Note: Here is a letter addressed to Tom and Ruth Harrington in Sherwood, ND. Aunt Ruth copied it and sent it to Pearl Ginther.--Ed.

28 July 1988

Dear Tom & Ruth,

We wish to thank you for a most enjoyable weekend at Bryant [on the Farm]. Everyone had such a nice time. Thirty of us enjoyed the quiet retreat. We will be talking about it for a long time. It's hard to believe all the time, effort and love you have put into the place.

Thanks again,

the St. John Campers


Note: I suspect they came and enjoyed the Old Home place when Tom and Ruth were in Sherwood, and were told where to find the key to let themselves in. In those days people still trusted others.

This letter of thanks also shows that THIRTY people could be amply provided for in the old house, whereas now there is a structure that can easily take care of a hundred or more! Will it be used to do so? That is the question.

Just as Mom did, we still see the need for a live-in caretaker, since the place is too far from SF for supervision from there for anything substantial in booking for special groups (trustworthy groups) like that of St. John Campers.

We could also be raising some income for maintenance and also some more needed infrastructure work (what guests see they may want to contribute toward, possibly, so there could be a message on a board to the effect that contributors would be welcome, contributors in materials, volunteer labor, expertise, even money--we ought to be not so self-sufficient, and can make honest appeals without begging, as after all this facility isn't for ourselves and no one else).--Ed.

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