Stadem Reunion,

June 5, 1995,

by Estelle and Joe Rangen, Parts I & II


Dearly Beloved,

We received the heart-warming invitation, "Come! Join the Celebration!" by the Reunion Committee (Leroy & Steve Stadem, Eloise Hefty, Todd Svanoe...who was replaced by Mary Coatts & all her helpers, Pete & Kari, Mim R. & Tim & Tom)!

It was like responding to the invitation, "Come, for all things are now ready." Leroy's Liz, had been in all the preparations (it appeared), but was called away because of her brother's sudden "Heart attack" death in Wisc.

God sent us rain for the reunion week-end! We thanked God for a rain-proof house to cozy ourselves in. (Some tents collapsed, we understand, but arrangements were made to put them in dry places...even in the basement & cars). Many drove to motels with great accommodations...made new friends and felt loved.

The children's activities were held mainly in the "Parlor"! We again enjoyed the tent accommodations and when too chilly, we cozied ourselves in the dining and kitchen areas.

There were many "little" and some larger reminders as we looked around the PVF "restored to order" home. And we recalled that when any of us leave a room (a house...a life) we too leave reminders!

As we drove home after the reunion, we both agreed that the whole of the reunites were like beautiful bouquets!

Who doesn't enjoy and just love bouquets of flowers, the stimulating fragrance and colors which wonderfully bring such life to a room?

Each one at the reunion was (were) like beautiful flowers and each one different. Each person (adult and child) uniquely their own.

Some daisies, some roses, lilies, mums,carnations, frescias, tulips, irises, etc. Wen we put brilliantly blooming flowers together, what bouquets!

There is something warm and special that happens when we all get together on "The Farm."

Rooms light up and fragrance fills the air with warmth that is contagious.

Warmth which the Holy Spirit ignites each one to be the mouth of God, hands of God, feet of God, the ears of God to one breathe encouragement and love and even life to one another (or to a visitor who has taken in the week-end as guest).

God uses us to expand and stretch beyond ourselves to others. (Eph. 5:1 stresses those "Beautiful Bouquets".)

What connoisseurs and seasoned cooks took us on who not only made such delicious foods, but drove out each lunch and dinner and delivered the huge filled containers through rain, slush, and mud to our very kitchen! (Pray with us that their restaurant in Bryant will prosper so that we'll be able to have them in '96).

It was like a miracle to see Victor...without his walking stick! Walking so good, looking so good, invigorated to circulate, to keep the blood of genius and imagination flowing thro' the arteries of productivity! (Like the priceless courtesy of washing all the dishes, coffee urns, pitchers, etc; associated with such sunshine and humor which left us with laughter...much laughter).

Thanks, Vic!

Love those old memories and "Young Hopes"! Humor is a choice, wait for the results!

Business men generally regard ladies as parsley trimmings on a platter of ham-- NOT our three 80-plus old sisters! Quietly at 5:30 they'd be getting things going for breakfast! Have you ever served 50 to 60 for breakfast? Doing everything from scratch? Well, they did! Scrumptious too!

Now if you'd taken note, you'd have seen a "real he-man" in the church kitchen helping get everything arranged, spooned, buttered, cut, poured, for...the Sunday dinner! Thanks heaps, Wayne [Wayne the pancake specialist?--Ed.]! Do we understand that you paid for the entrance sanding [at the farm]?

We sat up and took notice at the "show and tell hours". Great pictures and history of Norway and Russia, Rennard. Ron and Chad gave reports on speakers at the "Promise Keepers."

Especially on those [they told about] who were used by God lke an antiseptic on wounds to bring healing to the Body of Christ. Some men who are easily threatened, will be "vibrators." Those who are not easily threatened, will be "shock absorbers." We were blessed by the devotionals! Characterizations also nearly captured personalityh attributes to serve well in our memories the rest of our lives, of the five loved ones who "left" us the past year. The Watertown Stadems drove down. The memory is a wonderful treasure chest for those who know to pack it.

The music with guitarists, the Stadem brothers, was spontaneous and hearty. The youngsters showed us that "music is love" in search of a word.

Continue to pray for Charlie (about 11 now), he was at the reunion still fighting cancer. What a brave Rinderknecht family to take on thsi ministry.

Another guest was a Russian young man half-way through college. He'll attend the Boston University in the fall. Please pray for him. Seems his family attends church. Demetrius is a very talented young man. God needs him for ministry! They call him "Deme" for short! We leave you with Deut. 30:19b-20a.

We love you each one...Joe & Estelle.



