted them;

2. the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day to help heal ailments that we all put up with and think are a part of normal living...but they're not! and

3. the use of affirmations/and or prayer, diligently, morning and night, to be able to change a negative habit in your life...I think the secret is diligence.....

I think nearly every thank you to Aunty Be is insufficient for the leadership it takes to get this bunch moving and up to the farm and organized, but I wanted to thank her in what little way I could, with a heart-warmers book, a cuddly white teddy bear, with pink ribbons of "I Love You" on it, with a Park City Hot Air Balloon pin, candy basket with "YOU ARE SPECIAL" on it and a card of thanks...Aunty Be, please don't ever give up on might have to pull a bit, but we're coming!!!!!

Aunty Be tells of the thrills to get replies from us all--even if it's a postcard!!! Leroy followed by reading the writeup that Estelle wrote for the Bryant paper [which is now on-line on the PVF website--Ed.]...thanks Estelle! Ruthie shared her thoughts and read her poem on "The Heart of the Home is Love" ....(on video)...Ren spoke of the importance of lay people and lay meetings [he republished the great little book, "The Ministry of Laypersons," on the vital role of lay ministry in the church, by his Norwegian Grandfather, Pastor Atle Svanoe, of which we have excerpts on-line on this website--Ed.]. Told of 2 books by Arnold Heberlein, a handicapped man whom he helped get on his own and has now authored two books, Myrt gave all the sisters and Leroy one of Arnold's books, edited by Ren. Ren reminded us there were three pastors in the group, but did we realize the lay folks do so much too.

Mary and Curtis had to leave for St. p;aul, so goodbyes and hugs were exchanged and prayer for their journey...Todd then read Estelle's "The Heart of the Home is Love"...very good...enjoyed by all...hope to get a copy to most of you!

Todd and Vicky then graced us with their singing...they sound so good together...Vicky plays guitar...Aunty Be followed with a portion of a topic she had been asked to speak on at a women's group...on PRAYER...given to Christians Women's Conference on Prayer Day [we have this on-line at the Emmaus Walk site--Ed.]...Todd and Vicky sang again...and Mim sang her song on VCR tape through the TV since piano accompaniment was not to be found at the farm! Colette sang a song she had learned in high school (has really developed her voice through choir, singing lessons and has given her own voice recitals at Luther College...Mim's note). And then she told how all on the farm was so wonderful and is coming back for sure, as she gained so much this time! [her voice was beautiful and well-trained, and her spirit was so good, she fit right in, and we truly wanted to see more of her after this brief but meaningful contact!--Ed.]

Chad bursts into the room with "Time to come to the fireside!"

Ron Ginther first shared with us, through his unbelievable beautiful choice of words, some tender thoughts on the farm, the earth, Grandpa and Grandma,a nd about writing a book for the unbeliever...also seemed to be quite moved by his experience at this reunion, and said he was trying to talk for Roberta too...Ron always did have such a talent for writing...but we had he's put on the program for sure again this next year! I have asked him to write up his talk and send it to me...and I'll print for you all whenI receive's worth waiting for! [I can't recall I followed up her request, but I did write up my notes on the experience I had of the Farm, which was almost mystical, but which had to do with the living soil of PVF, the red and black clay soil, that had birthed us, and also the Ship that the Farmhouse appeared to be to me, sailing through Time triumphantly and courageously against all I'm doing it, with those extra periods!--Ed.]

Ruthie then offered up the most heart-felt prayer that held the whole room in total silence...there was definitely a direct connection to God during those felt so good. And we closed with the Doxology ["Now Thank We All Our God", which Grandma loved--Ed.]...til after the campfire...when we continued on with a few more talks!!!

Chad put on his electric hat that twinkled in the darkness (run by battery..) and led the procession to the campfire, singing all the way!

Since this was the last evening time for Joe and Estelle and Hans and Lulu, who were to be leaving Sunday night or early Monday morning, it was the last chance for Hans to show a collection of old home movies that he had put on VCR tape, including some of Grandpa and Grandma and Art and Bob and some traveling by the some stayed in the house to watch that, and some went tot he campfire...we were missing the guitars outside too, so the songs were sung acapella but with good harmony. Ruthie handed out the marshmallows and we took turns roasting an deating and sharing...and Gabriel and Chad entertained us the whole time with a suitcase full of sparklers that Mim had smuggled out of Utah! (in South Dakota they're legal! In Utah they are too, but just not in airports!).

