Stadem Reunion 2005, in Samtaleren,

April 2005,

Vol. X, No. 2


Steve Stadem sent the following information on the barn project:


Crown Farm turkey farm, where Pete, Kari and their 7 children live and work, was purchased by another outfit. A big auction took place in October, 2004. Much of the machinery and other extraneous material was sold. Pete caught wind that a pole barn (in rough shape) was to b e auctioned. After looking it over we decided there was enough material there to justify the investment of time to get it removed. Pete bid on the building and we purchased it for $50.00 [which was slightly more than the price the Dutch paid the laughing but straight-faced Indians for the swampy, worthless Manhattan Island--Ed.]. The building was approximately 140 feet long and 50 feet wide.

"Now the work began! We had 90 days to clear the site. After numerous trips from Sioux Falls by lee, Steve, tom, and occasionally wives and kids, along with help from Curtis, Mary and kids, and of course the Crown Farmers, who spearheaded the operation, we accomplished the task! The guys primarily did the dismantling and everyone helped clean up the lumber and stack it to be ready for banding. Lee with his various connections was able to secure a 30 foot trailer, pickup, and driver to haul the bulk of the salvaged lumber to Plain view Farm, where it awaits usage [here is where the project suffered a hiatus, for years, as it was not utilized until 2010 and 2011. Stored outside in the weather (rain, snow, ice, etc.,) on the grounds of Plain View Farm, much was SADLY lost to rot and warping and insects; evenso, the considerable remainder was valuable and usable with a good deal of careful carpentering and correction of the boards along with not too much grousing from the builders, Bernie Iserman and Stephen Stadem!--Ed.].

"I had hoped to have an itemized inventory to give you an idea of what we have to work with. The following list is from my memory.

Item, 2 X 4's, Quantity 200+, Various Lengths 7' to 24',

2 X 6's, 50+, 7' to 24'

2 X 8's, 75+, 10' to 24'

2 X 10's, 50+, 10' to 24'

2 X 12's, 75+, 10' to 27'

6 X 6 posts, 40+, 12' to 24',

Round cedar posts, 40, 8' to 14'

1/2" plywood sheeting -numerous half & few full sheets

Tin: lots of old [sheets], some new

Electrical supplies: some barn lights,

"The next phase in a barn raising would be clearing the site of the old barn at Plain View. We've had good practice I n site clearing, salvage and especially pulling nails! Many hands make light and more fun work. After the site is cleared we will be able to get a bead on what excavation and other site preparation will need to be done. Lee had mentioned that some of you may want to come early to the Reunion this year and assist in the process.

"I checked on a building permit at Hamlin County Planning Office in Hayti. They will be happy to issue one when we are ready to start construction. [Are they still laughing in Hayti at the project, which is a barn without a farm attached?--Ed.]. Hope this isn't too sketchy, but we wanted to get an update out to everyone.

"Special thanks go to Auntie Cora for her help with the hauling expense. Others have offered various fixtures and supplies for the future barn. We are in the gathering process.

"It's so great having all you torchbearers out there and hopefully we will have an official barn raisin' in the not too distant future. God be praised. Love you all, Stephen".


We are looking forward to having a good group for our Mini-Reunion June 24 -27, 2005! Let us know if you need transportation from Sioux Falls. We will have one car to loan or space to ride. We also can have a spare bed overnight at our house. As you have read above, Steve will have work for all of us to do, so don't forget your "grubbies"--work clothes and gloves! Reunion Meals: Judy Stadem will be our caterer this year. She will prepare 5 meals: Friday night, Sat. noon & evening; and Sun. noon & evening. The price per meal will be $7.00 per adult meal, and $3.50 per child (6-10 yrs) meal. As in the past we will need you to help with serving & cleanup. Please fill out the Registration form and return with a check by June 10th. If you come before Friday evening, bring your own food. Also breakfasts are on your own. [Not advisable to gather eggs or even chickens from the neighbors for breakfast, they are probably well-armed.--Ed.]