Postscript From Estelle & Joseph Rangen:

Say, do you know that you can take any size colored photo to a colored copy place and get an identical photo for about $2.00. Janelle did this with our family picture taken at Thanksgivingand it was so great she did this for all our sisters and brother. Maybe we'll get your family picture in the future.

Now a few post scripts..."Personal, of course": Thank you, Myrt, for the jar of Barleygreen! I just know that's a big gift. I've been diligent taking it (Joe has even taken a drink)! I've wondered why my system works so well and I've been able to sleep nights.....if that's the result of the Barleygreen or the chiropractic adjustment I had before the Reunion...all the pots of coffee too, what would we do without good coffee?

Thank you, Be, for the dandy tops and the dress you gave me! I wore it to church last Sunday night. So comfortable and it went with my blue skirt! Thanks again! All the banners were SUPER as was the registration with hearts!--GT. gal.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the "Stadem-Out-Law" enlargement you gave Joe (me too). To think that half of the six on the picture have gone to their eternal reward! How young and handsome the men look! Then the beautiful rose in the center is not hard to look at either! [does she mean a person or an actual rose?--Ed.]

Thank you, Mim, for the video(s) we know you will send. You always do and you just won't even take stamp money! Would you believe, I brought lefse to give to you and forgot! I felt so bad! We used a large package on Friday nite after the service in the tent. The other was for you, since I forgot, we (Pearl) buttered and sugared it all for those who stayed and worked on Monday! Sorry [I'll be one loved one looking for that lefse she forgot, when I get to heaven by God's grace!--Ed.]!

Thank you, Janelle, for the recipes you copied off for me. i know I will use most ever one of them. Thank you for the letters, paper clips. It was so sad to hear that Augsburg Publishing Co. will have to close down. Guess they already have, at least for six months until things can be squared away. The statement by the retired pastor/janitor there (Luther Munson) was sad to read: "The soul of the company is being lost. There is a problem with the spiritual direction of the company." Satan sure works overtime to take over the written materials! [yes, dear Auntie, liberalism is a sad deal, it has ruined a great evangelical publishing house, Augsburg, and then went on to ruin not only many Lutheran colleges and universities but the whole denomination, the church of the Bible, affiliated with it too, so that all sorts of ungodliness and sin are approved and even endorsed for clergy to participate in! Holiness--completely thrown out the door, and a religious show by secular humanists substituted.--Ed.]

Thank you, Eloise, for the large containers of corn pudding...rhubarb dessert topped with a dollop of whipped cream! Perhaps there was more and I'm forgetting. Oh, yes, you paid for supplies and didn't charge.

Thank you, Tanya, for the delicious homemade bread you brought.

Thank you, Committee, for all the behind scenes planning and doing that made our 1995 Family Reunion so very delightful.

Last but not least, thank you to our "House Mother" Ruth, for so cheerfully welcoming US ALL to Plain View! Thank you for payinmg the '95 taxes...the insurance...the water & electricity bills...the hiring of the neighbor to come with his huge machine to dump load after load of rocks in the huge cistern by the barn for safety...and arranging for the graveling of the approach to the Farm. I wanted to get a last picture of you, Ruthie, on your knees washing up the kitchen floor..and then spreading "Future" for the Future as a last loving touch [a floorwax called "Future"? No! She must have meant something else, or somebody can tell me if it is floorwax or not. And it is almost too heart-breaking, Auntie never got that picture!!!--Ed.]. It's in our minds and hearts, but ran out of film.

(You thought I forgot!!) Thank you, Leroy, for arranging for the tent, buying a huge supply of groceries, paying for the fixing of the heater (right?), and not collecting.

There is such a danger of listing "Thank You's" and to be sure some will be forgotten! You can give me 60 wet noodle lashes next time you see me for this!

To those who did not make it to the Reunion, you missed a FABULOUS Reunion! Having to miss, doesn't mean that you wouldn't have wanted with all your heart to have attended! Among these, were our Chloe, Paul and Mim. They all had been calling and the minute we stepped into "Our House" [Plain View Farm's beloved old Farm House with all its memories shining within it--Ed.], we were on the phone giving reports and finding out what all was going on with them.

Chloe had been the speaker at the Mother/Daughter Banquet in Pasadena, CA, and came home relieved and refreshed by God's ability to use her [Chloe wrote a wonderful piece on her mother, which we have, thankfully, on-line, just go to the Rangen central page for it--Ed.] Paul's Tess was doing as well as could be expected after her bone spur surgery on her heel. Mim & Dave are busily finishing their house and will be moving in this month. VBS is on for the children. We get Laura & Katie, noon 'till 5 or 6. Love it.--J & E

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