Stadem Reunion 2006,

Stadem Samtaleran, March, 2006,


Part I:

The next reunion will be held June 23-26, 2006. This year will be a larger gathering. Many of you are making plans already. Our President John Brown and his committee members have been working hard on planning a reunion of work projects and fun times. On the following pages find information on the reunion from John Brown and ria Schaefer, Leroy Stadem, and Mim Reinderknecht, also find job assignments, the registration form, and the daily schedule, and take note about the Silent auction/Raffle, during the reunion, of items we all bring.


Leroy Stadem sent the following information on the work projects hoped to be done this year.

"Dear Family, Here are some of the priorities that we are talking about around here:

1) Build a large storage building to store lumber, tools, equipment, and machines [accomplished, as of 2011, and I helped put the tin sheeting on it!--Ed.]. We have plenty of pole barn materials besides the lumber for the "real barn."

2) The old foundation and gutter cement needs to be moved out to get ready for the barn foundation. also lots of manure from Buzz Griffith's sheep needs to be hauled out. We are thinking of purchasing a skid loader/bobcat to help with the Number 2 project (get it?).

3) There are plenty other projects - tree planting, shingling of the house and Spise Hutte, and sprucing up of the house basement are some that come to mind.

We have been talking about the possibility that perhaps some family or families could come a week before the reunion and some maybe stay a week or so after to work on some project. Let us k now if you can be available to work and which week is best for you. Another possibility is that another week of the year could be used as a working retreat type of family get-together. Love, Leroy"


Rennard & Grace Svanoe are hoping to attend the reunion. They have suggested a program on Sjur & Oline Stadem, our ancestors from Norway. They have done some research on the Stadem family and why they chose to emirate to the U.S. in 1866, which is 140 years ago. They would be happy to share their information.


Wayne Ginther is wondering about establishing a frontier museum on the farm. He says a number of relatives have artifacts that originally came from the farm. Of course, any building or location would have to be secure and maintained before people would feel secure about leaving their memorabilia. [the facility now exists, called Barna Velkommen (Children, Welcome)--Ed.].



Alida Spilde has moved into a nice, new place. It is called Edgewood Vista, an assisted living home. They make her meals, help with her personal care, give her any medications that are needed, and oversee all other needs. This move started with Alida falling outside on the slippery driveway, breaking two bones in her left arm. The neighbors helped her into her house, but not realizing that the arm was broken, no help was called. Probably a few days later Eloise was able to get Alida to answer the telephone and found out about the "purple arm". Gary & Shirley Spilde took her for an x-ray. There they wrapped her arm in a splint and sent her home. The next day Gary, Shirley and Carol (Spilde) Prouty, a niece of Hans, took her to the hospital. A place was found her in a geriatric-psychiatric unit where an evaluation and other tests could be performed over the next 10 days. A large lump was found in the breast, but turned out not to be cancer, so nothing will be done. Over the phone Eloise, Bonnie, Gary & Dan found Edgewood Vista. Dan came from St. Paul, and Eloise & Bonnie flew to SD; all four of us moved some of Alida's furniture, clothes, pictures, albums, and things to her new room, and especially her handmade bedspread. When the director brought Alida to her room, Alida was amazed that "they found things just like hers"! She says the food is tasty and the people are friendly and helpful. She is thankful for anyone who stops by to see her. Her address is [no longer current]. This is nearby Lee & Liz.


John Brown II was featured in an article in the Sioux Falls Business Journal. A portion of the article is printed here.

"John Brown II, the new district director of the U.S. Small Business Administration in South Dakota, says he chose the position because he wanted to make a difference. "'It was my goal to move to a state like South Dakota where I could make an impact.,' said Brown, who had worked with the SBA since 1983. 'When the position came open, I knew this was where I wanted to be. I could really make a difference, impact changes and move things forward to create more opportunities.'

A recent graduate of the SBA district director candidate program, he accepted the district director position in Sioux Dakota in 2001. This time around, he succeeds former director Nancy Gilbertson who transferred to Washington State.

Just as Brown chose to come to SD, he said that 22 years ago he deliberately chose to work for the SBA. 'I started my career with the federal government under the presidential management intern program. I had 10 to 12 agencies to choose from, but I chose the SBA because it was not cloistered in Washington, D.C.' he said. 'The Small Business Administration is out where the rubber meets the road, where you can have an impact on people's lives on a daily basis.' Brown compares moving to SD to a homecoming. he and his wife, Jody, came to the State with their oldest daughter, 12 year old Caralyn. Within 36 hours, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Reghan, into the family. 'This has been a time of big changes for us, but we have a lot of family in SD, so it is like a homecoming for us. My grandmother was born in Sioux Falls, so it is special that this is where our second daughter was born,' said Brown whose family ties to the state date back to the Dakota Territory."


Wayne & Judith Ginther wrote that he has retired in November from Boeing after 30 years of aircraft engineering design on all Boeing 700's, 787, Lockheed's CSA and Ll0ll in the areas of food processing, mechanical, civil, structures, systems, construction, industrial buildings and aeronautics. (Very impressive, Wayne!) Judith will retire from teaching in summer of 2006. In the past year an addition on their house gave them new laundry & sewing area, home theater area, display area for their collections, and a new deck. Wayne continue to enjoy flying his glider. David & Angela Ginther both keep busy, David as a city planner in Tumwater, WA and Angie as a highway flagger. Christine (Ginther) & David Thomas, and daughter Katharine lead a busy life also with Christine being a Jr. High School principal in Puyallup, and David working in the roofing business.


Molly Swenson, youngest daughter of Dave & Janelle (Rangen) Swenson, is now living in St. Paul, MN.

