Stadem Reunion 2000 in BRYANT DAKOTAN,

& Business Meeting Minutes,

With Other Samtaleran Sections,

from Den Stadem Samtaleren, Sept. 2000




Seventy-two descendants of Alfred and Bergit Stadem met ont he family farm in Bryant, SD over the 4th of July. Family members traveled fromn nine states and Mexico and they camped on the farm or stayed in local motels. The weather was warm and inviting, and many activities took place outdoors, such as volleyball, evening campfires, songfests, golf, frisbee, go-cart riding, fireworks, and an Uncle Sam hat piƱata for the children.

The Stadem families sang, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" and "Great is Thy Faithfulness" at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Bryant on Sunday at the 9:30 AM service.

The Reunion theme was "Heaven is Our Home" and memorials were held for three family members: Russell Schaefer (husband of Bernice Stadem Schaefer), Myrtle Stadem Svanoe (daughter of Alfred and Bergit Stadem), and Paul Rangen (son of Joseph and Estelle Rangen and grandson of Alfred and Bergit Stadem. In celebration of their lives, videos, photo posters, talks and memorial albums were presented.

Calvin Taylor, son of Cora Stadem Taylor, gave a presentation on Chronological Bible Series, "Firm foundations, Creation to Christ." He also showed a video on the Taliabo tribe in Indonesia. Taylor and family are missionaries for the New Tribes Mission headquarters in Sanford, Florida. He and his wife, Gwen, now reside in Knoxville, TN, and represent the mission to churches.

A tribute was also given to the "Butterfly Productions" of Ronald and Jerry Ginther, grandsons of Alfred and Bergrt Stadem. Their company conveys the heritage of this pioneer Stadem family and family values, as well as provide a resource for family history and genealogy.

A parade of flags and names of Stadem veterans was held on the 4th and memorials to veterans of the family was part of this special event. Everyone was dressed in red, white, and blue.

The Stadem Family genealogy was presented and updated by John Brown, great-grandson of Alfred and Bergit. Birthdays, Anniversaries and marriages were recognized ont he family tree chart.

Ruth Harrington, youngest daughter of Alfred and Bergit, who lives in Sioux Falls, is the current owner of Plain View Farm and the reunion hostess.

Rev. and Mrs. Leroy Stadem of Sioux Falls were the program coordinators. Peter and Kari Stadem were the reunion coordinators, for the last two years. Various Stadems came to the farm to mow, paint, and act up for all the activities. Nelda Popham of Hayti catered the meals, and she received big applause for her delicious food.

According to Rev. Joseph Rangen, the reunion of 2000 was remarkable due to three closely-linked deaths of three family members: Russell Schaefer, Myrtle Stadem Schaefer, Myrtle Stadem Svanoe, and Paul Rangen. "Death is so final," he [father of his recently deceased son, Paul] observed. "But it is a marvelous thing when loved ones lost to death fought the good fight of faith and won the crown of life awarded to those who loved the Lord to the end."

Nine visitors attended the reunion, which made a total of 81 in attendance.

Part II: Samtaleren Sections

CORA TAYLOR [missionary in Brazil] sent the following to the reunion for the comfort of the families who lost loved ones during the year. A lovely picture of her was also sent over the internet so she could be present in our thoughts. Although it was read at the reunion, you may prefer to have a copy to read it again.


If we could see beyond today as God can see, If all the clouds should roll away, the shadows flee,

Our present griefs we should not fret, Each sorrow we would soon forget, For many joys are waiting yet, For you and me.

If we could know beyond today, as God doth know, Why dearest treasures pass away and tears must flow,

And why the darkness leads to light, Why dreary days will soon grow bright, Some day life's wrong will be made right, Faith tells us so.

If we could see, if we could know, we often say, But God in love, a veil, doth throw across our way,

We cannot see what lies before, and so we cling to Him the more. He leads us till this life is o'er--Trust and obey."


