Part I: "Growing Stadem Family Meets," BRYANT DAKOTAN,

June 25, 2001,

Stadem Reunion 2001

Six children were born in the extended family of late Alfred and Bergit Stadem during the past year, according to Eloise Heft, editor of Samtaleran, the family newspaper. The Stadem family gathered for the annual reunion at the farm homestead northwest of Bryant the weekend of June 22-25, 2001.

The new family members are:

Greta Jo Stadem, daughter of Steve and Tanya Stadem of Sioux Falls, SD,

Troy David Christenson, son of Michael and Colette Christenson of St. Anthony, MN,

Phillip Josiah Stadem, son of Peter and Kari Stadem of Blomkest, MN,

Adriana Drew Pujals, daughter of Javier and Kristin Pujals,

Madison Estelle Crabtree, daughter of Scott and Sonya Crabtree, [location?],

and Logan Russel Schaefer, son of Corey and Erin Schaefer, Aptos, CA.

The home place of the Stadem family has undergone extensive renovation during the past year. The Stadem Heritage House was lifted and set down on a new cement floor and electrical service was installed to the Spise Hutte, Heritage House, tool shed and to camper and trailer spaces. A lot of repair and storm cleanup work was being done at the reunion as well by Leroy Stadem, sons Pete and Steve, Bernie Iserman, and Iserman sons Michael, Jonathan and Bernie, Jr. [Gene--Ed.].

Guests of family members made significant contributions to the reunion this year. Wayne Coulliard from Minneapolis served as breakfast chef and brought a dune buggy for use by the older children. Del Roy Stennes held a song board at church for the family choir that contributed three songs to the worship at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Bryant. Pastor Fred Rosin shared his knowledge of gardening with visitors from Mexico, Mariano Quintana and Rosario Zapien.

Mariano and Rosaria were guests of Ren and Grace Svanoe, who now live in Anahuac, Chihuahua, Mexico. The Svanoes shared their experience of being stranded for 8 days in the Canadian wilderness. As lay ministers in a mission parish in the Copper Canyon area of the Sierra Madre, Mariano and Rosaria promote wholism and self-sufficiency through workshops on gardening, milk goats, natural medicine, nutrition, enneagrm personality types and family finances. They gather support for projects on gardening, milk goats, a grocery coop and school fees for 85 students from poor families. Besides talking about their work, the Mexican couple also did a tortilla making demonstration, performed massages and read the Gospel lesson in Spanish at Our Redeemers on Sunday morning. The Reverend Joe Rangen led the family in devotion on Saturday morning.

Although the reunion was on an alternate informal basis this year, 58 persons were in attendance. Catering was by the Wards Store in Bryant. Officers were re-elected except that Mary Coatts was elected as the new secretary.

Dates for next year were set for June 28-30, with a memorial service planned for Bernice Schaefer of Atascadero, CA, whose death was the only one recorded in the family since last year's reunion. Bernice, the second oldest child of Alfred and Bergit Stadem was the chief inspiration of the family reunions which began after the death of her mother Bergit in 1983. [fact is, the reunions have been going on since the Forties--for my family attended then! That would be over 70 years. I was less than five years old at my first reunion, yet I remember it, and I am 71 years of age in 2014.--Ed.]


Added to the selection for 2001 by Ron Ginther, Editor of the website:

Paul Harvey's "If I Were the Devil," was submitted by Ruth Stadem Harrington to the BRYANT DAKOTAN, and it was reprinted at the same time with the reunion article. A letter to the President of J.C. Penny, Inc., is also appended to Paul Harvey's warning to America:

"If I Were the Devil," by Paul Harvey, Submitted by Ruth Harrington and Reprinted in BRYANT DAKOTAN, July 25, 2001


The reunion held in June was surprisingly well attended considering it was an "off-year." [but the the Lord Jesus blessed us greatly and everything worked out just fine!--Ed.]



The meeting was called to order by Presiding coordinator Pete Stadem on Sunday, June 24, 2001 [this was a departure from the Sundays of Alfred and Bergit, who would never have countenanced a business meeting or any business done on the Sabbath, certainly not on Plain View Farm which they had dedicated to the Lord's glory--Ed.].

Bernie Iserman gave a report on the improvements to the Heritage House, the concrete floor, the additional 18 inches height of the walls, the additional siding required, and the strengthened doors. The project cost about $1500/ The second project this year was the installation of an update electrical service. A new transformer was placed in the center yard. A 200 amp service was placed in the Spise Hutte, a 100 amp service int he Heritage House. Electricity also serves the tool shed and outside camping spaces. This was at a cost of about $2500.00.