Pearl Ginther continues to get along fine. At Christmas she filled 32 boxes with food and gifts for the sailors on board ship who could not make it home for Christmas. She writes that she hopes to make it to Plain View Farm this summer. She also wrote to say that the Samtaleren newsletter is a blessing. She has indicated that with a donation for each of her last several mailings. Thank You, Pearl for the $10.00 donation sent in your last letter. Ron Ginther relayed this information from Pearl. Ron also mentioned that Colette (Svanoe) Christenson talked to Pearl by phone about her work with children who live near the areas devastated by the recent hurricanes.

Chloe (Rangen) Koslowsky is retiring and has resigned from her job as Director of Women's Ministries for the Church of Lutheran Brethren as of February 1st or when a replacement can be found. She is confident that the replacement will be hired by April 1st and that the training period will be complete by June. Chloe & Gary Koslowsky will celebrate their 40th anniversary this year, and will commemorate it with a cruise to Alaska in early July, 2006.

Joe Rangen continues to enjoy retirement in Fergus Falls. He is quite active, receiving visitors aljmost every day and performing the duties of Assistant Chaplain there in his retirement community. He will celebrate his 89th birthday in May. Congratulations!

Barbara (Vorseth) & Vernon Benson will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Mary 26, 2006. Their son and wife, Greg & Barb Benson, will celebrate their 25th anniversary on August 1st.


Part II:

Bonnie Hilt provided the following news article about the New Tribes Missionaries who were asked to leave Venezuela. The article was written by Natalie Obiiko Pearson for the AP, Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 13, 2006.

"As their plane engine started, two American missionaries looked back at the Joti Indians watching from the grassy airstrip - an abrupt and bitter goodbye after nearly three decades in Venezuela's Amazon rain forest. Susan and Dave Rodman were among some 40 missionaries who pulled out of their remote outposts ahead of a Sunday deadline from President Hugo Chavez, who has accused the U.S. based New tribes Mission of spying for the CFIA and exploiting indigenous communities. Denying any wrongdoing, the missionaries have gathered in an eastern city and are wondering what comes next - for themselves and the tribes. 'My heart is torn,' Susan Rodman said Friday from Puerto Ordaz, where the missionaries have moved into a guesthouse and acquaintances' homes. 'We knew one day we'd have to leave, but we didn't want it to be so abrupt.' rodman, 57, spent more than half her life with the Joti Indians, who speak no Spanish and have little concept of money. raised in Wisconsin and Brazil, Rodman said she and her husband are unsure what to do next. They left their outpost earlier this month and New Tribes flew its last two missionaries out of their jungle camp Thursday. Marg Jank - a 67 year old Canadian who spent 44 years with the Yanomani Indians - said the tribe handed her its last stash of Bolivar bills so she could send a final shipment of cornmeal, rice and other staples from the nearest city. Chavez said that the indigenous people will be better off without the Sanford-based missionary group, which he accuses of collecting "strategic information" for the CIA and spying for foreign mining and pharmaceutical interests in isolated, mineral-rich tracts of Venezuela.

"The government has not backed up the accusations with evidence. Chavez, who often accuses the U.S. of plotting against him, said Friday the government would take over the abandoned missions from 'that organization of imperialist penetration' and was investing in airplanes, communications equipment and other supplies to provide water and electricity to the tribes [did he help them? he impoverished his entire nation before he died from cancer, and now under his brutal, communist-style successor, the people are fleeing by the millions out of the country on foot, and without food and electricity and no work, starving people in the cities in 2019 were reduced to eating zoo animals!--Ed.]. Chavez has also accused the missionaries of destroying indigenous cultures by proselytizing - criticism Jank acknowledged was tougher to counter. But she believes some of the changes are difficult to argue with: Populations around the missions grew as education and medical care helped combat disease, and tribes learned to transcribe their languages to preserve them.

"Alexander Luzardo, a professor of anthropology at Venezuela's Central University, has denounced the missions for what he calls 'cultural genocide,' accusing them of terrorizing Indians into adopting Western practices and beliefs."

Calvin Taylor asked those who pray for missionaries to pray especially for the 160 NTM missionaries who were being transitioned out of their areas of service the first week in February. (Above news article) He also sent the following story to encourage all of us to pray for all missionaries and troups that are hearing the Gospel for the first time.


Come along as the Maco Christians from Marueta village share God's Word in another village, and pray that there will be mamny more tears in Venezuela - tears of people like the Macos coming to know Christ. The story is from TRIBAL BEAT, which is sent out monthly to those who request it. Use site [or ETHNOS 360 site]to sign up.


The village meeting place was filled beyond capacity. The press of people around me made the muggy jungle heat seem even worse. I sat on a tiny little bench that was certainly not carved with my creature comfort in kind. My knees were pulled up to my chin and I had to lean forward to avoid the wet clay wall behind me. And blood-sucking gnats seem to be enjoying my flesh immensely. But I would haven't have missed this day for the world.

It all began in Marueta village of Venezuela several years ago. After nearly a year of teaching God's message to the Maco people, it had been our turn to listen. And we missionaries then sat in tears as the people expressed their simple yet profound faith in God and their acceptance of His free gift of salvation. But that was only the beginning.

A year later, when the new Maco church in Marueta heard that the neighboring village of Porvenir also desired to hear "God's talk," they were eager and anxious to go. For almost a year, a faithful Marueta delegation took a weekly one-hour boat trip downriver to spend two days teaching their Maco brothers just as they had taught. And today, as the people of Porvenir village crowded together, we listened to the Marueta believers conclude with the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ - God's loving gift of salvation tot he world and to Porvenir. The people were then invited to share their thoughts and the Marueta delegation sat down.

The silence in the room became even more suffocating than the heat. The endless pause was heart-wrenching. It made me ache for the Marueta teachers.

Then, one by one, the people of Porvenir began to stand up and announce that they were accepting Christ's payment on their behalf. All over the meeting place, they stood and proclaimed in their own words belief in the One who saves.

