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Thank you to Ron Ginther for the $10.00 donation for stamps. Thank you to Pearl Ginther for the $20 donation for supplies for the Samtaleran. All donations greatly appreciated.


[Sylvia Fjelstad Yuge writing in Samtaleren of 2008's reunion and her and Tom Yuge's trip from California to see her 99 year old aunt Pearl Ginther before the reunion, which Pearl did not attend, one of the few she missed over the many years]

"--are always the givers, and here a person [Pearl Ginther] I've never met sent me money! This was determined to be a blessing from God, and I needed to attend. I learned that God has used Pearl over and over to help people see The Way and I realized this was no exception. We gave the money back and just went to SD on faith that God would see us through financially and He did. But first, before going, I needed to meet this Pearl.

Our meeting was wonderful, Pearl gave me a heartfelt hug. When I looked into her eyes, heard her speak about God, listened to her wonderful humor, I felt like I was home with Grandmother Andrena. I know why I felt this way; it was because she has the same faith and love for God and others as my had. I began to hear how much they want the Plain View Farm to be a farm that serves family, but even more serves God. I began to see how strongly and just how many sacrifices and prayers that Pearl and Ron say and do to see that this happens. I too pray that God's will be done and that this comes to pass.

I enjoyed Pearl and Ron's fervor for this project and how it seems to be a mission from God. I enjoyed their passion for God and how Ron tries to conserve money so it can be given to a Christian cause. Although it may seem like I am being too wordy, you need to know that for me, my being at the Stadem reunion was more than just a get together, it was a very spiritual movement and a gift from God.


When I arrived at the farm I met Leroy and Liz Stadem, some of their wonderful children and grandchildren. Upon hearing how I love family Leroy asked if I wanted to visit the vacant Vorseth farm place. I guess he was listening to God, because it was such a wonderful experience. He drove his car right up to the house through the weeds as tall as the windows of his car. His son Peter took my camera and took pictures of the inside of the house. As I peeked through the windows it was like they had just moved out. We could see their old couch, their old stove, their television on a stand with rabbit ears. Spiritually it was as sif God was saying, "Here is where your relatives were from this is where and how they lived." Leroy began telling me about Andrew Vorseth and I got to know how hard the winters were and how they depended on family to help them through the rough winters. I remember my grandmother Andrena speaking about the Vorseths. I began tos ee Leroy's son Peter asking his dad a lot of questions about his grandparents. Leroy took us over to look at a place where the sod house once stood. Peter asked more questions. People say why go back into genealogy. I think it gives me a better understanding of why our parents said and did what they did. We all learn from our ancestors and I know why my grandparents and parents were such wonderful people and Christians; it was because of their heritage and their Christian teachings. I am thankful to all of them for teaching me who the Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are.

When I speak to others about God, I am saddened that they do not know him. They ask many questions. They feel so sad that God isn't there for them. I tell them God knows them and loves them. I tell them they don't hear God because they don't listen. To have a relationship with Him, they need to get into a church and into the Word. I am sad to say some of these people now put me, as a Christian, to shame, as they are on fire serving God. I've heard some say, "even though I believe in God he doesn't want me, I am too filthy." I remember one man telling me he shot a man and didn't stay around to see if he lived. I told him, "God forgives", all he has to do is ask for forgiveness and accept Christ as his savior, and that he was covered by the blood of Christ. This man contracted cancer and died, but not before accepting Jesus as his savior. This happened because my family taught me that God loves us all. Know it is our duty as Christians to spread the word and save as many as we can. They may not have had a Christian heritage, so we as Christians have a duty to introduce God to them so they will want to serve God and insure that their future generations know and serve God.

While visiting with the Stadem family, I saw that Leroy was a strong leader for his family, and that he leads them by following God. I could see that Liz respects her husband and that they are respected as grandparents. I began to realize that the reunion was not just a family get-together, but also a reunion with God. I saw what a wonderful gift God has given to Steve Stadem. He has a great gift of leading li9ke his father, he has a love for God and a gift of art. He used his gift to serve God by putting the money from sales of his art into the farm.