Pearl Ginther continues to do well in her home. Her family members all help with her needs. Her family members all help with her needs. Some bring groceries, other wash her clothes. Other jobs are yard work and housecleaning and going on errands. Ron says someone has to read to her and explain things. Her children say that she is a praying woman, works and thinks of others, but others think of her also--from the number of birthday parties/cakes she was given for her 95th birthday last September. She is hoping to make it to 100 in 2009, Lord willing! Ron wrote that this spring Pearl's front yard put on a very colorful show with pink, yellow, and blue flowers. Also a red Rhododendron and yellow forsythia are I n bloom in her back yard. Soon shrubs and trees will be blooming. Must be very beautiful.

Cora Taylor has been living with son Calvin and family this past year. The following is from an email dated April 5, 2005. For the last three weeks Cora has spoken of something hurting near her rib cage. When she recovered from a very bad flu and able to get up from bed, she was seen by a doctor who performed an ultrasound test, which confirmed a growth/cyst of 200 cc's, on her liver. The day was a bit discouraging to Cora and to the technician. He drained the cyst of 200 cc's, but found that there were multiple cysts. The technician decided to delay draining more cysts until a biopsy could be performed on the fluid. Later they heard good news, the fluid was not cancerous. What joy, Heaveniy Father! a culture will be taken of the fluid to determined if it could be infectious. It is a new one to them so they are thinking that it may be something picked up in Brazil. Cora will be on antibiotics for a few weeks and then will have another CT scan to see if the cysts/abscesses have dried up or diminished. "Our dear mommy is tired again tonight and wanting to rest from any more needles in the stomach." According to Calvin it will probably be July before Cora will return to Jacutinga. And her health will make a big difference in those plans.

Calvin & Gwen Taylor write that they participated in the missions emphasis week at TTU, and spoke at Steinhatchee Baptist Church. They also attended their missions conference for Representatives at the headquarters in Florida where one of the topics centered on meeting the challenges of hijacking and kidnapping. Their daughter Karis and husband Stephen Ward are now into their fifth month of a missionary career with the IMB in Malawi, Africa. They are learning Chichewa and plan to also work across the border in Mozambique. Karis is expecting a child. (This will be the 9th grandbaby for Calvin & Gwen). [website given for prayer for them, but now is out of date.--Ed.]. Further, thanks to God are in order--their youngest daughter Anita is safe after spending a very traumatic year in Iraq. She is especially thankful for those groups that stood with her in prayer during her deployment with the U.S. Army. Anita spent 18 days at home in late Feb. and early March.

Hudson & Resa Taylor will be arriving in the US in early June to attend the wedding of their son, Chad. The wedding will take place in Douglas, AZ (See Wedding Bells section). Note: Calvin says that Cora is not up to going to the wedding, and the heat is too much for him, so probably no one from Tennessee will make it to AZ for the wedding. He further joked, "We don't have that Carl Taylor willingness to travel unlimited miles!"

Alida Spilde continue to live in her home, mostly enjoying Christian TV programs. She depends on her children to supply her needs, although she prepares the food she eats by using the microwave. Eloise brings groceries and is available on short notice to tend to something special. Bonnie tries to visit every other month or whenever possible. Gary is available as a back-up person to tend to her special needs. Dan spends time with her whenever his family is in Sioux Falls for holidays (his mother-in-law also lives in Sioux Falls). Grandson Kyle Spilde has done various jobs to help out, especially mowing, over the years. Grandson Bradley Stensaas also regularly stops by to remove snow or mow grass.

Alida tells us that she caught her "affliction" from Hans of not remembering things like she used to. (Ha!) But yes, we can attest to the fact that the forgetfulness is true.

Joe Hilt, husband of Bonnie (Spilde) Hilt, had open-heart surgery on March 22nd. He went to the doctor on March 9th, thinking he had the flu. After an x-ray, ultrasound, and finally a CT scan, the doctor found an abdominal aortic aneurysm complicated by high blood pressure and a blocked artery leading to the right kidney. Medication brought the blood pressure into the normal range. Further treatment was to be delayed several days as his regular doctor was out of town. In deciding on the proper surgical technique for the aneurysm they found four blocked arteries in his heart which needed to be fixed first. The aneurysm will be repaired after the heart operation has time to heal (six weeks). Joe made steady progress and went home on Easter Sunday. He is doing well, although he tires easily. Joe & Bonnie Hilt have purchased a condo in Naples, FL for their winter home. Now that Joe is on the mend, Bonnie has traveled to Florida for a week to oversee more of the construction. Their son, Matthew is watching over Joe while Bonnie is gone.