A small discordant group that huddled in the back of the room snickered and ridiculed several who spoke. But undeterred, more and more Porvenir Macos boldly voiced their decision to rest their souls on God.

I glanced over at our friends from Marueta and saw tears in their eyes. It was a second generation of tears. They were now experiencing what we had experienced - the joyful privilege of listening to new brothers and sisters in Christ introducing themselves to the world. And from my tiny little bench, knees tucked under my chin, I cried happily right along with them."



Emily Swenson is engaged to Luke Hranicka, and will be married on June 3, 2006 in Fergus Falls, MN.


A baby girl, Delaney Elizabeth Hefty, was born January 31, 2006 to Brian & Jenny Hefty. Ron & Eloise Hefty are the grandparents.

A baby girl, Bailey Beth Thomas, was born March 10, 2006 to Laura (Patch) & Nathan Thiomas. Dave & Miriam (Rangen) Patch are the grandparents. Joe Rangen is great grandfather.


Thank you again, Pearl, for the $10.00 donation to help defray expenses on the Samtaleran. Also a big thank you to Mim Rinderknecht for the $100.00 sent to help with several mailings of the Samtaleran newsletter. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Also thank you to all who answered my plea for material to put into the newsletter. I guess there is no lack of things to write about out there, just a lack of time to send it to me!!



Mim Rinderknecht wrote some poems of thankfulness. A number of them will be reprinted here. The first two poems are for the girls and the boys who helped at the 2004 Stadem Reunion. She said the one for Eloise had to be included, and others as there was room in the newsletter.


"For the Girls and the Boys

Who helped at the 2004 Stadem Reunion"

What darling little dancers you all turned out to be!

I surely see the Son of God can now be shown through "thee".

Your sweet, sweet spirits and gentle smiles are as pretty as they can be -

L It's the perfect example of Jesus that I want my kids to see!--

Love you immensely, Mimsie


You guys are really such good sports! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

You said, "Sure, I'll help!" with never a "yelp"! And you loved just doing your part.

You showed how to walk like Jesus walked...tall, and strong, and sure -

Now here's the tough part..."Here's the world...! Avoid the dart!

Enjoy each day but keep your hearts pure."

*Think on good things! (positive, kind, complimentary, etc.)

--Love you Guys, Mimsie


"Eloise - You're just the best!"

Eloise - you're the best! You keep us all Together.

You help us "talk," you help us "walk" - You even see us through "the weather"!

Thank you! thanks, for all you've done...when all's been said, the prize? You've won! And God be praised cuz you've won "One"! Thanks for all the favors, thanks for all the fund;

Thanks for helping out although you've work that should be done.

Thanks for your kindness, your patience and your love.

I could never sufficiently thank you myself, so I'm asking GOD to - from Above!

Love you, Mimsie


"Uncle Lee"

Uncle Lee, - you're like a star that shines o'er all the rest...

Taking care of your sisters and giving them "All your best"!

And may the thanks from all of us reward the goal you sought...

to teach us life is what you give, and now "all what you got!"

Thanks, Lee, for your beautiful example, and Dearest Liz, we know the inspiration behind it all - You is!


"There was a Young Woman"

There was a young woman who lived in a shoe,

she had so many children, she sure knew what to do.

You teach them of Jesus, with hugs and home school...

Kari - you're a darling, I just think you're cool!"



"Giving is living," the angel said. "Go feed the hungry sweet charity's bread."

"And must I keep giving and giving again?", my selfish and querulous question ran.

Oh, no," said the angel, his eyes pierced me through.

"Just give till the Master stops giving to you."



Mim writes that each person is to figure out what the best talents are tha tGod has given you, and use any of those talents at the reunion - TO GIVE GLORY TO GOD! Talent performances will be scheduled and enjoyed by all. After each "Offering of Talent", the audience will write down what they think God is telling them to write. The encouraging or positive words will be collected and put into a Treasure Box (which will be chosen by each participant from among 75 brought by Mim). They will each take their Treasure Box home. Each child who uses his talent will also get a treat, and be able to pick out their own new big teddy bear (colors available are dark purple, light purple, blue, or aqua), one condition to ownership of the teddy bear is that they sign a paper of adoption which is in agreement with God's Word - B I B L E = Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

Mim Rinderknecht would also like to publish a "Thanks to God Scrapbook". "I'd love everyone of you (who would give us the honor of sharing your life) to give me 20 pages of "YOU". Start collecting thoughts, ideas, letters, newspaper articles, memories, lessons learned, tapes, anything that represents you and your thoughts and ideas and experiences you are thankful for! I hope to publish it and get everyone a copy of "Our Wonderful Heritage." I have never been so thankful for our Stadem Heritage and I pray God will get the Glory for all that has happened to you. I have a few pages with questions to get you started.

1. What is your favorite - color, foods, books, hobbies, game, sport, song, kind of music, best subject, worst subject, Bible verse, special talent?

2. Talk about your successes - My biggest success or accomplishment so far is, most recent is, an accomplishment I'd like to achieve yet is...

3. Name an action you are glad you did - of kindness, of unselfishness, of courage, etc.

I have files started on some of you. I also hope Ronnie [her cousin Ron Ginther] will let me use some of the pages from his website and his wonderful poetry [website that Jerry L. Ginther began in 1997 on WebTV system he bought and brought to his mother's home, and Ron continued with for the sake and enhancement of all the Stadems and Hobecks and descendant families and friends and visitors, to glorify God first and foremost always being the focus and aim.--Ed.], There was a Stadem book made years ago [published by Janelle (Rangen) and David Swenson and given out to the Stadem Descendants at a reunion]. I want the children to see what God has done in the lives of all of you, and your testimonies are priceless. Bring them to the reunion, or send them to me at Mim Rinderknecht, 3564 Saddleback Road, Park city, Utah 84098; or email them to me at .