The wish list for the future includes an addition on the east side of the Spise Hutte for a separate kitchen and restroom ([never accomplished or funded, or Ruth the owner might have been unable to contemplate the project as her health and stamina had declined..--Ed.]. An addition of a "carport-like awning:" on the front for additional space and shelter was mentioned [never came about, and winds and rain continued to blow in the open garage door--Ed.]. Another need identified would be piping water underground from the house to the Spise Hutte.

It was mentioned that John Brown salvaged the boards from the collapsed barn with the words "Plain View Farm" painted on them. The boards were put up inside the Spise Hutte. John, Jody and Cara made a trip to the farm in May while he was working in Sioux Falls. During the same trip Steve Stadem made a camp-fire pit or bowl using large stones and pieces of a downed cottonwood tree. Efforts will continue to be made to retrieve additional wood from the collapsed barn for picture frames.

Ruth Harrington made several presentations. Lee & Liz Stadem received a gold/tan Teddy bear. Mary Cioats received a Seraphim classic black skinned angel. Tanya and Kari received momentos also.

Pearl told about how their Mt. View church building was saved from the wrecking ball. People and situations worked together, money was collected, not the building is called the Mt. View Landmark Chapel. [was her testimony taken to heart, which would have revolutionized things on Plain View Farm?.--Ed.]

NEW BUSINESS; Date of Next Year's reunion. Joe Rangen moved that the Stadem reunion be held on the weekend prior to July July 4th in 2002. Namely, June 28, 29, 30, with the 29th as the day of memorial service for Be Schaefer. he further moved that four meals b e catered on Sat. & Sun. as has been done in recent years. Motion seconded and carried.

A sympathy card was available for signing. It would be sent to the family of Lars Stadheim of Vi9k I sogn, Norway who died lawst year. Lars, a 3rd cousin of Leroy Stadem, entertained Lee, Liz, Tom, Judy & Hannah Stadem in their home in Norway in 1998.

Election of Officers: Alida moved and Lee Stadem seconded that officers serve in capacities as follows. Pete Stadem, Chairman; Steve Stadem, Vice Chairman; Leroy Stadem, Program coordinator; Mary Stadem, Secretary; Eloise Hefty, Treasurer; Rennard Svanoe, Historian. Motion carried. Rennard Svanoe asked for time to give a presentation on their work in Mexico and also on their experience last year of being stranded for 8 days in the Canadian boundary waters. Rennard and Grace spent five days traveling on the road from Mexico. They had two days of car trouble. They brought two guests with them. Mariano and Rosaria who live in a remote part of the Copper Canyon.

Mim Rinderknecht gave a presentation about nutrition and gave out some gifts from the family. Mim also presented a gift of $500 from the estate of Myrtle Svanoe to help with the improvement projects. [this is clear indication the Lord moved her and her mom to give so that the Farm projects might not lag for lack of funding. Giving still did not come up to all the needs, despite the sacrificial gifts from a few.. It takes everyone to pull a really big loaded cart! "All hands on deck!" as the captain calls to his crew of his ship when there is serious sailing to be done!--Ed.].

A discussion was held about going to Brazil to visit Cora Taylor and family. The trip had previously been talked about with John Brown, Calvin Taylor,a nd Liz Stadem. More information will be gathered later.

Meeting adjourned.


Arthur D. Stadem [who died in the plane crash near Baltic, SD, Jan. 9, 1947 along with his brother-in-law Bob Ginther--Ed.], son of Alfred and Begit Stadem, will be listed in the Registry of Remembrances. A donation was sent by Leroy W. Stadem to the National World War II Memorial. Honoree Arthur D. Stadem was a World War II veteran who served as a sonar operator for the United States Navy aboard the USS Pyrope, based out of Pearl Harbor, for 22 months, and also a brief assignment aboard the USS Harwood. The USS Pyrope was a fast moving transport ship formerly owned by Howard Hughes as his pleasure ship, but was converted to wartime duty.

John Brown spent the month of May working in Sioux Falls. It certainly was special to get all the relatives together a few times. He will be working in Wisconsin during the months of August, Sept., and Oct. He works for the Small Business Administration.