One night we sat around the campfire and sang songs. I must admit I don't know much of the new Christian music, as I was raised on the old hymns, but I do enjoy music. My Grandfather Julius Fjelstad used to sit under an old apple tree in Minneapolis and sing Rock of Ages, the Old Rugged Cross, How Great Thou Art, and many more. I would sit up in the tree and sing with him. I enjoyed this tremendously. "The night of the campfire God's hand was at work. After singing and closing with prayer, we got into our truck to head to our motel in Watertown, it started to rain. I looked on those huge raindrops, lightning and thunder as a blessing. I was in awe of how God waited until Leroy's prayer was done and all were departing, God's timing is always great! My husband Tom will tell you that I love the rain, lightning , and thunder. I am so loved and blessed by everything that God has done for Tom and me. Everything about this family reunion was a blessing. First when I was discouraged with my friends and some immediate family members, God answered my prayer to send me some good Christians, and he did. God blessed me with a wonderful warm loving family. God gave me and my husband a beautiful rainstorm, He provided me with good Christian music. It was such a treat for a city girl like me to be there on the old Vorseth farm place, hear stories about him and his time. I enjoyed attending Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on Sunday with the Stadem family. We arrived late as we missed the turnoff on the highway and ended up in DeSmet, so I couldn't be a part of their chorus, but I enjoyed their voices and I had the o9pportunity to meet with somelocal people who knew my grandparents, my Aunt Cora [Fjelstad], and hear new stories about them.

I enjoyed hearing about Alfred and Bessie Stadem, the many good things they did, their Christian life, and where they got their teachings. I pray that the farm continues to serve God and others the way it serves the Stadems, and that God's will is done on the Plain View Farm. Thank you to all who welcomed us. You were God's tool to accomplish what God wanted for Tom and to experience. We look forward to visiting in the future and seeing all of you again. I wish I could have done more talking and gotten to know all of you better. we say thank you to everyone at the reunion for their warm hospitality.

Sincerely, Sylvia and Tom Yuge



The following is a listing of the contributions. If your donation item/amount is wrong, please let me know. FYI - Bonnie Hilt's gift has been divided between this fund and current expenses. so her amount listed is less than originally reported.


Pujals Family, Direct Gifts, 300.00

Russ & Ria Schaefer, Direct Gift, 1,000.00

Brown Families, In Memory of Alida Stadem Spilde, 150.00

Rangen Family, In Memory of Alida Stadem Spilde, 25.00

Spilde/Hilt/Hefty Families, In Memory of Alida Spilde, 1,620.00

Bonnie Hilt, In Memory of Alida Stadem Family, 1,840.00

Pearl Ginther, Direct Gifts to Barn/Center, including Kitchen, 1,152.00

Gift for Windmill, 150.00

Gift for Chapel, Chimes, Speaker, Cross, 275.00

Gift for Water Feature [recirculating brook], 180.00

Gift in Memory of Alida Stadem Spilde, 110.00

In Memory of Katrine Holbeck Lundring, 65.00

In Memory of Andrew Holbeck, 20.00,

In Memory of Robert Ginther, 40.00

In Memory of Athena Smith, 5.00

In Memory of Irene Doering, 20.00

In Memory of Palma Larson, 10.00

In Memory of Joe Berkewitz, 20.00

Gift from Pearl's Mt. View Lutheran church and family friends Arnold & Bertine Egge, 8.00


Pearl & Ron Ginther

In Memory of Claire & Norma Hobart, 100.00

In Memory of Opal Stime, 100.00

In Memory of Dorothy Newell, mentally challenged, helped by Pearl in Pearl's mobile home court, 25.00

Additional gift for Water Feature, 50.00

In Memory of George Baldwin, Army uncle of Jerry's, who cooked, for kitchen equipment, 70.00

Darrell Ginther, Gift to Honor Mother Pearl Ginther, 100.00


Ron Ginther, Direct Gifts, 350.00

Gift for Speakers, 20.00

In Memory of Carol Williams, Mt. View Lutheran church missionary died in Cameroun 1968, 20.00

In Memory of Karen Brende, 45.00

In Memory of Estelle Rangen & Son Paul Rangen, 100.00

In Memory of Dorthy Ellen Newell, 50.00

In Memory of Arthur Stadem, 10.00

In Memory of Arthur Arp, 10.00

In Memory of Nora Hall & Gladys Sorenson's, Ron's friends, 10.00

In Memory of Lenita Templeton, for child evangelistic programing, 100.00

Tribute to Ginther cousin, Edyth O'Neill, 25.00


Roberta Ginther

Gift to honor Mother Pearl Ginther on 99th Birthday, 20.00

In Memory of Charlotte Orazem, cared for by Roberta at group home, 50.00


Jerry Ginther

Gift to Honor Mother Pearl Ginther on 99th Birthday, 120.00

To Honor Brother Ron Ginther, 120.00

To Honor Sister Joyce Ginther Bassett, 120.00

To Honor Sister Gloria Ginther Brown, 120.00

Forwarded from Gloria Brown, 28.00

In Memory of Uncle George Baldwin, a cook, 70.00

In Memory of Irene Hovdenes, 120.00

Tribute to Floy McDonald, 120.00

To Honor Ms. Finch, 120.00

Tribute to Barbara Gallagher, landlady, 120.00

In Memory of Athena Smith, 120.00

To Honor Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Egge, 120.00


Liane "Dagi" Finch, [Jerry told her about PVF at his SeaTac airport job], Direct Gift for Programming, 100.00