PVF President, John Brown, has submitted a list of job assignments for the reunion. The list is not written in stone, but should help to get more work accomplished and yet have fun doing it. It sounds like Bernie Iserman and family will be at the farm the week prior tot he reunion to do work projects. Anyone else coming early - be sure to let Pete, Steve, or Leroy know. On the job assignment sheet you will see that jobs are assigned to Team Leaders. Each team will need more people on the team. If you see a job that is "right up your alley", where you would like to help-, please let Ria Schaefer know. Email or call her so that she can set up the teams.

One of the teams is a Raffle and/or Silent Auction. bonnie Hilt is the chairperson. The items to be raffled or auctioned will be brought by all of us attending the reunion. The money will be used on the buildings and barn, or other needs of the reunion. If possible, bring an adult item and a child's item. Perhaps a toy that is in good shape, but is no longer used; or an item you purchased, then realized you couldn't use (but didn't return). It should be in good condition and be something that can be used or desired. The intent is to raise a little money, not to get rid of 'white elephants'.

Please take note of the Special Programs, which consists of recognizing and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. We know Gloria is celebrating a birthday, but how about any other :"big ones", also are there special anniversary years for anyone attending? We are hoping that the families and relatives will take the lead on the celebrations, but we would like to know so more planning can be made.

The Food Team is headed by Judy Stadem. All meals, except the first on Thursday evening, will be catered by Judy, even the breakfasts. A light breakfast (i.e. Muffins, fruit, with milk and coffee) will be offered at 8:30 am (8:00 am on Sunday). Thursday dinner will be Hobo Soup. There is no cost for this meal, but if you plan to participate, please bring cans of non-cream soup for your family (or prepared soup ingredients such as chopped veggies or cooked meats). Rolls and drinks will be provided with the soup.

The construction projects will have begun during the week prior to the reunion, and will continue during the week after the reunion. Maintenance projects will be done during the reunion.

The Daily Schedule will give you lots of hints as to what will go on during the reunion, but it really is only a tentative schedule. It is possible that not all of the activities will get off the ground as planned. (Rennard & Grace Svanoe have another commitment which may delay their arrival in South "Dakota. time will tell whether they make it to the reunion.). The planning committee really deserved 'gold stars' for trying to provide something for everyone, and in addition, trying to actually get real work done!

Hope to see many of you at Plain View Farm near the end of June! Good Travels and continued good plans!


PVF President - John/Jody Brown, Sec./Treas. - Eloise Hefty

Registration Chair - Tanya Stadem

Maintenance Chairman - Steve Stadem

Shed(s) Painting Team Leader - Curtis Coats

House Shingling Team Leader - Steve Stadem

Spise Hutte Shingling Team Leader - Tom Stadem

House Basement Junk Removal Team Leaders - Mike & John Iserman

Catering & Food Chair- Judy Stadem

Set-up Team Leaders - Michelle & Britta Stadem

Food Prep Team Leaders -?? Cleanup Team Leaders - Mary Coats

Devotionals Chairman - Leroy Stadem

Baptism of Reghan Brown - Leroy Stadem

Special Programs Chair - Eloise Hefty

Birthdays (Gloria & ?)

Anniversaries (?) - relatives

Special Music Team Leader - Pete Stadem

PVF VP & Reunion Manager - Ria/Russ Schaefer

Historian - Rennard/Grace Svanoe

Construction Chairman- Pete Stadem

New Equip. Building Team Leader - Bernie Iserman

Freeman Shed (floor & reset) Team Leader -?

PVF Barn foundation prep. Team Leader - Leroy

Kids Activities Chair - Mim Rinderknecht

Talent Show Team Leader - Mim Rinderknecht

Music Programs Team Leader - Kari Stadem

Dance/Motion Team Leader - Mary Coats

Activities/Games Team Leader - Kristin Pujals

Sports Programs Team Leader - ??

Norwegian Heritage Chair - Liz Stadem

Norwegian Language Lessons Team Leader - Judy

Norwegian Cooking class Team Leader - Liz

Norwegian History & Customs Team Leader - Ren & Grace Svanoe

Silent Auction/Raffle chair - Bonnie Hilt

[Omitted here is section dealing with registration--Ed.]




Thursday, June 223

AFTERNOON - Early arrivals accepted and encouraged!

FARM PREP - Leroy and Team -Assistance welcomed!

CONSTRUCTION projects - Pete (Construction Chair) & Project Teams

Finish building new equipment building - Bernie, Foreman

Build floor for new small shed & reset -?, Foreman

SUPPER - Hobo Stew Pot - Bring a can of non-cream soup if you want to join in!


Friday, June 23

8:30a BREAKFAST - Judy & Kitchen Teams


9:30a CREATIVE MOVEMENT CLASS (young of mind folks!) - Mary,


10:30a MAINTENANCE PROJECTS - Steve & Project Teams,

Speed Painting competition & Prizes, Shingling,


12:30p NOON MEAL - Judy & Kitchen Teams

1:00p BUSINESS MEETING - Future Plans for the PVF Reunion,



2:00p MAINTENANCE PROJECTS - Steve & Project Teams,

More Speed Painting & Prizes, Basement cleanout



LADIES TEA TIME (Spisse Hutte) - Liz

5:00p SPECIAL MUSIC/DEVOTIONS - Pete & Music Team

5:30p SUPPER - Judy & Kitchen Teams

7:00p programs - "NORWEGIANS INTO AMERICANS - Rennard?

"The Vikings in Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice" - Gloria,


FRISBEE GOLF TOURNAMENT - TRIAL ROUND - Tom [and Machismo Team!--Ed.],


9:00p DEVOTIONS/SINGING/CAMPFIRE/Smores - The Stadem Family Singers

11:00p LIGHTS OUT [Snores, not Smores!--Ed.]


