Friday Evening,, JULY 2, to Monday Morning July 5


Pete and Kari Stadem have been planning the reunion although they will not be able to attend. Lee Stadem has agreed to organize the programs. So far the schedule includes Pearl sharing about Israel and the Holy Land, and Lee and Liz sharing about Germany and Luther's Reformation country. Also please be thinking about the suggestion of having a nominating committee come up with a list of possible officers prior to the business meeting.

This year there will be four (4) catered meals. Sat. noon (Subs), Sat. eve. (Chicken), Sun noon (Pizza Hotdish), Sun. eve. (BBQ Beef/bun). Each family (or person) will be responsible for their own breakfasts as well as their own Friday evening meal. Again this year if yo0u are willing to help by driving to Bryant to pick up food, or by setting up and serving the meal, or cleaning up, or any other job needed to be done, the cost of your meals can be reduced. Just fill out the registration form indicating that you will work and you will be assigned to a meal by Pete & Kari. But you need to get your registration forms in promptly as the assignments need to be made ahead of time. (Pete & Kari will not be at the reunion.)Please return your registration information by June 15th.


The correct spelling of the names of the Pujals triplets and their birth weights is as follows:

Enrique Marin, 3 lbs., 2 oz.

Nikulaus Gerard, 4 lbs., 7 oz.

Lavran Ginther, 4 lbs., 0 oz.

Kristin says she is swamped with the work required to care for the triplets, they have adapted to a regular regimen, but they take almost all of her time! Therefore she will gladly accept help with her Plain View Secretary job.


Jody & John Brown say they are still trying to get their house completed, working with numerous contractors, et. They flew to Chicago to see Kristin & Javier and the triplets. The babies are growing rapidly and were between 5.5 and 6.5 lbs. They looked like newborns in terms of size but with tufts of blondish hair and fleshy fingers, feet, arms and legs. They are very pleasant babies interested in everything around them. of course, they sleep quite a bit, but not enough to allow their parents time to do so! There seems to be a continuous cycle of sleep, eat, diaper change, sleep, eat, diaper change, and on and on, still every three hours (as of the end of April). Kristin & Javier have done a great job of adapting and systematizing the whole thing, down to color coding bottles, pacifiers and the log of daily intake and "movements". Kristin is nursing the babies (the hospital thinks she could be some kind of Guinness Book of Records star!), so the babies are getting the real thing and they are saving the cost of formula. Gloria [Grandmother] has been a phenomenal help. With the exception of a couple of weeks, she has been at Kristin & Javier's house helping them almost without interruption both before and after delivery. But all good things must come to an end and she is returning to her "retirement" the end of April. She will fly back to Atlanta for one day of peace before helping Allison, Neale and Emily move to their new home. As for us helping on our short visit, John and Javier were able to stud out and drywall most of a room in the basement. I'm sure Kristin and Javier would love to hear from you all. Take care and love to all, John, Jody & Cara.

After the last newsletter was mailed DELVON SCHAEFER sent an update on his parents' health situation. About two months ago BE SCHAEFER had a double lumpectomy [surgery to remove lumps] of the breast. She is feeling good except for some pain where they nicked a muscle. Recently she has seen a neurologist about her "burning" legs, and now she has medication and a salve for the legs. They believe that her nerve endings are damaged. She is also taking a medication for her shaking. Hopefully this will be making her feel better in the weeks to come. BE says "Getting old isn't fun!" RUSS SCHAEFER is feeling a lot better since he is using oxygen at night. He has resumed activities such as shopping and getting mail now that the fluids are under control and his legs aren't swollen. He still has a serious heart condition, but is good to see him feeling better. RUSS has offered to do the honors at the wedding of his grandson, COREY SCHAEFER, age 25, in June, so that is a special event for which Russ wants to stay healthy. (Corey's fiancé is a "delightful young lady that mom and dad want to keep"). Both COREY and brother JASON, age 23, are pursuing careers in firefighting. Until that happens they are continuing their education and working. COREY is working construction with his uncle, , and JASON is a seasonal CDF firefighter. No idle time at the Schaeferss.

JANELLE SWENSON says that she enjoys communicating via e-mail (thanks for keeping me informed). She has sent notes to many of those listed in the last newsletter and heard back from many also. Her brother PAUL RANGEN and his son, MARK, plan to drive JOE and ESTELLE to South Dakota for the reunion in July. They have made reservations at the DeSmet Motel. Janelle has made plans to attend but will have to wait to find out if her vacation request for July is approved. (She says she i9s working on CHLOE also.) CHLOE and GARY KOSLOWSKY will be visiting their daughter KARLA and RICHARD BANDY in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. The Bandys just returned from a trip to Israel and the Holy Land. They have video and are working on a scrapbook, but with no vacation time left they are not able to attend this year's reunion. In June the Bandys will be moving back to California. Richard has a job lined up, and until they find a house they will be staying with Chloe & Gary.