We're all wondering how Lulu and Hans ever got those video tapes made of Grandpa, Grandma, Art and Bob...and surely hope they'll bring them again next year for those that missed it this year!! [wonder where they went, to various Spilde/Hilt/Hefty homes? It would be great for copies, digitized, would be made for use by DVD players on the Farm!-Ed.]

When the sparklers are gone, we retreat into the farm house again, smelling the coffee and lured by the treats we find all over the kitchen! In the dining room, as we settle in, Ren reads Myrtle's contribution on Love...the main theme being, when you can repent, when you can forgive, THEN you can love...Victor adds his words to that, reminding us that each day is NEW, we have a new chance each day to BEGIN anew...regardless of what thoughts went through our mind the day before...BEGIN ANEW

[Yes, ANEW IN CHRIST, which is the only NEW CREATION we can attain to being. To begin anew in the same old ruts is a bondage that destroys not sustains and enhances life, as the Bible testifies to us repeatedly--Paul calls the Galatians bewitched, for submitting again, after knowing the freedom of God's grace, submitting and being enslaved by the "yoke of bondage" that was theirs under the Law. Are we not called to forsake our own individual yokes of bondage, whatever they are for us, for freedom in Christ, living in obedience to His commands?

Our problem as Westerners is that we assume we make the rules, but God makes the rules, He made the Law, and He made Grace, and he offers Grace as the way out from slavery to the Law which can never redeem and free us and make us what God designed us to be. As Westerners and individualists in culture, we trip up on this: we think WE are the ones to set the rules we then live by--whereas, Almighty God sets the rules we must live by, if we are to live as we have been ordained to live in God's master plan and not our own plan devised by limited human intelligence and human wisdom and human desires. Seeing this and not fighting it, is the way to finding the way of life, but it requires rejection of our own "right to make our life's rules"--something that takes a cross, something that takes a death to our own wishes, something that takes a....genuine conversion, a true, transformational passing from death to life just as is portrayed and enacted in the "Metamorphosis of the Butterfly" from the caterpillar to the pupa stage to the New Creation of the winged marvel we call the butterfly--a process and a marvelous outcome which only God can bring about in our hearts and souls, once--this is the crucial sticking point for most--once we have purposely, sincerely chosen by an act of our will to follow God, follow God not the all-powerful King of the Universe we think we are, which rules on the throne of our hearts and drives us on to the bitter end of a misdirected and self-centered life if we let him.--Ed.]

Aunty Be calls attention to the idea of calling Jesus Lord if He is your Lord. And to make sure I get her idea across correctly, I'm going to quote by the notes she wrote to me..."Jesus is the name of humiliation and if He is your Lord, call Him Lord Jesus. Check your Bible for names used. God didn't even call Him Jesus." I remember her saying also not to be afraid to use the whole name of Jesus Christ, adding Lord, Savior, Christ Jesus, et. There continues more sharing, coffee and fellowship, til the eyes start to fall heavy, Chad goes in and curls up on Ruthie's bed and promptly falls's been a long, fun, wonderful day! That was Sunday! [On Aunty Be's grave marker, just as it was on her lips so often, there is inscribed "Complete in Christ." We shall have the teaching of "Complete in Christ" by Hallman, printed by Russel Schaefer, on-line, so we all can learn what that means, scripturally. It too will be on the Emmaus Walk site that is ours.--Ed.]

From Eloise's home, Lee drove, taking Liz, Be, Mim and Chad to Sioux Falls, getting us to the airport 1 1/2 hours before our flight...Chad and I slipped into the bathroom at the airport, changed our duds, checked out the gift shop for a vanilla milkshake, laughed so hard we almost cried (I can't remember what about now....?????!!!!????), prayed for a seat (we're standby passengers...) flew to Salt Lake City and bumped into Bonnie's son Chad, on our flight out of Rapid City...he'd just come from the wedding!

Now Aunty Be is another story...stayed in bed two days at Lee and Liz's fighting that cold...left Wed. at 6 p.m., Russ met her at the airport at 10 p.m,....home by 1:30 a.m. and stlayed in bed 5 more days!!!!(see how we exhaust her???!!!)

Rumor has it that Estelle contracted some difficult ailments too during and after the reunion...Does that say anything about who worked the hardest while there???!!!

As you all know by now,Ruthie added a picture and sent the article to the Bryant paper...and they gave a wonderful writeup of our happy times together...we're all just so thankful that so much love and happiness was shared by so many...and we just pray for the safe journey for each of you this coming year, and that God will make each of us a blessing to others...wherever we are!






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