Den Stadem Samtaleran, October, 2007,

The Stadem Reunion 2007,

The 2007 Stadem Reunion was a relaxed gathering of 39 relatives. With few programming plans no registration, no planned meals, the reunion happened anyway. I guess we just like to visit the farm! There was no write-up of the reunion, so here is a little information. Some persons sifted through the remaining debris at the bottom of the barn removing nails. Several pails of nails were picked up. Reason for this; Plans are to save and use the compost/dirt for garden or other use, and further it was preferred that the bobcat loader not pick up nails in its tires. The group sang at Sunday Church service as in other years. Meals were made by good cooks for hungry people. Several birthdays were celebrated/acknowledged - Lee Stadem - 80; Rennard Svanoe - 70; Deb (Svanoe) Wilken - 50; Steve Stadem - 50; and three persons not in attendance - Beth Ann (Taylor) - 60; Gary Spilde - 60; and Roberta (Ginther) Stowers - 60. Cake and treats were served and the party enjoyed by all. Maxine Haugom, daughter Patty Teeslink, grand daughter, Laura (Teeslink) Hauger, Helen Van Sickle, and Dan Price (all from the Sever Stadem family - brother of Alfred Stadem0 stopped by for a visit, bringing delicious treats.

Some thought can be given to the 2008 Stadem Reunion. The current officers have another chance to implement their great ideas! The Minutes from 2006 show that the dates of the 2008 Stadem Reunion will be June 21-24; and the officers are Pres. John Brown; VP & Reunion Manager Ria Schaefer; Sec./Treas, Elolse Hefty; Historian Rennard Svanoe. The recognition of decade birthdays (50 & up) seems to be a hit. Also anything having to do with our Norwegian heritage captivates our interest. Special acitivities also are popular with the young ones. But it seems we all have fun no matter how much and how many activities are planned.


A baby boy, Adrian Templeton, was born in 2007 to Carl & Andreza Templeton. Adrian joins big sister Julia. Dan & Beth Templeton are the grandparents, Cora Taylor is the great grandmother. (Someone please send the birthdate.)

A baby girl, Taylor Lynn Rangen, was born June 25, 2007 to Brent & Jackie Rangen, (most recently of CA).

A baby boy, Ryan John Stensaas, was born June 28, 2007 to Bradley & Traci Stensaas, Chancellor, SD. Eloise Hefty is the grandmother, and Alida Spilde is the great grandmother. Ryan at 7 lb 14 oz. and 21 inches long, "refused" to be born by normal delivery so came by C-section.

A baby girl, Sydney Danielle Ward, was born July 18, 2007 to Stephen & Karis Taylor Ward, Jonesboro, Arkansas. Calvin & Gwen Taylor are the grandparents. Cora Taylor is the great grandmother. Sydney joins brother Brennan, age 2, at home. Calvin reminds us that Jonesboro is one hour north of Cotton Plant, Arkansas where Carl Taylor lived in the 1920s and 1930s.

A baby boy, Jonathon Robert Maloney, was born September 21, 2007 to Dave & Christine (Ginther) Maloney, Milton, WA. Grandparents are Wayne & Judith Ginther, and Pearl Ginther is the proud great grandmother. Pearl wrote that little Jonathon was already a big boy, being eleven pounds at birth by C-section. Waiting for a playmate in three year old sister, Katherine.

A baby girl, Piper Chelan Goehner, 8 lbs 2 oz, was born October 112, 2007 to Erik & Desta (Ronning) Goener, Camarillo, CA. Nada & Nelius Ronning are the grandparents. Axel Lundring (deceased) would have been a proud great grandfather. Waiting patiently for a new playmate are Maya, 4, and Dryden, 2 years old.


Shawn Camelita Stadem and Arron Koch were married Dec. 16, 2006 at the Special Memory Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. They will live in Harrisburg, SD where she teaches school. Shawn is the daughter of Myron "Mike" & Pat Stadem (both deceased). (Mike was a second cousin of Leroy.) Shawn earned a masters in business administration degree from Colorado Technical University and a BA degree from the University of Sioux Falls. She is a middle school language arts teacher. Aaron attended SDSU and works at Walter Ree Masonry.

Daniel James Templeton and Bianca Pinhal were married June 16, 2007 at the Peniel Bible Institute, Jacutinga, MG in Brazil, south America. Daniel "Danny" is the son of Dan & Beth Templeton; grandson of Cora Taylor. The couple are at Peniel until the beginning of 2008.

