From Issue of the Samtaleran, June 1998:


Friday Evening, July 3, to Monday Morning July 6


Thank you for your responses following the last newsletter. There were several E-Mails and also a few letters. The July reunion is almost upon us. I received the information from Pete and Kari Stadem last night regarding the costs so now this letter can be sent. The registration forms need to returned right away. Please postmark the forms no later than June 13, 1998. That should allow Pete to receive them by June 16th. The caterer wants the number for which to plan two weeks prior to the reunion.

The caterer has raised the price of meals. Included in the costs for the meals are all beverages. Milk will be available for breakfasts. The add on charges for each of the five meals is for those who wish to enjoy the reunion with minimum responsibilities. If you are willing to work (setting up, serving, cleaning up, driving to pick up meals, taking down, putting away, etc) then you need not pay the additional charge. This amounts to a total of $10.00 for adults and $5 for children for the reunion.

If any of these costs pose a financial hardship for you, please let our Chairman, Pete Stadem know and something will be worked out to provide help.


Do you have a presentation that would interest the whole group? Just adults? Just the children? If so, please inform Pete and Kari on your registration form, or talk to me (Lee) at Plain View. We want to expand on our theme "Christ for the World," but also give opportunity for topics of interest and concern that will draw the relatives closer to each other, to the Lord and to His Word and work. Love, Leroy Stadem (an appointee!)

Some of the program possibilities are:

"The life and work of the Templetons in South America".

"Hearing about Cora Taylor's experiences with family, friends and Brazilians".

"Information on trip to Norway and discovery of Norwegian cousins by Lee, Liz, Tom & Judy Stadem".

"Work on trip to Mexico by Rennard and Grace Svanoe".

"Information gathered regarding the lives of the spouses of the Stadems (perhaps incidents/formation revealing courage, strength and Godly heritage), and as Lee stated above, you are welcome to suggest something for a program also.

SECRETARY: Kristin Brown Pujals is seriously considering taking the secretary position. The job can be the taking of minutes at the reunion and typing them up only. OR if she wants more to do then the mailing of Registration information, etc, can be done through her instead of the Samtaleren. We are easy to get along with, Kristin. See you at the reunion!

RECIPE BOOK: Although this project is on hold we are still accumulating recipes. (The Recipe Book was completed by a daughter of Curtis and Mary Coatts in 2018 and is on Kindle for purchase.--Ed.). It is a big project and cannot happen "overnight"! Kristin Pujals is translating some Cuban recipes, one sent is a Macaroni Salad. Ron Ginther sent more Norwegian recipes, Krum Kake, Rommegrot, Handanger Lefse and Lapskaus. Tanya Stadem sent several "down home, good-eating" sounding recipes. Sweet Potato Delight, Wild rice Bread, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Pumpkin Pie Bars, Mexican Casserole, 7 Layer Dinner, Coffee Cake, Rhubarb Pie, and Chocolate Zucchini Cake.


Estelle Rangen--Homemaker. Entertains when possible! Active in the Women's Missionary Fellowship. Historian for National WMF. Sings solos & duets with Joe. Has helped plant a garden for the first time in three years. Knees doing good!

Joe Rangen--Preaches when opportunities arise. He loves to preach! Has worked hard this spring to prepare garden for planting. Almost finished planting. Walks each morning for mail with a new-Christian brother. Conversations--all topics of the Bible! Continues heart medication.


Chloe Rangen Koslowsky--Homemaker, staff member of Calvary LB Church, Fullerton, CA as director of their "Women's Ministries". Pianist and organist. Holly's Grandmother.

Gary Koslowsky--Elder at Calvary Church, Senior Inventory Planner for So. Calif. Distribution Center for the Kraft Food Co; Drives 37 mi. to Ontario thru heavy traffic. Holly's grandfather.

Karen Koslowsky McMahon--Homemaker. Mother of Holly (2 yrs old in July).

Raymond McMahon--Lawyer. Both active in their church. Father of Holly.

Karla Koslowsky Bandy--Works as the Customer Service Rep. Advisor to the Field Personnel at the American Colloid Co., selling raw clay products. Sales presentations in big convention centers. Booth on Office Procedures. Perks for pampering her!

Richard Bandy--Sales Manager selling hot tubs, spas etc . at Oasis Co. out of Chicago. Both very active in their church.