Ron & Eloise Hefty have purchased a winter home in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Their March vacation was spent on the closing and trying to find furniture for the various rooms. They returned home to Sioux Falls with the hunt for furniture uncompleted, but it shouldn't take too much time next winter to finish. Ron & Eloise are planning to go to Norway the last half of August this year. If you have any names and addresses of Norwegian relatives, please send them to us. [Our best-laid plans do not work out the way we would like sometimes; Ron Hefty developed lymphoma cancer, thankfully not the very aggressive kind, and it was found in time to treat, and after treatment went into remission. But after a couple years or so of happy married life with Eloise and his families, it returned. More treatments. Ron did not feel up to the Norway trip. Ron passed from this life in 2019, but Eloise went bravely with Bonnie & Joe Hilt on a super cruise in the Baltic and toured Norway after she attended the last very meaningful Augustana Academy reunion at the Augustana University venue, seeing her classmates of 1960, perhaps some for the last time. Our cousin is one strong spirit!--Ed.].

Liz Stadem had her second hip replacement surgery on January 24, 2005. She is now back to normal routines after the doctor gave the OK for her to drive a car again, and got rid of the walker and cane. Lee & Liz just returned from Arizona where they attended a reunion of Seminary classmates I n Tucson, and visited with friends in Mesa.

Wayne & Catherine (Lundring) Hillard will be leaving soon for Africa [sounds like these relations were the most courageous.--Ed.]. They have joined the Peace Corps after having both their jobs in Seattle downsized last May and August. They will leave for Togo, West Africa, a French speaking country, on June 7, 2005 for three months of training and two years of service. Prior to this African experience, the Lundring siblings and spouses (Nada & Nelius Ronning, Karsten & Kirsten Lundring, and Wayne & Catherine Hillard) spent a week together in Maui during the middle of February.


Thank you to Bonnie Hilt and Tim Stadem for a pickup load of donated shingles, which will be used on the Spisse Hutte.

Thank you to Ron Ginther for $5.00 sent for Samtaleren expenses, and also Thank You to Janelle Swenson for $10.00 sent for Samtaleren postage.

Thank you to all of you who provided information for this newsletter. Without your material there wouldn't be a Samtaleren, so please continue to send letters and emails of news.


A boy, Ian Michael Brueggeman, was born March 12, 2005 to Paul & Jannel Hefty Brueggeman. Grandparents are Ron & Eloise Hefty.


Erik & Desta Goehner are expecting a boy at the end of April. They have a 2 yr. old daughter, Maya Rachel Goehner. Grandparents are Nelius & Nada (Lundring).

John & Jody Brown are expecting a baby in September.

Darren & Shana Hefty are expecting a baby in late September. Ron & Eloise Hefty are grandparents.


Chad Taylor, son of Hudson & Resa Taylor, will be married on June 11, 2005, 5:00 pm to Kristen Thung at the First Baptist Church in Douglas, Arizona. Kirsten's address is [not current as given anymore]. Kirsten Thung (pronounced Thing) is also a New Tribes MK (missionary kid). They will live in Harrisburg, PA.

Claire Lundring Hillard, daughter of Catherine (Lundring) & Wayne Hillard, will be married Mary 29, 2005 in Camarillo, CA. The officiating pastor will be Rev. Erik Goehner. In addition to being a pastor in Camarillo, Erik is the son-in-law of Nelius & Nada (Lundring) Ronning.


"Greetings in the marvelous name of our wonderful Lord. To those that prayed for us, thank you so much. The Lord graciously provided for each of the expenses and there were plenty. Being in a country where people receive many times less than we do here we found the prices still higher than here.