Caila Marie Taylor and Jelle Van Beuzekom were married on July 28, 2007 in Mt. Joy, PA. Caila is the daughter of Hudson & Resa Taylor, whose whole family was together for that very joyful occasion. The couple are now resi9ding in Holland with hopes of serving God on the mission field some day. (See IN THE SPOTLIGHT)

Tyler Lee Crabtree and Sarah A. Tommerdahl plan to be married January 5, 2008. Tyler is the stepson of Sonja (Swenson) Crabtree, and Sonja is the daughter of Dave & Janelle (Rangen) Swenson.



Pearl Ginther turned 98 on September 13, 2007. Pearl has now lived the same number of years as her mother, Bergit Holbeck Stadem. Many loved ones and friends helped her celebrate. Beginning on Sept. 10th at women's Aglow, she was surprised with a beautifully decorated cake with butterflies, pink flowers, and the words "Happy 98 Birthday, Pearl", and a card with lots of names. The cake served 25 ladies, and the remaining cake went kome with Pearl to serve to others. On the day of her birthday the Golden rose Park where she lives had a regular potluck and celebrated Pearl with another cake and birthday song. On Sept. 16th her church, mountain View Lutheran, honored her with more goodies and singing. She said, "I jumped up on my feet and threw my hands in the air and praised the Lord, telling them I've always felt sustaining love all these 65 years at Mt. View. I have seen where our church has miraculously gone forward spiritually and in giving beautifully to countless charities and building homes for Habitat for Humanity, and also has a food bank. All of my children attended there, and truly love the Lord, and are serving god, God be praised." She received many cards, flowers, cash gifts, and meals at restaurants, and two more parties yet to be held. A special fun time was a phone call from her great grandchildren, the Pujals children, who all together yelled out Happy Birthday, Grandma! {I thought at her 90th birthday that she had ten years before reaching 100, and that was a good stretch of time left with her to bless us and inspire us, but, no, that time zoomed, and before we knew it, she was 100! Never had time gone so fast as with her, and I felt somewhat robbed, as the ten and eleven years in total was all too brief!--Ed.

Cora Taylor, 92, is doing quite well, according to daughter, Carleen Newton. She is feeling well and keeping busy with company and activities. She is always hospitable and witnessing of God's great salvation to those she meets. Cora's granddaughter (and Carleen's daughter) Kenna Tavassoli and family enjoyed a wonderful trip to Brazil to visit Cora in the month of July. Ken and Carleen Newton are leaving October 16th for a month's visit to see Cora. Calvin * Gwen Taylor write that they spent 45 days in Peniel with their dear Cora. "She is doing fine and really appreciates the visits of her family." Dan and Beth Templeton mentioned that, "In May, Beth helped mother Cora speak to a group of more than 40 ladies on her porch at the guest house. These dear ladies came from a church in Sao Paulo requesting that she speak to them on how they might be more effective wives in God's hands. Give praise to the Lord for how He continues to bless and use Cora, a gentle and dynamic lady, in our lives as well as her visitors."

Alida Spilde will be 91 on December 18th. She still lives at Edgewood Vista assisted living home. She knows her children when they visit. She has albums of pictures and information to help keep her thoughts straight. One new notebook contains obituary information on some of her relatives who have died. She enjoyed reading about Alfred and Bergit, as she was reminded of information long ago forgotten. Itseems that she has lost her sense of belonging and her sense of emotional security. She longs to see and speak to her parents and be back on the Farm. Apparently, she dreams about her days of years ago and the people around her then, so is saddened when presented with the reality of it being 2007 and many of her family are gone. Time marches on and we are confident that Alida is being well cared for. all meals are provided as well as laundry, room cleaning, and distribution of medicatikons. Her health seems good, she is taking a blood thinner to prevent clots from forming at her ankles. She is taking medication to slow the dementia process. She wonders what she should be doing. She is able to read very wsell, even small print, so the best we can do is provide reading materials for her. We also know she prays a lot. But she remains alone, even among the other women, as she is quite suspicious of their actions, and possible reasons for the actions of others. Old age can be the 'pits'! [Don't agree, cousin, not at all! The Bible says we wil when aged be green and full of sap and declaring the works of the Lord! No pits for a Christian oldster are promised, not at all, just the opposite! If proof is needed, and I don't believe it is, my mother was proof sufficient, of how an oldster can live a most productive life right to the time the Lord takes one home. She showed that God's promises to oldsters are absolutely true. It depends on perspective, oftentimes. A glass with water stands on the table. One sees it half empty, another person sees it half full. It has water in it for a drink, in any case, and we can be thankful for what God has given.--Ed.]. Leroy Stadem will turn 80 on October 20, 2007. Leroy writes that he has a few surprises to share.

"Surprise #1. The 2007 Reunion - We expected only some of our immediate family members at our mini reunion June 22-24 at the farm. But they came and just kept coming. Preparations were minimal but everyone seemed to do OK. Programming was kept low key, but no one complained.