Chloe Koslowsky, Gift, 17.00

Kathleen Lawrence-Smith, (English friend of Pearl's and Ron's), In Memory of Husband Ray, 1,000,00

Joy L. (Stime) Nelson, In Memory of Mother Opal Stime, 40.00

Eloise Spilde Hefty,Direct Gift, 50.00

Yuge, Fjelstad, Stene Families, In Memory of Kristine Stadem, 1,000.00

John Morell & Co., Gift to Heritage Center, 1,000.00

Steve Stadem, Direct Gift - profits from Barn Painting Sales, 850.00

TOTAL, $13,760.00




Gloria (Ginther) Brown spent 5 weeks in Sioux Falls caring for granddaughter Reghan Brown (now 2) while her parents, John & Jody Brown, and Cara traveled to Australia and New Zealand. While in Sioux Falls Gloria had a great time with the Stadem families and the Heftys. Gloria traveled through Eastern Europe for 16 days in September. "We went "up" the Blue Danube from Constanta, Romania, by river boat for 7 days and then overland by bus to Prague. The countries of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, overrun by the Nazis in WWII and controlled by the Soviets from 1947-1990 have come a long way to make the lives of their peoples so much better. Three highlights of this trip for me were (1) having lunch in the home of a Croatian farmer and his family communicating mainly through sign language, maps and pictures; and (2) visiting with a former student aide of mine originally from Bratislava, Slovakia. She is an up- and coming bright young woman who now works in her country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and (3) spending three days in Budapest, a city known for their Turkish baths, of which I partook!!It was an exceedingly enlightening 16 days. Last but not least, Wayne and Judith Ginther came for a brief visit in May, and Lorin & Marylou Ginther came for an even 'briefer' visit in August. It have great to have family no matter the length of time!"

Ren and Grace Svanoe continue to seek God's will for Canyon Scholars. A few relatives are helping with scholarships for the needy Mexican school children who are talented but have no means to develop their talent. They are also teaching their perfected method of gardening to the natives, 106 families and counting now. A garden needs the proper mixture of soil, ditches for watering, a high fence to keep animals out at night, the correct type of seeds for their area. It has taken them four years to define the variables that make for a good garden.

Al Svanoe has been living in the mountains near the Napa Valley, but is planning to move closer to Santa Rosa and Ukiah, CA, which also will be closer to his daughter Sarah. Mim wrote that Al runs an ashram, which is basically an atmosphere that lends itself to learning. Those seeking help are offered coffee, food, shelter, invited to sit at a large table, then to talk and listen. Al mostly listens and is oftentimes a substitute "Dad". It seems if you listen to their whole story, often they see the solution to their problem by themselves. Mim continues - relating a story about Sarah, 31. She stopped to visit Mim while driving her motorcycle from California to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in SD. Sarah believes, "You can do anything." They enjoyed hours of conversation and getting to know each other before Sarah was on her way.

If anyone is interested in writing to Victor Svanoe, St Johns, AZ, send it to Mim Rinderknecht, who will send it on to Victor. [Note: whatever his problems and struggles, we should not condescend to him, for Victor remains the most brilliant Stadem Descendant with a wide, wide range and diversity of talents and abilities God gave him; he is a most amazing man, so whenever his square peg finds the square hole, watch out, world! Leif Ericson, step aside, for Victor is a Viking discoverer who could cast Vinland in the shade!--Ed.].

Chloe (Rangen) Koslowsky hosted a "Sister Get Together" for the weeki of September 10, 2007. Mim (Rangen) Patch from Vaughn, Montana, and Janelle (Rangen) Swenson from Fergus Falls, Minnesota flew into Los Angeles. The three sisters attended a taping of a Dr. Phil show, which they say was FUN. They did lots of eating - Mexican, Chinese, and Greek foods. They went to several beaches and did many fun things together. Due to their age, they are now home resting up. There is nothing better than siblings getting together. They got to meet the newest baby girl in the Rangen family, Taylor Lynn Rangen, born June 25th to Brent & Jackie Rangen. Janelle and Mim also enjoyed spending time with Chloe's family. Janelle Swenson also says that her daughter Sonja & Scott love being grandparents to little Gavin, born April 1st to Brendan & Trista (Crabtree) Giese.