Dan & Beth Templeton continue to have a full meeting schedule. Traveling, testifying, singing and speaking, covering about 8,750 miles in a four month period. They know souls have been saved and lives have been given to missionary service, but all glory is given to God. Danny & Becky were home for the summer, but will return to Vianopolis for school. Clay has finished his year of college and arrives back in Brazil in July. He has studied well and worked hard and now plans on spending some months here teaching English while pursuing a deep friendship with a missionary's daughter, Priscilla. Carl finished his year at Tennessee Temple and is working over the summer to p0ay for his schooling. He is hoping to come to Brazil for Christmas. Celinda, Kirk, and three girls and a puppy are doing well in the youth ministry of Colonial Baptist Church in Virginia Beach. Our granddaughter, Lenita, though progressing slowly, still needs your prayers. Dan has begun to build a house for Cora right beside our house here in Peniel. He hasn't built a house since jungle camp field training in 1968. Your prayers and help would be welcome. Three couples are doing just that, during the last three weeks of August., they will help build, and of course, will have to go on meetings with us and may have to give their testimony!


A daughter, Rebecca Solveig Stadem, 8 lb 10 oz. was born on 6-21-00 to Tom & Judy Stadem, Sioux Falls, SD. Tom Stadem began a new job in July at Trinity Lutheran Church, Tea, SD as the Director of Music and Family Life. Rebecca was baptized there at Trinity on July 30th.


This is a plea for recipes from any member of the Stadem Family who has attended, or is eligible to attend a Stadem Family Reunion [what doth that meaneth, as to "eligibility," dear Cousin?--Ed.].

When this cookbook is finished all of you will want to have submitted one or many to the various sections. Some of you have the idea that only Bergit Stadem's recipes are wanted. If that were the case her recipes could probably fit on just a few pages. There are not that many existing. Some of you were very prompt with submitting your favorite recipes. Thank you. To those of you who are too busy, please write down the names of your favorite recipes (I know you all eat!), then it will be much easier to find the rest of it and send it in. How about it? If all of you do your part then the hold up of the cookbook will be my problem.[Unfortunately, Eloise did not receive the contributions she sorely needed to complete the cookbook that would have been a great blessing to all the Stadem Family, and it required 18 years to pass before a bright, industrious, young Coats family member took up the project and produced a cookbook for Plain View Farm, now accessible on Kindle.--Ed.]


John & Jody Brown sent some information regarding the celebration of the birthday of the Republic. The article referred to the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, "Little Town on the Prairie." One whole chapter tells about their celebration, part of which included the reading of the Declaration of Independence. When young Laura heart it read and then songs such as "Star Spangled Banner", or "My Country 'Tis of Thee" they came together in her mind, and she thought, "God is America's King"...Her whole mind seemed to be lighted up by that thought. This is what it means to be free. It means you have to be good. "Our father's God...Author of liberty - the laws of Nature and Nature's God endow you will a right to life and liberty. Then you have to keep the laws of God ,for God's law is the only thing that gives you a right to be free. Laura's family enjoyed a horse race and some fancy foods, they socialized and walked about the new town, but they did not forget what the day was all abo0ut. Why shouldn't we act like that now? [it is interesting that Laura's old South Dakota home in DeSmet is close to the Farm, close enough for attendees for the reunion to stay in the motels there.--Ed.]

Other suggestions are: an essay contest on the meaning of the Declaration, a service of thanksgiving for our country, prayers for the nation, show a video such as the PBS series, "Liberty" or the moving, "Mr. Smith goes to Washington", decorate the table with balloons and streams and bunting, dress in colonial style, sing "Rally Round the Flag" and "America the Beautiful." (Eloise has a copy of the Declaration of Independence, we ran out of time to read it last July).