Beginning Balance, May 2001, $1,031.71

Meal registration, 927.00

Gifts toward Projects:

John Brown, 20

Myrtle Svanoe Estate, 500

Mim & Ron Rinderknecht, 100

Hans & Alida, 58

Bonnie & Joe Hilt, 200

Joe & Estelle Rangen, 100

Del Roy Stennes (friend), 92

Total Income, 1997.00


Lee Stadem, project materials, 470.18, Lee Stadem, mowing, gas, et., 152.24,

Engelstad Electric, upgrade project, 2,049.08,

Caterer, Ward Store, 708.75

Total Expenses, 3,380.25



Permament Donations. $1,080.00

Interest accumulated, $11.82.



Thank you to all who helped financially with the two major upgrade projects at Plain View Farm. As you cvan see we were able to pay the electrical contractor. Also thank you to all who actually helped do the work of installing the new electrical wsriring. Bernie Iserman installed wiring during the reunion. Also some wiring was trenched underground to a storage shed. The additional electricity was wonderful. We now have a refrigerator and stove in the Spise Hutte, which makes mealtime prep, serving, and clean up much easier. Bernie and Naomi Iserman are also to be thanked for donating the stove to the farm. With a balance of $42.01 int he reunion account, any donation would be welcome to be available for paying for mowing, etc, since the reunion.

Ruth Harrington wants all to know that the lost 1978 and 1998 photo books have been found at Plain View Farm. She also sent the following Sympathy Note from the Stadem clan: "With deepest sympathy to Donna Wright. 'My peace I give unto you...Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.' In your time of loss, may God through Christ Jesus, who quiets the winds and calms the waters, hold you close and give you peace. Sincere and heartfelt sympathies, In Christ, the Stadem Reunion folks." A gift was sent in loving memory of John Wright to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Bryant (formerly American Lutheran). The Stadems went to school with John. Lee Stadem and two other pastors officiated at John's funeral. He died July 28, 2001 and is laid to rest in the "Scandinavian Cemetery" at Bryant, SD.

Cora Taylor wrote about the end of May that Ken & Carleen Newton are in the United States for a furlough. Their daughter Kari came with them, but "couldn't rest thinking about the office job she left (and no one to take her place), so after a few weeks she returned to Columbia." Just a few weeks before leaving they went to a church to preach and sing. As they parked on the corner in front of the church two men stood looking at them, Kara said, "I don't like their looks." They locked the Jeep and walked up two floors then looked back and the Jeep was gone. We just praised the Lord they didn't take our loved ones. Columbia is known for the sequestrados taking on the average nine people a day! Cora included a picture of Ken & Carleen holding their granddaughter, Alexa Leigh, born April 1, 2001. (Who are the parents, Cora? The McDougalls, Tavassolis, or Newtons?"

Cora sent a copy of a picture of Jeffrey & Glenda Taylor and sons, Daniel and Jonathan. Jeff (son of Calvin & Gwen Taylor) is a lawyer for Firestone in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Glenda is a linquist and a "beautiful Christian", and also the child of a Russian Brazilian.


Part IV: GENEALOGY OF INTEREST TO STADEM FAMILY, Prepared by Eloise Spilde Hefty. [this genealogy starts with Alfred Jorgen Peter Stadem, b. 11-27-1886. It covers his family from first born Pearl Andrena, b. 9-13-09 and her children and grandchildren, and continues with Bernice, Myrtle, Cora, and Alida and their families and descendants. There are so many dates that we will return to do this genealogy, though it can now be found in the Stadem genealogy completed by Barbara Vorseth Benson, a Granddaughter of Martha Stadem, daughter of Sjur and Oline.--Ed.]



Here is a little information on the Bernie & Naomi Iserman Family. Naomi is the third youngest daughter in the Bill & Myrtle Svanoe family. Bernie is a carpenter by trade and keeps busy all year. (He also does many other types of handy man activities, as evidenced by his helping on Plain View Farm.) Naomi home schools their two youngest boys. She is active with Mom's In Touch, which is a group of mothers who pray for their children and schools. She has attended workshops on essential oils to add to her interest in massage. Gabe is still single, lives at home and is a consistent partner with the carpentry work. mike is in the 8th grade public school and keeps an "A" average. He enjoys sports and has participated in football, wrestling, basketball, and track. he works at Timber Bay Camp, helping with maintenance. Over the winter he enjoys snowboarding. Jon is 13, and is home schooled. He loves to hunt ducks, grouse, and deer, and hopes to have a hunting dog someday. He also enjoys simulated hunting on the computer. Gene is 12 and also is homeschooled. he enjoys fishing and basketball. he is learning to play the piano and also enjoys the computer and Nintendo games.

] Naomi also sent a "Memory Story" about her mother, Myrtle Svanoe.