Janelle Rangen Swenson--Nurses at the Broen Nursing Home, nights. Homemaker. On Deaconess Board at Bethel, Grandmother of McKayla.

David Swenson--Nurse & works computer scheduling surgeries at Fergus Hospital. Painter in home. Both active in Bethel LB Church. Grandfather of McKayla.

Sonja Swenson Crabtree--Homemaker. Mother of McKayla (2 in Oct), Coach, substitutes in teaching and cooking at Hillcrest Academy.

Scott Crabtree--Officer & worker at Fleet Farm Store, Fergus Falls, MN; Father of McKayla, Trista, age 15, and Tyler, age 12.

Emily Swenson--Will graduate from Fergus Falls Community College in May. Straight A's.

Molly Swenson--Finishes 1st yr of high school, goes to Hillcrest in fall; both active in church.

Paul Rangen--Assistant Manager at KSEI Christian Radio Station, Havre, MT. Chairman of the congregation they attend. Recently attended radio seminars in Nashville. [Update: Paul passed to glory May 30, 2000].

Tess Rangen--Wife of Paul. Registered Nurse at Havre Hosp. Homemaker. Recently attended unique schooling to teach personal safety in cars.

Brent--Finished 1st yr at Univ. of Mary in Bismarck, ND (track scholarship). He has been so happy in the school & the Lutheran Brethren church.

Kimberly--Finishing freshman yr in high school, hopes to attend Hillcrest Academy in fall.

Mark--Age 10, Fourth Grade; loves outdoor activities. All active in Big Sandy Church.

Mim Rangen Patch--Works for First Nation-Wide Mortgage Co, Great Falls, MT. Pianist & organist in Fort Shaw Church. Homemaker.

David Patch--Fireman at Air National Guard; one weekend a month he works for motor pool with vehicles & guard drills in Air National Guard. Recently took family along to Cody, WY while he attended more fire schooling. On Church Board in Fort Shaw.

Laura--Graduated from Eighth Grade May 26. Plays piano & flute. Played piano accompaniment for a flute solo at graduation ceremonies.

Katie--Finished 1st Grade at Ft Shaw school. Rides bus each way. Takes piano & voice lessons. Hard to capture all her energies. All active in Ft. Shaw Church.

Submitted by Estelle Rangen


A suggestion from the Ginthers is to have an annual reunion gift shop at the farm. All would bring hand made things for sale to support our missionaries. This is a take off on Mim's idea of the clothing sale. (I am assuming these would be small so that transportation would not be a problem. If it is too late to be organized for this year maybe it can be discussed and planned for next year.



Gates of heaven made of this,

Pearl first, the child of bliss!

Canton was her town of birth,

Then came Bernice of great worth.

Together, daughters like a ring,

Gem and Setting for a king;

In Clark County, farm they kept--

Four more girls they did accept.

Myrtle, Cora, Alida,

Till a voice cried out "Uff-da!"

Daughter Estelle starred their crown,

And then they moved to Bryant Town.

Hamlin County, they moved at last;

Barn and house, they built up fast.

Trees and lilacs, gardens too,

What was best was the plain view.

Papa looked and gazed far,

Counties three, he numbered there.

No rocky hills could his sight bar,

He saw a Promised Land most fair.

No stone walls could shut them up,

The children ran until they "drupp't".

Everywhere just rich, safe sod,

A gentle, rolling gift of God!


Estelle Rangen says she is hoping for a Happy, Fun Family Reunion in July. We all are! She sent a few quotes.

"It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes!

Irish Proverb: "A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures."

"How do you spell "Relief"? L-A-U-G-H." "If people would laugh 15 times a day, there would be fewer doctor bills."

H.W. Longfellow--"Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots. Kind words are the flowers, kind deeds are the fruits."

Galatians 5:22--"The fruit of the Spirit is...Kindness."

Thank you to everyone who has written. Sometimes I'm not sure if you want everything included in the newsletter. Sometimes it seems quite lengthy so I summarize a little or decide not to use the item. We want the newsletter to be of interest to all the relatives. Constructive criticism will be gladly accepted. Also thanks for letting me know you enjoy the Samtaleren.

I just received word that I have to report for Grand Jury duty on June 23. Whatever that entails--I hope they don't take my 4th of July weekend! Anyway till the reunion or until the next newsletter...

My love and thoughts are with all of you,


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