REPORT FROM REN & GRACE SVANOE (Originally sent to Calvin)

For those of you not receiving E-Mail from Calvin Taylor, I am including the story about how Ren & Grace were rescued from the Boundary Waters area.--Editor

We were stranded without food or shelter for 8 days. We lost track of our canoe as we skirted an area flooded by beaver dams looking for a portage path, and spenta rainy night praying and pondering ournext move under a spruce tree. We decided to leave the marshy area for a large lake, requiring a trek of five and a half hours overland over fallen logs and through thickets. Ren was dressed in shorts and he got the worst of it with cuts and scratches on both legs. But following our compass, we succeeded to reach thelake where we stayed plut on a rock for the next 7 days, hoping to be spotted from the air. Search teams spurred by calls from our daughter, Colette, who missed our arrival in St. Paul, began with fixed wing float planes ont he 6th day,and when they spotted our canoe, surface dog teams and helicopters ont he 7th. Colette and a group of women from her church were praying for us, together with Naomi, Todd & Vicki, and their friends and families.

We saw the helicopters, but they did not spot us. All we could say was "May the Lord's will be done." On the 8th day we felt very weak, but led to go to a smaller rock nearby where we heard voices from an island a kilometer away in the middle of the lake. We shouted at them and they came paddling over to pick us up. They were a Quetico Park paddling team that was told to watch for us. They took us to their island, radioed the helicopter which came hovering down to pick us up and take us to a hospital where we were checked out. Ren was given antibiotics for one leg that was infected and then we were released to rest up at a local motel for 3 days. This delay and a further 3 day rest stop in Madison, WI gave us time we had not planned to contact our Bethel Lutheran Church and other friends about our new Canyon Scholars program. $2,7000 was raised to put 13 students, otherwise economically unable, back in secondary and bachelor level schooling.

This experience has give us empathy for those who are lost (spiritually and otherwise), new focus ("only what is done for Christ will last"), and a new appreciation for each other. These are the most important of the many graces God showed us out on that rock. The threat to our lives forced us deeper in our reliance on our faith in God, taught us lessons abut our character flaws, and proved that self reliance ultimately falls short. One must look to the Spirit for guidance with every breath and listen to the opinions of the spouse that God has given. After both opinions are heard then make the decision regarding the next step. Above all we are grateful to God for every moment of life that we have had since our rescue. We are grateful for family and friends who care and have been praying for us. What a blessing they are. here in Anahuac we have had a stream of visitors welcoming us with tears in their eyes, happy to see us back and alive. Together we offer prayers of thanksgiving to God.

We plan to write up our experience more in detail, but would be willing to respond to questions. We can be reached in Mexico at (email address). Love, Ren & Grace



The last Samtaleren (May) spoke about how ill Paul Rangen was. After struggling with his health for 5 years Paul died on May 30, 2000. His parents, Joe & Estelle Rangen, write the following:

first and foremost, Paul loved Jesus Christ, then his wife, Tess, his daughter and two sons, Brent, 21, Kimberly, 17, and Mark, 12. He loved his parents, his three sisters, all people! He loved his ministry in Christian radio and his fellowship in Christian services. He was appropriately labeled "God's Servant, Friend to All." He loved humor. (One of the many things we will miss). Paul never complained and had a very positive "up-beat" spirit. Paul was great because of hi9s uncompromising dedication to the Christian faith. God bless his memory!

Estelle Rangen is continuing her fight with liver cancer,. In early August she was given a three month reprieve of the body punishing chemo-therapy treatments. "I am feeling very good! We will find out Nov. 14th how the liver is, whether the tumors are growing back, or if I am healed. Please pray that the Lord will give me a complete healing. I am still faithfully taking the herbs assigned to me by a bioenergist. Two days after beginning the herbal treatment the diarrhea stopped, and the toxins would leave my body as I continued the herbs and every four days take an herb and Epsom salts bath, besides continuing taking the vitamins and minerals we have taken for years. We are so thankful for what she has been doing for us. Joe also has received help from her. After taking liquid Hawthorn for about 10 days his heart function improved from 69% to 71%. Early October we go back after a month for another check-up. We are anxious to see how he has improved. We know God led us to her. It's so gratifying to "feel good"!