Saturday, June 24

8:30a BREAKFAST - Judy and Kitchen Teams

\ 900a BLESSING & ANNOUNCEMENTS - Leroy & John



10:30a MAINTENANCE PROJECTS - Steve & Project Teams

Outhouse Decorating Competition & Prizes


12:00p NOON MEAL - Judy & Kitchen Teams





2:30p MAINTENANCE PROJECTS - Steve & Project Teams


5:00p SPECIAL MUSIC/DEVOTIONS - Pete & Music Team

5:30p SUPPER - Judy & Kitchen Teams


7:00p PROGRAMS - "Norwegians of Note" - Rennard?

"Open" - ?



8:00p TALENT SHOW - Mim

9:00p DEVOTIONS/SINGING/CAMPFIRE/Fireworks - The Stadem Family Singers



Sunday, June 25

8:00a BREAKFAST - Judy & Kitchen Teams




12:00p NOON MEAL - Judy & Kitchen Teams





Monday, June 25

[construction projects are scheduled to continue beyond the reunion with the new barn foundation prep work.]




The annual Stadem Reunion provided a great time for all who attended. We missed a few regulars, Ren & Grace Svanoe were unable to fit this reunion into their scheukle, but maybe another year. Russ & Ria Schaefer had a wedding to attend which changed their original plans of attending, but Ria helped with reunion planning. Also we missed the Rangen representatives. There were a few structure additions. A small storage shed had been moved in and placed close to the spot of Bergit's "baby chick yard". Also two temporary tents were put up. Tom Stadem rented a large sun shelter which was put up near the Spise Hutte and was used for gathering, eating and for programs. Bonnie Hilt put a small portable sun shelter with cloth sides for the silent auction goods near the Heritage House. Tens and trailers were spotted throughout the trees as homes away from home for many of the attendees, and the beds in the main house were used too.




The 23rd annual Stadem Family Reunion was held at Plain View Farm, 5 miles NW of Bryant on June 23-26, 2006. The reunion had an attendance of 64 persons. 'The oldest child of Alfred and Bergit Stadem, Pearl Ginther, age 96, flew from Seattle to join daughter Gloria Brown, Atlanta, grandson John & Jody Brown, recently of Sioux Falls, granddaughter Kristin & Javier Pujals, Chicago, great granddaughters Cara and Reghan Brown, Emily Lundgren, Ariana & Magdalena Pujals, and triplet great grandsons Enrique, Lavran, & Nickulaus Pujals.

The festivities included the baptism of baby Reghan.

Other Stadem children whose family members attended were: Myrtle Svanoe (deceased Jan. 2000) was representged by two daughters, five grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Cora Taylor, Brazil, was represented by a daughter and granddaughter.

Alida Spilde, Sioux Falls, joined two daughters and two great grandchildren at the reunion.

And Son Leroy & Liz Stadem, Sioux Falls, joined all five children (and all spouses but one) and all 18 of their grandchildren at the reunion.

Alfred & Bergit's other three daughters (deceased) were remembered for their past contributions: Bernice Schaefer (October 2000), reunion leader for many years. Estelle Rangen (deceased 2002), Norwegian heritage promoter. Ruth Harrington (October 2003), former provider of reunion meeting place - PVF.

Reunion President John Brown and Reunion Manager Ria Schaefer offered a varied schedule of fun and interesting activities for the young and young at heart! Time at the reunion was spent on work projects,s recreation, special events, programs and visiting. United efforts at work projects were made fund with a speed painting contest (of several buildings), shingling, and other maintenance projects. Recreation fun included a great soccer game, swimming in "Bryant, Frisbee golf tournament, a fabulous fireworks display, and making "s-mores" at the campfire.

Special events included a Norwegian luncheon for ladies featuring a lefse making demonstration by Liz Stadem and other special sweets with recipes, recognition of 'decade birthdays' from 50 to 60, a Silent auction organized by Bonnie Hilt, Rapid City, a Children's Talent Show spearheaded by Mim Svanoe Rinderknecht, Park City, Utah, evening campfires with guitars, singing and prayers, and attendance at the Sunday service of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church where the reunion group provided special music.

A plant was provided for the church sanctuary by Leroy & Elisabeth Stadem to recognize the 50th anniv ersary of the ordinary and the ministry of Leroy "Stadem (June 3, 1956 at Bryant City Auditorium).

Special programs included a report on missionary work in Columbia, South America, by Carleen Taylor Newton and her daughter Kenna Tassasoli, both now from Atlanta.

Families of young children were given the book, "The Lamb", by John R. Cross, as a gift from Cora Stadem Taylor.

Gloria Brown told about her travel to Iceland in a report called "Vikings in Iceland, land of Fire and Ice."

Our Stadheim Ancestors in Norway, a special report prepared by Barbara Vorseth Benson, was presented by Eloise Hefty,Sioux Falls.

A printed report showed a listing of ancestors back to the 1600s and a map of the farms around Vik I Sogn, Norway. Barbara Benson, through much research, was able to provide the history of the families and included a lesson on the Norwegian naming traditions.

The head cook this year was Judy Stadem, who lived in Norway during some of her school years. All the meals had a Norwegian flair with recipes being picked from a Norwegian cookbook.[author of article, anonymous].



Pearl Ginther, 97, was surprised with a Potluck Birthday party on Sept. 16th. (Perhaps we can surprise her also by sending belated birthday cards.). She keeps on going strong, continuing her spiritual concerns for others. Shannon, a young neighbor woman, has used Pearl as a sounding board for all of her cares and troubles since the death of her mother two years ago. Pearl led the mother to the Lord and now is concerned for this young woman. Pray for the door to be opened. [she became Joyce's close friend and Joyce prayed for her no doubt, but that task has been left to us as Pearl's family.--Ed.]

Ron Ginther was happy to receive his copy of new book about Augustana Academy, which was recently published. He found a number of relatives mentioned or pictured in the book.