On Christmas Eve of 1999 our family was ready with presents and all, to head to Bernie's family for Christmas celebration. Going out the door the phone rang, it was Myrtle. In a very uncharacteristically weak voice she said, "Do you know what I want for Christmas?" I strained to hear her request. Mom rarely asked for anything. "What, Mom?" I asked, trying not to sound too surprised. "What I really want for Christmas is a life-size Jesus out in front of my house" was her reply. I knew she wasn't kidding. "I can't go with you," I told Bernie. "I have to stay here, Mom wants a life-size Jesus out in front of her house for Christmas". Strangely, no one questioned and seemed to understand the urgency of this request.

After scrambling to buy and wrap the last presents, this was a reality check. It was the break I needed. Where Jesus had gotten lost under the paper and ribbons, He was now center stage. What a welcome relief! After a half hour of intense concentration I called Mom back. "What does He look like, Mom? Does He have His hands out welcoming you? Is he ascending into heaven or does He have his hands up like He's calming a storm?" "Did you say he had his hands up?" she asked excitedly. "Yes! That's it!" Questions went through my mind. Is my mom wanting to see Jesus so bad? Is this a vision she's had and wants to see it materialize? Or is Jesus really coming back for her and she's being prepared? I put it out of my mind.

At 87, Myrtle was doing quite well. Still driving, cooking, entertaining, she was quite self-sufficient with occasional help from her son, Victor, in cleaning house. She was always the care giver. You never left Myrtle's house without your hands full and your heart as well. Those who knew her would agree. The door was always open and Mom gave up her bed for guests. She shook good smelling powder in the pillowcases and "help yourself to whatever you need" was her policy. A good cooked meal was ready just as soon as you stepped in the door, steaming hot brown rice, chicken or fish and Mom's delicious salad made with all kinds of vegetables and her homemade ranch dressing with lots of onions. She, herself, cut up one whole onion and garlic cloves on her salad, and yet she always smelled good. her skin was so soft, I remember, as she would plant a kiss on our cheeks, each one. With a smile and a welcome - All prepared! is what she meant to say. Mom never had an unkind word and she would relish the fact if you had time to have devotions with her. It was a hearth warmed with countless memorable times as she and dad had stoked the fire of family devotions since they were married some 50 plus years. Mom's book were well marked with enthusiastic expressions like "good!" and "read this!!" and then the year and the date. Some of the books had been read more than 5 years running as the dates indicated. She and Victor had practiced the art of sitting down to read twice a day for the last few years. Quite a dynamic discussion if you happened to be in the middle of it. One thing Mom could boast is that all of her (8) children loved her and had good relationship. We may not all be on the same boat or even going the same direction but we all had love for one another. "Thank God!" she would say.

Mom was a woman who prayed. She prayed quietly if we were having a heated discussion. She prayed loudly if she was busy and a lot on hermind. She prayed quietly together with friends who alsohad large families. She prayed constantly and urgently as one who has no tomorrow. Momn accomplished more in prayer than this world dreams of. If you called Mom with a need you could be sure she would get to the heart of the matter and she would carry you on wings of prayer until it was answered. Prayer was an artform and very effective. Mom was a winner. She didn't like to lose. So her suffering body at Christmas of 1999 was a confusion to her. Why she was not able to recover from this weakness, she did not know. Thus her resolve to give Jesus center stage. If I can't get out to bring people the true message, Jesus will just have to be so real they can't miss it, she must have reasoned. "What is your plan here," I often heard her say.

The 7 foot Jesus was hard to hew out of 2 and 1/2 inch Styrofoam. I worked with fury. On the third time through, cutting with a broken-off knife, I managed to snap out the form. the features were minimal and could be added later. Now to fit it into my car. It fit just perfectly with Jesus' up-stretched arms around my head as I drove. First to church. I had always missed the candlelight service at our church on Christmas Eve and this was my opporltunity. Did Jesus have something to say to me there? I also needed someone to tell me what was going on. I took Jesus out of the car and set him up next to the church. Maybe if there were any late comers, they would see him there. After that I hurried to Bernie's sisters. I took Jesus out and set him against a tree. Would anyone be interested, I wondered. Would this be as important to them as it is to me? I was mildly distracted as we finished opening gifts. When I called my mom to say I was on my way, she said, "Where have you been?" I felt bad. it was like she was waiting to let go so that Jesus could take over.