Bernice Augusta Stadem Schaefer died October 1, 2000 at the age of 89, at her home in Atascadero, CA. her family was with her. Bernice was born March 18, 1911 at Canton, SD to Alfred and Bergit Stadem. She was married to Russell Schaefer who preceded her in death. Her survivors include son Russell DelVon,l his wife Ria, two grandsons, Corey & wife Erin, and Jason, five sisters, one brother, and many nieces and nephews who loved her dearly. A funeral service will be held next summer at Bryant, SD.

Just three months prior, she attended the Stade, reunion, giving tribute to the life and honoring the memory of her husband Russell. Though weak, she relished being able to participate - reminiscing, honoring the memory of her sister, Myrtle Svanoe, and newphew, Paul Rangen, picture taking, meeting new grand-nieces and grand-nephews and even the next generation of "great-grands." Being the one who began the Stadem reunions, she was happy that they would continue to be held and even grow in attendance. [For this reason Ron Ginther has proposed the new heritage barn be named the Bernice A. Schaefer Heritage Center. "Barna Velkommen" can go under her name and is a beautiful welcome to children, whom Bernice loved most of all.--Ed.]


Liz Stadem had her left hip replaced during surgery on October 11, 2000. She came home after five days and is recovering with the help of her husband, Lee, and children, Mary, Steve, and Tom, their families and others. "I am being good to keep my leg elevated which prevents swelling, and get around only when necessary by using a walker or wheel chair." The pain cause by the worn out joint is gone, soon the surgery will be healed, and then physical therapy should make the hip as good as new.


Hans Spilde has taken a turn for the worse in the last month. It began by him forgetting to take his medicine for a while. he began to lose his balance and fell quite a few times. After getting things stabilized, he is not as active as he used to be. he is using a walker to get from room to room in the house. He is no longer driving the car and has not been out of the house since this decline began. he needs a lot more help now than previously. Eloise is there about five out of seven days - getting groceries, taking care of bills and mail, doling out medicine in a weekly reminder box, running errands, and anything else necessary, as Alida doesn't drive.


Reunion 2000, HEAVENLY HOPE


The meeting was called to order by Presiding coordinator Pete Stadem on Sunday, July 2 Curtis Coats gave the opening prayer.

Election of Officers- John Brown moved and Tanya Stadem seconded that the current officers continue to serve in the following capacities: Pete and Kari Stadem, Coordinators, Leroy Stadem, Program coordinator, Eloise Hefty, Secretary/Treasurer, Steve Stadem and Bernie Iserman, Building & Maintenance Committee. Motion carried.

The minutes of the prior year reunion were read and approved, The Treasurer's report was read and placed on file.

Dates of 2001 Reunion - After much discussion two separate weekends were suggested as possible times for the next reunion. July 4th will be on Wednesday so no three day weekend is involved. Tanya Stadem and Ron Rinderknecht moved and seconded that the weekend prior to the 4th of July, namely June 29 - July 2 be chosen. Jerry Ginther and Mim Rinderknecht proposed an even earlier weekend, July 22 -25. Reasons given for the June dates were cheaper plane rates and the availability of Bryant accommodations. A further consideration of all schools being dismissed for the summer was met with both dates. A show of hands vote was taken with results being 23-1 in favor of June 22-25, 2001. Reunion attendees may arrive on Friday and leave on Monday. Catered meals will be provided on Saturday and Sunday [by Nelda Popham]. All breakfasts and any Friday meals will be on your own.

Future Projects - Building and maintenance problems were identified. (1) The Heritage House is in need of a new foundation and concrete floor. Woodchucks have tunneled under the building placing mounds of dirt inside. If left unchecked the problem will get worse. (2) The need for more electricity at the Spisse Hutte and at other areas was discussed. Fuses were being blown prior to the reunion, and other uses for electricity were put on hold. (3) Ongoing expenditures are being made for mowing, upkeep and repairs, and in the future - taxes, insurance, water and electricity.