Axel Lundring, nephew of Bergit Stadem, is described as having a role in the continuance of the school in 1934 [we do need this record for the heritage archives--Ed.]. Pictures of Alida Stadem Spilde, Arthur Stadem, and Mim Svanoe Rinderknecht can be found in the book. Ron says that the four years [correction: 3 years] he attended the school was a life-changing experience, giving him a vision for his spiritual life. The school closed in 1971. Much of those last turbulent years was unknown to many of us. Now the whole story is told. There were about 15 of our relationship who attended.

When Rennard and Grace Svanoe realized they would not be attending the reunion, they wrote about some of their activities and hopes for next year. In May and June they helped care for a Tarahumara man who was paralyzed seven years ago after breaking his neck in a fall. He came from his home eight hours away in the Sierra Mountains to receive physical therapy to regain some function in his arms and legs. He was with them for 17 days before it became too much for the man and for Ren & Grace. He returned home for a break before coming back again with his two daughters to help him. The first part of June they would be hosting two Habitat for Humanity volunteers for two months. They also would be working on the preparations for the scholarship program's annual meeting in Wisconsin on July 22nd. The Canyon Scholars program is facing a fork in the road with a decision on the agenda for some form of merger with a Marin County "California Rotary Club. Ren submitted their story of being lost in Canada without food, shelter or adequate clothing in July, 2000. (Some copies may be available at next year's reunion.) The story was prepared for the Canyon Scholars sponsors at the annual meeting to show the circumstances which motivated the formation of the program in August, 2000. Bonnie Hilt, Pete Stadem, tom Stadem, Ruth Harrington, Debbie Wilken, Mim Rinderknecht and Naomi Iserman have joined in this work to give Mexican kids a chance in life. The first impulse toward this vocation in Mexico came when Ren used to study Spanish words in a Spanish dictionary while waiting with Grandpa Alfred Stadem for the fish to bite on one of the lakes years ago. In late July while in the States they hoped to delve more into microfilmed records of the church in Northwood, Iowa and hope to have something interesting to present at next years' reunion.

Carleen Taylor Newton writes that "the Stadem Family Reunion was a wonderful experience for me and my daughter Kenna. THANK YOU for doing so many loving things to make it possible. YOU were the reason for the long trip from Atlanta, GA to South Dakota, and let me tell you, we came away with some very special memories! What a great family! Thank you for your love and kindness to us." Carleen requests prayer that they "would know, in god's time, just where He would have them serve Him. After 38 years in Columbia, training the national believers for tribal evangelism and church planting, we feel that the Columbian leadership is in place to carry on there without us. Right now we have the assurance that we should base out of Atlanta while still making our rounds to the churches and individuals who supported us, thanking them for their faithful giving and encouraging them in the job of world evangelism.. We feel that we are needed here until such a time as God will move us on. We'll try to let you know the answer to your prayers."

Carleen also writes that "Cora Taylor is doing well. She is very happy to report that the Guest House (her house) is now being used for the purpose it was made: for tired Brazilian missionaries who need R & R. For Cora this enables her to serve and encourage others. That is nothing new for Cora Taylor. She is an example when it comes to hospitality, praying for and with others whose hearts are heavy and need encouragement, and drawing strength from God's Word in quiet study and meditation to be able to do so. It must have been a year ago that I asked her how she would define her many years of missionary work (more than 60). Her answer was quick and spontaneous..."Effortless", she said. perhaps she learned early on to appropriate Jesus' words: "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in herart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Matt. 11:28-29



We should fear only if the LORD were not in control. We should worry only if the LORD were not able to meet our needs. We should strive only if the LORD were not our Shepherd. We should doubt only if the LORD were not faithful. We should grieve only if the LORD were not risen!<


Calvin Taylor was in Brazil for four weeks during June and July. He attended the 50th anniversary of Peniel Bible Institute where he and Gwen trained laborers in the 1970s. Hundreds were in attendance. You can view some photos on his website: Cora is shown receiving 20 orchids for her years of work. He also worked on three more translation projects. He was provided an opportunity to speak at the Berean Bible Church in Jacutinga, speaking on Being Good Senders. The pastor found the message to be most practical as few can go to the mission fields, but all can help send others there. While he was in Brazil, Gwen went to Malawi, Africa to minister to their daughter Karis Ward and her family. She came back with an understanding of the need for the chronological teaching lessons of the Bible. Prayers are needed for both Africa and Brazil.

Alida (Stadem) Spilde is doing fine at her new place of living, Edgewood Vista. Her family is happy that she is living in a place that looks after her care. She keeps to herself most of the time, spending the days in her room. She has been uplifted recently after beginning reading a Bible with pictures, she mentions often that it is just like Jesus is talking to her. She always says that she wants to do the right thing, so thinks about what her "mama" or "papa" did in a similar situation, but the times she compares were when she was 30 or less and they were 60 or less, and she was living with them while Hans was in the army. The 1940s were so different from today, like in the number of baths/showers one is willing to take per week! She remembers her house in Sioux Falls and visited there one day last week. It was just as shed remembered it, but much cleaner! She figured her daughters had been doing the cleaning. All her kids have helped. Alida thinks of sister Cora quite often when she sees the crocheted dresser scarf/throw given to her by Cora and which she displays on one of her chairs. Alida remembers Pearl often as they both slept in the downstairs bedroom during the Stadem reunion. Prayer is good. Eloise visits often bringing a thermos of hot water so they can enjoy a cup of instant coffee!

Ron Hefty celebrated his 65th birthday with an open house party for friends and Sioux Falls relatives on sunday, Sept. 17th. he definitely is ready for retirement. When discussing that one is only as old as they feel, he said he felt 65!

Laura Hilt, 27, recently moved to ann Arbor, Michigan to begin law school at Ave Maria School of Law. She is trying hard, but still finds it intimidating and difficult. Prayers are good.