Ken & Carleen (Taylor) Newton continue to reach out to missionaries on home assignment or leaving for the first time, a ministry called Member Care. "We are very blessed to know them and seek to serve them where we canl. Near the end of September we will present a plaque of recognition to a couple who has served 45 years on the field of Brazil. Although they are retired, they are going back next month. (Does that sound like anyone else you know?) Some of our better contacts have been with young families going to the field for the first time. They are so full of questions and anxious to receive all the help they can get." Carleen writes that "our children are fine. Kari is back in Columbia, filling a vital place in the Mission. She was "home" for a good 4 months of rest and Home Assignment. Our daughter Kristina provided the "home" for Kari - Kristina's lovely place in Acworth, GA where we live, too. Kristina has needed the family and we have needed her. We visited our son Kevin & Carla Newton in Pennsylvania in July and were received so warmly by our grandchildren. We had a great time.

Ron & Eloise (Spilde) Hefty took a long-awaited trip to the Northwest and Alaska in May. We drove west taking 4 days seeing the c ountryside and visiting new locations of Hefty Seed Co. in SD and WA, before arriving in Tacoma and Puyallup. Our first visit was with Pearl and Lorin at a lovely restaurant for lunch. Pearl looked much younger than 97 1.2. At the time she was still recovering from her miracle eye surgery. (now she reads and reads with 20/20.) We also visited with cousin Ronald and Pearl at her lovely place in Golden Rose Trailer Park, and drove by Joyce's home, but no one was there. After a few days looking up lost relatives on the Hefty side, we were back in Tacoma, where we spend a wonderful afternoon, evening meal, overnight and breakfast with Lorin & Marylou Ginther. We were treated to great hospitality at a beautiful home on Puget Sound. Our visit even provided us with a clear view of Mt. Rainier, and Lorin took time from his busy schedule to give us a tour of the area. The next day Wayne & Judith Ginther were returning from their visit with sis Gloria. They invited us to see their lovely home and fantastically landscaped yard, which has been done by Wayne. We also were fortunate to get to visit in the home of their daughter Christine (who was expecting) & Dave Maloney and three year old Katherine. (It was so special now to record that the Maloneys have a baby boy on Sept. 21st) Then we were hosted by Wayne & Judith for overnight and sent off in the morning to Vancouver, BC with a wonderful breakfast. Our cruise to Alaska was everything and more than we expected - a gorgeous suite, fantastic food, beautiful scenery, and calm seas. At Juneau we took a helicopter tour and landed on a glacier - definitely a highlight, and so interesting. We also made stops at Ketchikan and Skagway, experiencing more tours, before disembarking at Whittier and getting on a train to Denali National Park. We flew from anchorage to Vancouver, then drove home through Canada. The whole trip was enjoyable and unforgettable. Come for a visit and I will show you my Alaska scrapbook!

Mim (Svanoe) Rinderknecht writes that Chad had taken hold of the direction he should go. They are so very thankful for all the prayers for Chad during his negative times, because the prayers of all you "prayer warriors" really helped. (Mim is willing to pray for anyone else in need, because prayer works. Just let her know.) Apparently one of the ways God answered prayer for Chad was to put Robin in his life. Robin lived in California when Chad was in the news while his friend Charlie was dying. She read about him in the paper and admired him from afar for years. Later her family moved to Park City, UT. While Chad was going through the numerous tragedies in his life, Robin happened to bump into Chad at Costco in Salt Lake City. They began a friendship which helped each other through rough times. She ended up being the positive bubble and bundle of happiness that Chad needed to get out of the negative programming he was in. His classes, concerns, money, relationships, boundaries, standing up for the truth, et. He knows God helped him by giving him a good friend, who turned out to be an angel at this time in his life. Chad, 23, is in his last year at Westminister College taking aviation (the college has 29 airplanes!). "As a freshman he took Tiffany and me to the airport, got a plane from the hanger and flew us to Idaho for lunch at the airport, then flew back to Salt Lake City, put the plane away and drove us home. It is so much fun to be his mom!!"