Surprise #2. Liz, Steve and I went to the farm a few days ahead (June 6). The grass was all headed out with blue grass, so we only mowed the areas of larger grass and weeds and waited for the rest to seed out. Liz cleaned the house and the Spise Hutte (Steve and I helped a wee bit) but most of the time Steve and I were working on and with the 9N tractor and the largest of our riding mowers. We actually felt like mechanics and hay farmers when we finished. At reunion time we "hayed" the rest.

Surprise #3. Liz and I made it to the National Senior Games (Senior Olympics as some call it), leaving a day after the reunion. We drove to Louisville, KY. We didn't need overloads on our '"98 Mercury to get all our medals home! We're keeping the record going of attending them all since they began in '87.

Surprise #4. I was Interim Pastor for one whole year at St. John Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls where I had retired from 15 years ago. The congregation said they were in no hurry to fill the Associate Pastor's job, but they have now, so I'm rather free for a while.

Surprise #5. I'm going to get a total knee replacement on October 23, 2007. Three days before, on my 80th birthday, I told Liz I play tennis at 8:00 am, and hunt pheasants Opening Day at 12:00 noon. So, whatever else there is to do -- like eat(?), we will have to find a different time. She went along with that, great wife that she is. (Liz says, "Do I have an option?") Love, Leroy"

Bonnie Hilt found out just recently that she can fill a vacant spot on a trip to Israel and Italy - going with some church friends. She had one week to be ready to go. Joe Hilt has declined to go on this trip as he and Bonnie have been there before, and he is too busy, so another friend of Bonnie's will go.

Calvin & Gwen Taylor attended the big and beautiful June 16th wedding of their nephew Danny Templeton to Bianca in Brazil at Peniel Bible Institute. "The Lord gave us 45 days there in Peniel...We were ab le to correct a host of new books for the Portuguese speaking missionaries as they teach through the Word of God. We had a very profitable time challenging folks for the work among the tribal people. This past week we presented a plaque to a couple in western KY thanking them for their 22 years with NTM. I called Mom, Cora, and told her that the reason she didn't get a plaque yet is because she didn't retire. This couple is headed to India to see that folks who work with the US companies have the privilege of hearing about our Savior. The people who help us with our computers will many times have millions of gods. Next week I go to Nashville for three days conference. Then we go to PA to a Rep conference in Jersey Shore, and then to Lynchburg, VA to do mentoring with students who want to be missionaries. The reason we share this is to ask for prayer. Gwen is teaching in a classroom; Jeff & Glenda Taylor live in Knoxville, as well as Karen & Mark Peebles; Karis & husband, Stephen Ward, who is a pastor of a church in Arkansas, are good parents tour 9th and 10th grandchildren; and youngest daughter Anita is working at the post office."

Dan & Beth (Taylor) Templeton wrote about their wedding of their son, Danny to Bianca. The outdoor ceremony, including 300 guests using the chapel benches, was held in a new gazebo that was finished just in time for the wedding. They thank the Hudson & Resa Taylor attended tgheir daughter Caila's wedding in Pennsylvania in July. According to sis Carleen, both Hudson & Resa looked so good that day. They are back in Brazil now and very busy without any of their children at home. Their ministry is still with the Pataxo people group of Bahia, Brazil. [maybe it is time for them to bring the Gospel to the lost tribes of America? I approached Aunt Cora about this, and she was impressed by the number of tribes here I listed to her that live in just Washington State. They are mostly all abandoned, forgotten, forsaken, and betrayed peoples, and are on the fast track to extinction.. Alcoholism, drug use, broken marriages, spousal abuse, abandoned children, violent crimes, 90 per cent without jobs, suicide--are they not lost tribes too? They have souls needing the gospel too, but America and its churches have generally forgotten the tribes, except those people and Christians too who go for entertainment, so-called, and good food at tribal casinos which make a lot of money for state officials to skim off, if there is anything left after what the mafia crime syndicates don't rake off! Somehow anthropologists who attack missionaries as "exploitive" and detrimental to Indian cultures do not see tribal casinos as constituting "cultural genocide," though it definitely destroys any tribe that operates a casino with the godless avarice and greed of the gambling industry, not to mention the prostitution and gambling addiction and neglect of Indian families' welfare that gambling inevitably produces..- The entire state and the society is corrupted, with millions of people impacted in a very negative, destructive way. I pray for the tribes every day, that is all I can do. Mother gave much money over the many years to help impoverished people on the reservations. Most people, including Christians and churches, do not do as she did, nor even see a spiritual need to be filled. The same good people will go to a casino for the good, cheap meals, and maybe play at the slots too, and not think of the enormous cost to the tribe's neglected old people and the vulnerable children of addicted parents in broken families hidden behind all the glitter and "good times".-Ed.]