Gary & Shirley Spilde recently attended the dedication of a Vietnam War Memorial in Pierre, SD. The weekend of festivities were attended by thousands of Vietnam veterans from across the united States, and more thousands of supporters from South Dakota. Interviews from many show that it was a time of long-awaited recognition and healing.

Joe Rangen, 89, still lives independently and is doing well. his day usually included a fun phone call or two, or an in person visit from some friend from his past. Recently a former parishioner and his new wife stopped for a visit. He follows the Minnesota Twins baseball team. and soon the Vikings football team. his place of worship in within the building throughout the year.

Gary & Chloe (Rangen) Swenson live at the same place (Fergus Falls) and work at the same jobs (Nursing professionals). They have a new sheltie dog named Iola. In his spare time Dave keeps busy with gardening and yard work. Janelle loves to read and keep up with family and friends via phone and email. They are hoping to take a trip to New York at the end of September.

Scott & Sonja (Swenson) Crabtree have moved to Fargo, ND. Scott is an assistant manager at Fleet Farm Store. Info on their children is as follows: Brendan and Trista (Crabtree) Giese live in Fargo and work in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Tyler Crabtree is attending Northwestern College in Roseville and playing football. McKayla has started 4th grade and likes it. Madison began kindgarten this year. And youngest, Taegan is home with Sonja.

Luke & Emily (Swenson) Hranicka were married June 3, 2006 and are living in Moorhead, MN. Luke works at Loegering Manufacturing in Casselton, ND. he also is a member of a band and has done some solo acoustic guitar work.

Molly Swenson recently moved to a new apartment in Bloomington, MN when a fourth roommate joined the group. She works at Eslinger, a jewelry store supplier, which she enjoys. She does a variety of things there using her art/computer talent and desk top publishing. Her spare time is filled with concerts, shopping and being with friends.

Dave & Mim (Rangen) Patch still live in Vaughn, Montana. They are new grandparents and are enjoying the experience. Although the Nathan & Laura (Patch) Thomas family lives in Missoula, the new grandparents are able to visit often. To clarify: Laura Patch was married to Nathan Thomas, March 7, 2005 (The wedding info was not printed before). As was printed in the last Samtaleran Baily Beth Thomas was born March 10, 2006. Nathan Thomas works for a security company and Laura works part time for Verizon Wireless. Katie Patch is a sophomore at Simms High School.


Thank you Pearl for donating $20.00 to help defray expenses on the Samtaleran. Also thank you to Ron Ginther for the $7.00 sent to help with the Samtaleran newsletter. And thank you to Bonnie Hilt for the ream of copy paper given for the Samtaleran. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Also thank you to all who answered my plea for material to put into the newsletter. I guess there is no lack of things to write about out there, just not a lot of time to send it in!


Dear Family,

So many things stand out when I think back over our 2006 Reunion at Plain View Farm. Some of them are:

1. The reunion President: Wonderful to have John Brown to run "the show". When he was elected president, he did not live in South Dakota, nor was it even in the picture. The Lord knew though!

2. The reunion Cook: One of our own family, Judy Stadem, to take over feeding the group numbering over 60,.was great.

3. People from Far Away: Eldest Sis Pearl (96) Wow! Columbian Missionaries, Carleen Newton and Kenna Tavassoli!

4. Programming: Mim Rinderknecht's involving the kids. It was fun! all the other volunteer programs were great.

5. Work Projects: No one was grumpy! Bernie Iserman and sons, mike, Jon, and Gene, along with Steve Stadem got the Spisehytte reshingled and that provided the impetus for adding paint. new swings for the kids. Other painting of buildings.

You may be aware that the farm is in the ownership hands of Leroy, Liz and their five children. All expenses (taxes, insurance, rural water, equipment, upkeep, site maintenance) are paid for by Leroy and Liz Stadem. Time and energy with the work is not reimbursed! We certainly appreciate the $1,000.00 paid as "rent" by the reunion users. That money came out of the registrations for the reunion.[It should be recalled that the property and buildings were bought by Tom Harrington, willed to his wife, and she in turn willed PVF to her brother Leroy and family. She fully expected them to maintain it if they accepted it, which they have done after accepting it. No one forced them to take on this big responsibility. They obviously wanted to do it, and it has been a labor of love, not obligation or "have to." A foundation could have been set up, however, in which everyone would share in the governance and expense, and they say many hands make light work, and that can apply financially too! Or the farm could have been sold as the attorney for our grandparents suggested in his letter to everyone. The Leroy Stadems took the burden of the responsibility and expenses upon themselves, voluntarily, and it need not have happened, but they chose to have it done that way. They could also suspend the reunions on Plain View Farm and the reunions could be held elsewhere in a park, as one Stadem wife suggested at a PVF business meeting. Then the farm could be shut up year round without having to clean the house, prepare the grounds, and run up expenses with the usage of over 60 relatives every year or every other year at reunions. Art Henrickson of Watertown, in a letter to the Stadem families, said co-ownership was not a good option and would create problems. Rather than do that, a sale of the estate was his best advice as legal counsel to Alfred and Bergit Stadem for many years and their family as well. Most significantly, he also suggested a meeting of all concerned to pray and seek God's will as how to combine and utilize their various ministries in concert for God's kingdom. The PVF Stadems chose not to follow his advice about the property and chose co-ownership by a single family, and also have not joined in a holy convocation to seek God's will. Do we truly know God's will if we will not join together and prayerfully, humbly, seek it? Or have we instead chosen to follow men's human reasoning and have missed God's will? Time will tell, and it has already told, for those whose eyes who can see it, the avenues of possible ministry reaching out from the farm itself to the communities around has not happened, the roads are empty and forlorn!. --Concerned, Ron Ginther (Editor)].