It was hard to let Mother go. We hung on to her for all it was worth. Taking care of her was by far the greatest pleasure we could give her. "I feel so clean!" she would exclaim after we'd given her a bath. Upon going through the pains when she wanted to pray but she found it hard to get the words out, I finally said, "Mom, did you say you want to pray?" "Oh!" she said, "I wsas afraid you wouldn't get it!"

Mom died on January 8, 2000, only 14 days after we really knew anything was werong. Mom always carried everything to God in prayer. Her best friend was Jesus. Jesus was in church, yea, but He was always in her heart. Mom carried Jesus everywhere. Winston was a stock person at the local grocery store where Mom went. I picked up boxes there later. "People always tells me I needs to go to church," he told me, "and I just tells them, why do I needs to go to church when I can hear it from Myrtle every time she comes shopping." "Yep!" he says as he points up, "He's the main Man". That's the testimony I want. A good word on my lips, a song in my heart, cheer in my soul, praying always in the spirit. That was my Mom. I love her. Thanks for letting me share. Naomi

A letter from Rennard & Grace Svanoe may have been received by some of you about the time of the reunion. It is as follows:

"Here in Mexico at church on Sunday mornings the custom is to link with the person next to you during the praying of the Lord's Prayer, raising joined hands up to God. As together we say the words "Thy Kingdom come on earth" we are amazed at all the ways His Kingdom brings people together here.

1) Four Mexican youth accompany 11 American students from Luther College to a remote community in the Sierra, the Americans carrying rocks to erect soil erosion prevention dams, the Mexicans walking 2 hours in the dark to seek help for the American's raptured gas tank. The Kingdom brings together people of different nations.

2) Eight American individuals and couples link with 21 secondary and bachelor level Mexican youth to pay school fees their families cannot afford so the youth can stay in school, have a chance to climb out of poverty, and give back leadership to their communities. The Kingdom brings together people of all ages.

3) When the parish priest is called away for 2 Sundays in a row, a retired Lutheran pastor in the congregation is invited to share his thoughts on the Scripture lessons for the day and to administer Communion to the congregation. The Kingdom brings together people of different denominations.

40 Thirteen members of a mainstream Mexican garden club contribute seeds and expertise with greenhouse construction to three Tarahumara communities in the mountains nearby. Bringing together different cultures.

5) Eleven middle class students from Edgewood College varnish new school benches purchased with some of the $3000 they raised at home alongside some of the 25 school children from "the poorest community" we could find in the copper Canyon. The Kingdom brings together people of different economic classes.

"Now we invite you to join your hands to those of primary school children in Madison, WI whose $1,000 of the $3000 paid not only for school benches but provided seed money for construction of a new school.

Thirty indigenous families without money to buy food after crops failed, turned down by the government for a school, were inspired by those American children to carry rocks to the construction site. What they lack is $2,750, to finish the job.

The Apostle Philip in Israel linked up with a traveler from Ethiopia riding in a chariot to bring him the news about Jesus. The result was the first known convert on the continent of Africa (Acts 8: 26-39). Equally great distances are being covered by the actions of Christians today who have the vision of a Kingdom that knows no boundaries whether of nationality, age, denomination, culture or social class.

"We are happy that God sent us among Mexican Christians who have this vision, and happier still that we can help them join hands with our American friends in the Midwest. The U.S. Coordinator of the Canyon Scholars, Inc. is [name and contact information). Financial sponsorship $180-$200.00.


Cookbook - I recently purchased a Family Cookbook from a friend. Their book was loose-leaf notebook bound. "A few stories and pictures of the older generation were included. Four professional artists in the family each submitted a print that was reproduced in the book. The person submitting the recipe was also identified as to family lineage. Over 700 recipes were included on more than 400 pages. Six family members made up the cookbook committee. The printer charged them $12.00 per book. Our cookbook could be just like this! If you or your family members have not submitted any recipes, please do so. The book will not be complete without every family rep-resented. Kids recipes are welcome!

Recently many of you submitted names and dates for your family members. Here is a copy of the genealogy listing for the Alfred Stadem family. There are some blanks. P)lease send me the missing information and I will include the updates next time. Gathering the information is great, but sharing it with everyone else is even better. Let's keep it current!


Philip Josiah Stadem, born May 11, 2001, to Peter & Kari Stadem. he is the largest baby (of their seven) weighing in at 10 lbs 8 oz. Congratulations also to Grandparents Lee & Liz Stadem on #18!

Logan Del Von Schaefer, born June 7, 2001k, 7 lbs 13 oz, to Corey & Erin Schaefer. Grandparents are Russell DelVon & Ria Schaefer.