"On the 2nd of November in the capital of Bucharest, I taught a class on Missions. I noticed right away their interest In the unreached groups that are far and no so far from their soil. On Sunday night the Ee-taow video, translated in Romanian, was shown. The whole concept of teaching the Gospel chronologically was totally new to them. All of us were surprised to find 40 folks arrive on Monday night to begin training in an 8 hour seminar on the importance e of chronological teaching from Genesis to Acts for evangelism. The Lord had provided the first three volumes of the Building on Firm Foundation series in Romanian so by the end of the seminar on Thursday night we gave out 50 sets and had time to let a couple students give a short class, using the first lessons. Our prayer is that they find a group they can share these lessons with.

"On Friday morning I had the unusual experience of riding an electric train across the country, along the Danube River that borders Yugoslavia. Six of us sat in a section of a car. For most of the day we sat, smiling at our neighbors after which I reached into my case and gave them a copy of one of my outlines which went from Genesis to Acts for Evangelism, in Romanian. That was fun.

"Arriving in Timisoara, I was taken to Carancebes where I participated in a large Missionary Conference. That was so special. I found at least five pastors that have banded together to form a mission board. They challenged those present to go and to give. It was so encouraging to see what God was doing in their hearts. On Monday night 50 sets of the books were handed out and I did my best to train these bible Institute students and some pastors in how to use these materials. We taught three nights and they also had an opportunity to teach a few lessons.

"On Thursday, Friday and Sunday, I was honored to preach in four churches. We found two young men wanting to be missionaries and so now our prayer is this, "Lord, raise up a place for these dear men to train just as the Americans, Brazilians and so many more have." I returned to the US on the 18th. Gwen met me here in Knoxville. She and my mom were both well, praise Him.

Calvin and Gwen Taylor"



by Ron Ginther

Part I - Three Carrots and a Fire Cracker

It wasn't that she was just nice, what do you call your stock of spice?

A right degree of "bright and chirupy" keeps goodness from turning syrupy?

A bit too much might spoil the dish that could have been just pain "delish." Too little, too of this or that, and Cook just struck out at the bat!

What sense of tact she had, this Aunt! She spoke so well, but lacked all cant.

Her words were chosen, fitly framed, as in all her children, four, were named...

"Chloe" - soft and gentle breeze, she's not the type to loudly sneeze.

"Janelle" came next with her red hair; carrot-topped, she made a pair.

Then to this nest, so snug, flew "Paul," a fire cracker, and not too tall.

He got things stirring, you can bet; have his sisters recovered yet?

It's hard to say how they kept Paul from popping off in church and hall.

But somehow love won out in him, when some might try hard discipline.

And then, surprise! Here came dear "Mim," so sweet, red-haired (yes, again!).

Three sisters now caused Paul to prance; he alone, except Dad, wore pants!

Imagine all the attention that you could get as the sole son! He raced no brother neck and neck, and when he won turned "smart aleck."

And Dad? He made the flatbrod right, it was so thin and paper light.

He could preach too, with Rangen charm, no church of his could come to harm.

Faith in God, good doctrine too, mercy, grace would fill each pew.

Smiles and loving touches gave the sense of home down each church nave.

Love and laughter ruled the roost, and Auntie's food gave a high boost.

My, what a family they had there- and there- and there- most everywhere!

Planting churches across the land, east to west, "Mex" to "Can"!

Yet never a complaint you would hear, Aunt Estelle always wrote with love and cheer.

Though heart-breaks, pain, would fall their lot, God still gave grace, more than they sought.

Part II - Clouds and Rainbows

Cancer struck Aunt like a sword, but she brought prayer to the hospital ward.

Some God healed, but she was not, we don't know what her going taught.

We may not get the answers here, but Someone up there counts each tear.

My only guess is, she was called to cheer dear ones God wanted consoled.

This was her gift, we know on earth, along with wisdom and godly mirth.

You could not resist our Aunt Estelle, you had to meet her - it's hard to tell.

So pretty, yet with spunk, I'd say, and gentle, kindly, all the way!

Never words she would regret crossed her lips - not one she'd let!

Her newsletters stopped, received many years, in which she shared wit, and joy, and a few tears.

But her legacy, it still goes on, her rainbowed life, it has not gone.

She loved the Lord - enjoyed Him too! No sourpuss in her to view!

He gave her life her Focus - love, and on her rested His pure, white Dove.

To share her Lord, she loved to do, so great a Savior can bless you too!



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