"The Heart of the Home is Love,"

Motto of

The Stadem Reunion,

May 25-29, 1989,


Submitted by Ruth Stadem Harrington

It is with nostalgic warmth that we, the Stadem Kids, spouses, and grandchildren gather each summer for a few days on Plain View Farm, the home where Alfred and Bergit, devoted and cherished parents struggled to provide greater comforts and a healthy condition to raise the nine offspring.

The Theme chosen for this year's reunion was, "The Heart of the Home is Love."

A vibrant love for Life, God, and Country pulsated through our parents as they prayed daily to live in harmony with the Will of God. Because of their intimate acquaintance with God, they experienced a sublime inner serenity which overflowed to the children and grandchildren.

At each reunion time, time is set aside for reminiscing as well as testimonials given spontaneously by those assembled, besides a great amount of singing, entertainment and eating.

This year's Tributes were given to the oldest Stadem daughter, Pearl Ginther, who has reached the Splendor of eight decades. Tributes, pictures and greetings were assembled and inserted into a large Book of Remembrance as a gift from the Stadem Clan.

The 32 relatives came from South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Utah, Washington, California, Arizona, and Wisconsin and friends from Colorado.

Those gathered around the graves [in the family picture in the paper] of Alfred and Bessie Stadem and attending the reunion are, back row left to right:

Tom Stadem, Bernice Schaefer, Collette Svanoe, pearl Ginther, Todd Svanoe, Vicky Svanoe, Gabriel Iserman,Ruth Harrington, Rennard Svanoe, Vic Svanoe, Tom Harrington, Mary Stadem, Roberta Ginther, Ronald Ginther. Kneeling are Chad Rinderknecht [not kneeling, just was short legged], Steven Stadem, Pastor Leroy Stadem, Elisabeth Stadem, Britta Stadem, Tanya Stadem, Miriam Rinderknecht, and Ron Rinderknecht.

[Typed to the bottom of the copy of the article later by Ruth Harrington: Those not pictured, who attended the Reunion were Hans and Alida Spilde, Eloise Hefty, Joe and Estelle Rangen, Janelle Swenson with two daughters, Emily and Molly, along with some close family friends.]

[At the top of the page of a picture of sea and sky, was the caption: "Today...May Beautiful Things Happen to You."]

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