Zachary Peyton Herty, born June 14, 2001, 7 lbs 10 oz., to Brian & Jenny Hefty. Grandparents are Ronald & Eloise Hefty.

Alexa Leigh ___________, born April `1, 2001, to _____________. Grandparents are Ken & Carleen Newton. Great Grandmother is Cora Taylor




Dan & Beth Templeton sent some information mid July. They told of visiting with Calvin & Gwen. Calvin was in Jacutinga to speak at Cora Taylor's church for their first missionary conference. Clay, Danny, and Becky were home. Clay spent this last semester teaching English and living with Dan's sister Sonia, who lives 16 hours farther south (where the temps are colder also - their freezing July temperatures compare to our freezing January temperatures). Dan & Beth continue to travel and minister to churches all over. Their meeting schedule is usually 75% full one year in advance. "The building of the two-story brick house next to ours is coming along after a five month stop. It absorbs a good bit of my time when we are home. Praise the Lord we finally have a Christian bricklayer and builder who brought his family and live right here. So the house that was stopped, is going. Cora is really getting excited about it. She used to laugh when I told her five years ago that I would build a house for her, but not any more."

Calvin & Gwen Taylor also wrote about their trip to Brazil. They visited Jeff & Glenda and two grandsons in Sao Paulo for a few days then "they took us three hours north to Jacutinga, Minas Gerais to Mom's house. We found her in excellent spirits and good health. Her ability to be hospitable hasn't changed a bit. The Berean Bible Church there in town received us so well and we had a good Missionary Conference. Students and staff from the Peniel Bible Institute came each night. One young man, Dino Claro expressed how he wanted to be a missionary. If every Bible believing church in the world would send out just one of their own we would have over 1000 missionaries to reach each tribe that as yet hasn't heard the Gospel. So, for this small church to already have some out there and more on their way is an answer to prayer. We spent five days doing translation work, correcting two more chronological teaching books for the Portuguese speaking church."

We sure did miss not being at the Reunion, but this trip was a good substitute in that we got to see my sister Beth and her family and spend a good time with Mom and my son and family. Mom sends her love to each Stadem. Yours in Christ Jesus, Calvin & Gwen. PS: A note on changing culture: On the way back to the airport in Sao Paulo, we passed five McDonalds restaurants. There was one at the airport."

Joe & Estelle Rangen wrote about their "goings on". They were pleased with the well attended Stadem Reunion and had such a good time chatting with relatives and singing in Church. (And we all had a taste treat with the wonderful lefse they brought.). Then they spend a week with the Swensons where they made lefse for the Rangen Reunion, and some chemo & shots in Fergus Falls. July 6-8 was the Rangen Reunion in Maddock, ND and 120 relatives attended the Sat. noon Pot Luck Dinner. Many stayed in a hotel in Rugby, ND as Maddock was full of celebrants on hand for their 100th Year in existence. We attended their well executed parade which included entrants from many churches and businesses in the area. Classic cars, truck, beautiful horses with riders and some with wagons also were in the parade. We greeted and chatted with relatives we hadn't seen in years and also met newcomers to the family.

During this reunion, writes Estelle, I was able to take shots to keep my white blood cells from going too low at the Glendive and Devils Lake hospitals [they had one angel for sure, Estelle, at Devils Lake, with one angel in progress, Joe??!--Ed.]. Three weeks later our LB Synod centennial celebration was held in the Mpls area. We flew into Fargo, and spent a few days with the Swensons and Crabtrees, which also included more Chemo & shots, then on to Mpls. We & Janelle stayed in Apple Valley with Janelle's dear friend, Margaret Tjelta, which was within easy driving distance from the meetings and banquets. We flew out Sat. noon, going standby, seated in the rear of the plane. Receiving "royal treatment" we were then moved twice, once to the middle of the plane (carry on luggage and all), then to first class, where we enjoyed a meal. Later we found out that Margaret had shared our story with that attendant.

Now it is school time! The Patch girls, Laura & Katie start Aug. 24th. Katie is in 5th grade, her last year at the Elementary school across the road from us.

We trust all goes well with each one of you! Thank you for your letters, prayers, cards, and all the good wishes which comes through each one. 2 Cor. 9:8 says, "And God is able to make ALL grace abound to you, so that in ALL things at ALL times, having ALL that you need, you will be able to abound in every good work." Remember...Life Balances Out...Go With The Flow! Much love from - Joe & Estelle.


Thanks for all the news and items submitted this time. Some are shortened, so one stamp will be enough! Eloise

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