Tiffany, 17 years old Sept 10th, is a princess. She has been doing some modeling work and is at her second photo shoot now. She has been doing home schooling through Brigham Young Univ. - just finishing Spanish 1 and II, and ready for the final tests at the library next week, after which the results are sent to BYL). Tiffany also has a very good friend who is a chef, so we get special meals around here. They work at resolving challenges honorably. I am proud of them. If they need consequences in my house, they have to listen to a half hour of Joyce [Meyers] or Joel [Osteen]! Tiffany walks in the spirit, has amazing maturity, balance, and grown up reasoning. She is sometimes the miniature "Dr. Phil" among the teenagers, who are coming and going in our home all the time, and behaving in an adult manner, no drama. I thank God every day for Tiffany. She mentions how she is willing to let something go, if God doesn't want her to have it! She loves photography and recently bought a good camera. She loves animals, has two dogs and 5 cats (one just had 5 kittens yesterday morning!). Tiff is in heaven - made me promise to watch them while she was gone to her photo shoot. (Maybe there is a future veterinarian inside her!). Our basement has been turned into a "New York Flat" in the last two years. Tiffany did it all from rough design, refined design, then to the architect, ordering, overseeing the builder and crews' work. She picked the tiles, lighting, colors, paint, furniture, carpet, and marble countertops. "We, and the teenagers who visit, enjoy it a lot, and I feel so blessed. I am so absolutely lucky to be her mom too!! [This loving work of Tiffany's which was her labor of love for her Mom's benefit, became a world-class Airbnb, with bushel baskets of five-star ratings, providing a good income for Mim; a wonderful ministry to also others developed, as Mim shared from her life with God with her guests from all over the world who flock to Park City for the ski resorts and unique mountain scenery and events of all kinds; fascinated and blessed by her lavish Airbnb's over-abundant excellence, they wanted to know more, and asked, and fell in love with her and, hopefully, sought out this wonderful, loving, saving God she knows.--Ed.]

"As far as Mim goes, it's true, God works all things together for good for those who love Him. [Perhaps it is time to say this: Tiffany, tragically, died about 9 years after this, from a parasite in the brain, evidently acquired from one of the many pets she loved, and her body organs were donated to help many people and have saved lives; the autopsy found the parasite, and it had caused many bad headaches and other problems, which had been given many MRIs and other scans right up to the last week or so, but had not been discovered by the doctors on her case in time to be treated. Why this tragedy? New procedures are now being introduced, Mim has said, that will warn people at pet shops of the potential hazards of possible parasites in pets, particularly from tropical areas. Who knows how many people will be spared from what she suffered, and what took her young, beautiful life? Yes, the price was great, but is it worth your own life? Tiffany in heaven knows for sure. You can ask her yourself. But you must do something, you must ask Jesus into your heart and ask his forgiveness first, or you will never get to ask her that question, because otherwise you will not share glorious heaven with her or anyone else for that matter.--Ed.]. I'm trying to be thankful, counting what I have, not what I've lost. Every day God puts two or three people in my life that I'm supposed to bless; and I've found out that sometimes people are put in my life to bless me! Recently I have reconnected with my first mentor, Jenny Dudley, nearing 80 and still in her jeans and cowboy boots, who feeds 500 under the bridge every Sunday. Always happy, she says her strength is the Joy of the Lord, and receives spiritual meat from Gloria Copeland and Creflo Dollar. (personally, I have 15 favorites, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen at the top.) Anyway, Jenny invited me to bring my "warehouse" of items to her new large warehouse, and whenever I have a homeless or needy family, I can bring them to my warehouse and get whatever they need. I play piano a little, by ear. Every day my favorite worship songs are: 1. "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," 2. "In HIS Time," 3. "Great is Thy Faithfulness."

I have programmed my mind with those words every day for at least 13 years, so - I'll be fine! All Visitors are welcome to my home anytime. It's always peaceful here. Love, Mimsie

[I can testify to the incredible peace and joy in her gorgeous 7500 ft. elevation, Wasatch mountain home, having stayed with her more than a couple weeks, over a period of years now since 2011, whenever I come up there to add to or organize the Plain View Farm heritage storage. From start to finish of my stay, she lavishes love and hospitality on you, it is beyond anything I have ever heard about, much less experienced. You get the very best this earth has to offer, right when you can use or need it, and even when you don't need it, it just keeps pouring like grace, undeserved but boundless, just like God's grace! Yet so few know of this kind of thing, we are so impoverished in our hearts we expect to receive little, and get little. But the effect of Mim is to expand your little heart's horizons beyond anything you ever imagined, and, guess what, Johnny and Suzy, there really is a Santa Claus - there really is a Unicorn - there really is a Shangri-La, there really is...well, go and see for yourself what I am describing. Mim is on her back in bed at present, recovering from surgery for a brain tumor, but her spirit is unbeatable and triumphant in the Lord, and she will not go under, no sirree, she is flying over, over into yet more realms of glorious service to God and man. God bless this fantastic, mighty, enormous-hearted, exclamation-pointed whirlwind of creative love exceedingly! (all my superlatives cannot do her real justice!)--Ed.]

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