Be sure and communicate how you think we should be doing things better. [Update: Lorin Ginther in 2019 has submitted to the owners, the LLC Stadems or five children of Leroy and Liz Stadem, who are in control of the farm a proposal to consider for the new implemented plan of his that would expand governance and expense of the Farm to the wider family relationship of Stadem Descendants. Priviso is that voting members be blood relations of Alfred and Bergit Stadem. No response as yet, January 2020--Ed.].

As for the "Barn Again" project, I guess here are some preliminary needs before start of the barn.

1. The House roof, especially the north side, needs repair. The roof boards are taking on rain and are getting soft. Uffda!

2. Then it is thought that, first, a bigger shed is needed as a storage place for equipment and building supplies, aned also as a work place. THEN the barn! prayer answered, the maintenance shed is standing on the farm!--Ed.].

God is so good. Keep on praying and let us trust in Christ our Savior to lead us in our families. and keep thanking the Lord for all of our great heritage! Love and Prayer, Leroy.



The meeting was called to order by President John Brown at 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 2, 2006 [Alfred Stadem would not have countenanced such a meeting on the Sabbath! Was that keeping the Sabbath holy? It was wrong, not at all traditional on Plain View Farm, and everyone present had to know it was wrong to do this. A Saturday meeting could have been held instead.--Ed.]

Discussion was held on the completed maintenance items: Spise Hutte was reshingled, four buildings were repainted, nedw storage shed was completed, and general cleaning, spraying of weeds, and mowing was done.

Discussion was also held on the pole barn for machinery storage: Where the placement will be, and whether to purchase or make roof trusses. Discussion was held on the needs of the main house. The roof needs to be reshingled, but prior to that the north roof slope needs to have some wood replaced. Other needs of the house are: Some new windows, new steps at the front porch, and a railing at the back door steps. The wish list for the Spise Hutte included water with a double sink at the front porch.

It was decided that the last of the junk and old barn residue left at the bottom of the barn would be set on fire later in the day to make it easier to prepare the site for an eventual building.

Bills submitted: the bill for the food caterer was estimated and will be paid out of the registration fees. Upon recommendation by John Brown, it was moved and seconded that an extra $100.00 be given to Judy Stadem when the bill is paid for the catering. Motion carried.

Discussion was also held on payment of "Rent" to the owners of PVF. The rent should help with their expenses for the time spent using the facility during the reunion. Expenses to be considered would be taxes, water, electricity, insurance, mowing, spraying, some hired labor etc. The registration fees should also cover this payment. A motion was made by Bonnie Hilt and seconded by Gloria Brown that rent be paid in an amount to be determined by the officers after registrations have been counted and the caterer has been paid. Motion carried.

It was decided that the officers be the same for the next large reunion (2008): President, John Brown, VP and Reunion Manager, Ria Schaefer, Sec./Tres., Eloise Hefty, Historian, Rennard Svanoe.

The dates of the next mini-reunion are June 22-25, 2007; the dates of the next large reunion are June 21-24, 2008. Attendance this year (2006) was 64 persons, both relatives and visitors.

A heartfelt thank you was given to Mim Rinderknecht for her work with the children's program, to Bonnie Hilt for her work with the silent auction which brought in $447.80 for future barn/building needs, to Judy Stadem for her special effort to present Norwegian food items, and to the officers for a successful and special reunion.

Bonnie Hilt moved that the meetings be adjourned. It was seconded and motion carried.

--Eloise Hefty, Secretary

(NOTE: The registrations for the 2006 reunion totaled $$2,177.00. The caterer bill was $900. The extra $100.00 made the total caterer amount $1,000.00. The amount of "rent" paid to the owners of PVF was $1,000.00.)




Beginning Balance, June 2005---------------------------$959.91

INCOME: Donations - Barn-------------------------------------------$1.370/00

(Schaefer, 1,000.00; Ron Ginther, 100.00; Pearl, 20.00; Pujals, 250.00)

Registrations for reunion-----------------------------------$2,177.00

Silent auction/Kids raffle-----------------------------------447.80


TOTAL INCOME---------------------------------------------$3,995.55

EXPENSES: Meals, Judy Stadem, Facility Rent, Lee Stadem------------------------ $1.000/00

TOTAL EXPENSES----------------------------------$2,000.00

Ending Balance, June 2006-------------------------------$2,995.46


Beginning Balance, June 2005----------------------------$1,198.06

Interest added-----------------------------------------------------1.73

Ending Balance, June 2006---------------------------------$1,199.79



The report prepared by Barbara Benson was presented at the reunion. It tells about how names were given and how they changed when coming to America. The question "Why did Sjur & Oline Stadem come to America?" is asked. Possible reasons are given. A map shows where these relatives, spouses and ancestors lived in the area around Vik I Sogn, and follows the name changed as they moved within the area. Colored pictures of the exterior and interior of the Hopperstad Stave Church and the Hove Stone Church are included, as well as a picture of a typical Bark (the type of ship the Stadems sailed on to America) and information about their trip by way of Quebec. Barbara Benson has given permission for her copyrighted report to be reproduced for her cousins. The cost will be $6.00. Let Eloise Hefty know if you want a copy.



The businessman had a drug problem when he was young. He was drug to church on Sunday morning. He was drug back on Sunday nights. he was even drug to Bible classes. He was drug to church for weddings and funerals. He was drug to family reunions no matter the weather. He was drug out of bed to go to school every weekday. He was drug "by my ears" when disrespectful to adults and teachers. He was drug to the woodshed when he disobeyed his parents. Those drugs are still in his veins, they affect his behavior in everything he does, says, and thinks. They were stronger than cocaine, crack, heroin or meth, and break no laws in administration or consumption.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6.

To submit information for the next Samtaleran newsletter, send it to Eloise Hefty [address and telephone numbers given]. When we are in Arizona my address is [given, and with telephone numbers]. Thank you to all who provided news for this issue.



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