John Brown moved that we proceed with projects one and two, namely the foundation project and the electrical update project. Seconded by Curtis Coats. Motion carried. The funds will come from the reunion fund, and any interest generated, then an appeal will be made for special contributions if more money is needed.

A wooden sign for the Spisse Hutte (like the Heritage House) was requested. John Brown will bring the sign to a future reunion.

The theme for the next reunion was suggested by Mary Coats, "Jesus in Plain View."

Jerry Ginther described the Plain View Farm website and how to get into it.

The barn was leaning more noticeably this year. (Be it known that it has now fallen into itself due to strong winds after the reunion.) 'The wood from the barn will be saved. It was suggested that picture frames be made from the wood.

Heartfelt thanks goes to all who have helped during the reunion and during the year. The meeting closed with the singing of the Doxology. Meeting adjourned.

` The donations to the permanent Foundation Fund over the years total $1,080.00. Those who have given to the fund are: Pearl Ginther, 100.00, Gloria Brown, 100.00, John Brown, 50.00, Allison Lundgren, $35.00, Wayne Ginther, $25.00, Bernice Schaefer, $200.00, Myrtle Svanoe, $100.00, Rennard Svanoe, $50.00, Mim Rinderknecht, $200.00, Hans Spilde, $20.00, Leroy Stadem, $100.00, DelRoy Stennes, $100.

Treasurer's Report, 2000 STADEM FAMILY REUNION (omitted due to all the numbers in columns--Ed.).

The Heritage House repair project is almost complete. The following is a summary of the work that was done. It was decided to keep the building in the same location, but it needed to be temporarily moved so the concrete floor/slab could be poured. House moving equipment [two local oxen or twenty five volunteer Boy Scouts with halters on?--Ed.] moved the garage from its foundation, then the ground was prepared, the cement was poured and troweled and left to set up. It was decided that the building needed to be raised about six inches to allow for more headroom inside. To accomplish this all the sidewall studs needed to be lengthened, and additional siding needed to be added outside. Some siding was removed and replaced as sit had rotted, or had broken from being too brittle when moved. The doors also needed to be changed. The doors also needed to be changed. The walk in doorway was now about the right height, but the door was too short, so that door was made longer. The front doors were now too high. The door header was lowered, and the pressed plywood doors were faced with wood in a diagonal design which strengthened and improved the doors. Special corner trim was made and put on. 'The only things needed now is for the new area to be primed and painted, and for the electric wires to be reconnected. These jobs are planned for next spring. Bernie Iserman was the general contractor and did good work and made good decisions. Lee Stadem says that the job was done right and the building really looks nice. The other workers were Lee Stadem, Steve Stadem, Pete Stadem & boys, Johnny Iserman and friend Zach. The last bill (for matching siding and additional lumber) which amounted to $473.40 was paid by Ruth Harrington. She also wants to be involved in the payments as this work has improved her property.

. Project number two, which was approved at the reunion, is the bringing of more electricity from the lines at the road. This project is on hold at the present time, first, winter is setting in and second, the funds are not in hand to cover the anticipated expense of approximately $1,000. Donations are welcome for this project.



1. Bild fire in back yard to heet kettle of rain water.

2. Set tubs so smoke won't blow in eyes if wind is pert.

3. Shave one hole cake lie soap in billin water.

4. Sort things, make three piles. 1 pile white. 1 pile cullord. 1 pile work britches and rags.

5. Stur flour in cold water to smoolth then thin down with billin water.

6. Rub dirty spots on board scrub hard, then bile. Rub cullord but don't bile--just rench and starch.

7. Take white things out of kettle with beroom stick handle then rench, blew and starch.

8. Spred tee towels on grass.

9. Hang old rags on fence.

10. Pore renchd water in flower bed.

11. Scrub porch with hot soapy water.

12. Turn tubs upside down.

13. Go put on cleen dress, smooth hair with side combs, brew cup of tee--set and rest a spell, count blessins.


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