CALVIN and GWEN TAYLOR wrote about a terrible accident which happened near the end of March near Anapolis in S.A. CHAED TAYLOR, son of Hudson and RESA TAYLOR, was riding in a VW bus with seven other students from his school. The driver, a co=laborer, Duanne, and her husband Kevin, were the chaperones. The driver of an oncoming moving van fell asleep and collided with the VW bus. The VW bus driver avoided a head on collision by swerving, but the force and momentum of the fan tore off the driver's side of the bus. One girl, Gina, daughter of Bill and Jean Weiderhoft, (seated behind Chad) was killed. The funeral was held the same day as the accident due to the heat. Calvin & Gwen spent two days watching over and serving Chad and the others until Hudson and Resa arrived after a 25 hour trip from Bahia. Duanne, Chad and Micah were severely injured. Chad was operated on from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. All the bones in each hand and both arms were broken (18 pins were used to try and fix them). Tendons had to be sown back in each case. The terrible cut on his jaw first caused people to believe his life was in danger. He lost seven of his teeth. He had been sleeping leaning against his hands at the window. A second operation did some work on his jaw. Some of the bone is gone so Dr. Moacir will wait for that to grow back before implanting new teeth. In an update a week later Calvin wrote that Chad is able to move all but one finger, and that one can be operated on quite easily. The doctor can't believe the recovery Chad is making. The doctor was "in over his head" when he operated on Chad and mentioned that a hand that bad is normally cut off. Praise our wonderful Lord. (Perhaps this could help the doctor repent and become a believer.) Pray for all involved. In another update Calvin writes, "our dear Chad had another operation on his left hand Friday, May 7th and will undergo another one on Monday, May 10th. These are to tie tendons back to where they belong. The pain is terrible. The owner of the truck is now negotiating with our representatives as to how much of the bill he will pay. The driver says that Duanne was on his side of the road. The problem with that statement is that she had three of her riders awake and the police all agree with them. Both she and Chad are doing therapy on a regular basis now. It will be a long road ahead for them. We are so thankful to the Lord for his grace to all involved. Thank you for your love and interest. Bill and Jean Wiederhoeft [whose daughter was killed] will be flying with us today and spend a while in the U.S."


Calvin and Gwen Taylor moved to Knoxville, TN, May 9th. [other moves and email address omitted for sake of privacy].

A year or more ago Mim (?) prepared a sheet titled "ALIKE AND DIFFERENT, How Do You and Your Family Members Compare?" Only a few were filled out and handed back in. Ruth would like to try it again at this year's reunion. Please be thinking about the following. Your favorite things such as color, food, book, hobbies, subject (and worst subject), song, music, Bible verse, talents, game, and sport. Also something--event or accomplishment--about which you feel good. We will fill hem out and turn them in. Right, everyone? Right!


MYRTLE SVANOE sent an item telling about the holiday activities of her children. Rennard and Gracie spent Christmas in Mexico, and also planned to make a return trip there in March, Lord willing. Alfred (our real estate broker) and daughter Sarah were with friends over the holidays in Al's home in Calpella, CA. Victor enjoyed singing in eight concerts with Centennial Singers (40) [Augsburg Centennial Gospel Quartets combined from Augsburg College, Minneapolis] in October and November. He continues to be involved with the needy Vietnamese. He also experiments with making bird houses and bird feeders.

Mim and Ron Rinderknecht, Chad and Tiffany, spent the holiday at home with sister Rachel and daughter Meadow flying from CA to join them. Mim & Ron continue to work with the many homeless. Rachel continues to buy and grow flowers, drying and making beautiful wreaths and swags to sell at shops and festivals along the Calif. coast. Bernie and Naomi Iserman and four boys were hosts on Thanksgiving to 19 Svanoe relatives in the beautiful new lodge at Timber Bay. Jeff and Debbie Wilken spent the holiday awith Vic and Mom, enjoying Vic's lighting, eating, singing, and laughing. Deb & Jeff just moved into their new home in Center City, MN. Jeff builds homes and Debbie does the interior decorating. Myrtle claims Isaiah 54:13: "And all your children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children." MIM RINDERKNECHT wrote the following in her Christmas letter: Our reunion with the Stadems was again wonderful. We surely missed Aunty Be there, her legs wouldn't let her go this time, but we all realize that it now takes 6 plus 80 to do what aunty Be used to do alone. She used to get the farm ready. Thank you, Ruthie, for buying the farm and having it for us all! She used to write all the correspondence, letters, announcements, now we have trusty Eloise with her computer! I could thank you all, in depth, quite more, but you know how much I appreciate you. Be used to plan the theme, schedule, and program, and put most of it on herself! Now, thank you, Lord, we have Pete and Ka ri! You're so great! Be used to bring a lot of the supplies and set it up, and home bake 40 loaves of bread in the process! And thank you, Lord, we have Lee and Liz to move all the stuff, to mow, to set it up, to carry, to plan, to shop, to load, to unload, to write notes, to wonder what have we have forgotten...a lot! Thanks to you, guys!!! NOW...all of you think! Think how much planning youj would have to do if you were having 75 people over for the weekend. I sure wouldn't want to leave anyone out, because all the folks are helping out all the time with so many things, songbooks, guitar playing, music leading, trash pickup, etc. But we have to have these 6 plus 75 more to help them! It's worth all the togetherness, the family ties, the sharing, the caring, the hugs and more hugs, and the cousins growing up together with those wonderful memories like I had, the witness of God's power in all their livews is enough tyo inspire me!

LEE & LIZ STADEM will be attending a family reunion at a cabin and campground near Deerfield in the Black Hills of South Dakota July 16-18, 1999. The cabin is owned by the father of Beth Stadem, wife of Rev. Tim Stadem.


Kimberly Ann Stadem, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mike Stadem (a cousin of Lee and his sisters) will be married to Ryan Lyons on May 29, 1999, in Laramie, Wyoming..


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