Information was sent through Mim from Rachel Kristine (Svanoe) and daughter Meadow. After living and working on the coast for 13 years, Rachel has moved her landscaping and nursery business inland to Occidental, CA, about 1 1/2 hours north of San Francisco. She and her partner Dennis are creating a retreat on 5 acres of redwood forest land, and hopes to host visits from family/friends. Meadow is in her third year at Brooks Institute of Photography, and looks forward to a professional career in fashion and product photography. She currently enjoys a waitress/hostess job in Santa Barbara, CA.[Meadow has since been married in 2019 in California].

Bernie & Naomi (Svanoe) Iserman and three boys, still live north of Minneapolis at Onamia, MN. Mim is requesting prayers for Naomi's oldest son, Gabe and his partner Sheila for blessings, love, and healing, and all the riches of God's mercy that allow us to be blessed. Although the reason isnot disclosed, the Lord knows their needs.

Those who attended the 2007 Stadem reunion were able to visit with Jeff & Debbie Wilken and son, Miles, 8. Mim thinks Miles has the most darling face and beautiful strawberry blond hair.

Nada (Lundring) Ronning [Nada is a granddaughter of Albinus and Catherine (Holbeck) Lundring.] writes that she would like to attend a Stadem reunion sometime. [she since this time has visited the Farm, and Eloise escorted her on her stay in the area..]. But our dates conflict with Holden Village commitments for her. Nada is an ongoing committee member, and will have to wait until she retires from that job to attend one of our Stadem reunions. Nada and Nelius are hoping to attend the next Augustana Academy reunion near the end of July. They lead very active lives. A few highlights of their summer are: Rowing their boat for a week on the Sacramento Delta; helping at Holden Village, WA for a week; visiting a 90 yr old aunt in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; helping sister Cate and Wayne Hillard move back into their home in WA after their return from Togo [West African nation] in August; then being back home ready to welcome their 3rd grandchild into the world in early October.


In Carleen Newton's words this description of the Caila Taylor/Jelle Van Beezekom wedding was written for Cora, Calvin, Beth and Dan who were in Brazil and not able to attend. She says, "it was one of the nicest weddings I have ever attended, and I cannot do justice in explaining how beautiful and meaningful the wedding was to Ken and I, we were so blessed." It was so much fun to be with Hudson and Resa again, and Caila was so happy and relaxed about everything. While Caila was in her dressing room, I had to bother her for something, but she was so kind, coming over to me to give me a hug, and welcome us to the wedding."

"As far as the beauty of the wedding, Caila and a friend had made all the beautiful decorations, then many people helped and worked hard to decorate the reception hall just right - the family, representatives from the church, and the lady who was host to Hudson and Resa. The tables were elegant and hundreds of little lights cast quite a beautiful romantic touch tot he room. They also remembered each person with a pretty little gift from Brazil, a scene in a small bottle done with colored sand."

"The most meaningful part of the ceremony was the worshipful spirit. The attention was definitely on the Lord. A number of songs were sung by the congregation, everyone had the words, and Caila and the piano player led with their voices. The pastor was great. he gave so much good teaching and reminded us over and over again about the Lord being number one in our relationship as married people. The Lord deserves the glory, and to be listened to, and must be obeyed before a marriage will work. The service was very Chriwst-centered and honoring to Him. Not stiff, mind you, Caila would say something ande have us all laughing, and then Jelle would talk and we were smiling again. he is a blessing to be with, such a transparent and honest guy. They said their own vows, which was preceded by a video of Jelle and two friends singing a song that Jelle had written to honor the Lord on his wedding day. Jelle accompanied on the guitar, and the words were on the screen."

"A touching moment was hearing the fathers pray for their children. Jelle's dad prayed for his son, reading the words in English, then Hudson spontaneously prayed for Caila and finished by saying, "...and Lord, I just really want to see Caila again." It was wonderful, one or more told Hudson that his prayer was so helpful to them. Hudson and Caila sang an acapella duet in Portuguese. It was a song based on Paul's words from romans 8: 38-39, "Nothing can separate us from the Love of God." It was so special. Hudson had told Caila, he would not sing if they didn't practice, well, guess what, they did not practice. Her inviting others to join in the song helped cover Hudson's insecurity. He sang in a nice tenor voice, but when asked, said he is not sure WHAT he sang! (What a good sport my Brother is!)"

"Another special moment was when all 20 Dutch folks who came to the wedding, got up and sang a "prayer of blessing" for Jelle and Caila in Dutch.

Thanking God for each day he gives us! Carleen (Taylor) Newton

Thank you to all who provided news for this issue. Eloise Hefty



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