Norwegian Consul Svanoe's Office in Chicago

This is Stadem Family Heritage in the main, and wouldn't ordinarily be offered on this page, but Svanoes and their Haugeism figure most significantly early on in the Stadem line's Faith & Practice; and what the Stadems experienced, was a Svanoe experience too no doubt as the Svanoe Families emigrated from Svanoe Island, West Norway; the chief difference between Svanoes and Stadems was that some of the Svanoes knew higher, even prestigious professional status even in Norway, whereas the Stadems generally were a more humble class of farm folks that stayed that way pretty much even as immigrants, with a few exceptions of course who took to city life and became merchants and sundry other things the city could support:

"Stadems Sail to America," Indepth Study of Epic Journey from Vik and Bergen, Norway, to New Beginning in Iowa and Dakota, Poetic Rendition, by Ronald Ginther, Nephew of Myrtle and Bill Svanoe

Ron Rinderknecht's "Reflection on the Stadem Family":

"Reflections on the Stadem Family," by Ron Rinderknecht

Rennard and Grace Svanoe's Letter to Pearl Ginther, 2007:

Rennard & Grace Svanoe's Letter to Pearl Ginther, regarding Events of 1947

Rennard Svanoe's Funeral Message for Luther Svanoe:

Luther Svanoe, Aug. 20, 1946-July 25, 1994, Funeral Message by Brother Rennard Svanoe

Myrtle Svanoe's Letter to Svanoe Reunion 1994, on Luther's Homegoing

Atle Svanoe's Translated Norwegian Language Book, "The Work of Laypersons"

Important Note to Svanoes and Related Love Ones: We are presently gathering notes and letters of support for Victor Svanoe to petition the Attorney General of Arizona is to secure his earlier release from the penitentiary where he has served nearly 9 years of his life since conviction on a marijuana drug charge. He is in his Seventies now and is not ambulatory, being mostly confined to his bed due to a back ailment. We deeply regret that he is there, but we cannot judge him as a greater sinner than ourselves, can we? We are all culpable before God, only there is a division in God's eyes: Sinners Saved by Grace in Jesus Christ Alone vs. Sinners Under Judgment and Condemnation But Called to Christ to Be Forgiven and Saved (which takes a personal choice to receive forgiveness and salvation!). Would you not have compassion and join with us to secure his earlier release, before 2015? We believe that God wants his release now. He needs to be given back his free choice regarding his life, not kept imprisoned any longer in the marginal physical condition he is in. Surely he has paid his debt to society by this time for his wrong! Letters or emails or notes can be sent to his brother and sister, Rennard Svanoe or Mim Rinderknecht. Please sign your names, and write respectfully as possible. We are asking for clemency, based on his age, his good behavior in prison, and the need for his release being compassion and love for him by his families. Jesus loves him dearly too, and wants the best for him! Mim an Ren's physical addresses:

Mim Rinderknecht

3564 Saddleback Rd.

Park City, UT 84098-4803


Rennard Svanoe

1103 Avenida, Chihuahua

31600 Anahuac, Chihuahua


Or email Ren at:

Mim Rinderknecht can be emailed via Ren's email address.

In Christ's Saving Name, Ron Ginther, Nephew to Myrtle and Bill Svanoe, Cousin to Victor Svanoe

Mim Rinderknecht and Naomi Iserman's Emails Concerning the Homegoing of their Aunt Pearl Ginther

Mim Rinderknecht's Christmas Letter of 1988

"It Must Be," a Tribute to Mim Rinderknecht, by Cousin Ron Ginther

"A Bouquet for Mim Rinderknecht," by Cousin Ron Ginther

Candid Questions and Replies by Victor Svanoe, Questions Framed by Mim Rinderknecht

Candid Questions and Replies by Myrtle Svanoe

Part II, Candid Questions and Replies by Myrtle Svanoe

Myrtle Svanoe's Letter to Mama Bergit Stadem

Myrtle Svanoe's Letter to Mama, Part 2

"The Firs and the Aspen, Part I," a Tribute to Bill and Myrtle Svanoe, by Nephew Ron Ginther

Part II, "The Firs and the Aspen," A Tribute to Bill and Myrtle Svanoe, by Nephew Ron Ginther

Myrtle Svanoe's Homegoing, by Daughter Mim Rinderknecht

"Myrtle's Homegoing," by Sister Estelle Rangen

Tribute to Myrtle Svanoe, by Nephew Ron Ginther

Pencil Drawing Myrtle Stadem,

by Nephew Ron Ginther

More Tributes to Svanoes:

Bernice's Account of Myrtle & Bill's 25th Anniversary

Tribute to Three, by Ron Ginther

Tributes Central

Candid Questions for Gabriel Iserman (Svanoe)

Candid Questions for Naomi Svanoe Iserman

Candid Questions for Rennard Svanoe

Schaefers' Letter to Nephew Luther Svanoe

Tribute to Luther Svanoe, by Cousin Ron Ginther

Svanoes' Grand Musical Legacy in U.S. & Norway:

Favorite Songs of the Rinderknechts

Stadem/Svanoe Ministry Takes to the Water & Continues in the Youth: Gene Iserman's Epic Kayak Voyage Down the Mississippi From Source to River's End and the Gulf of Mexico, all For Raising Money for Saving Needy Children with Wells of Clean Drinking Water.

Note: We will be adding to this page, as it needs the addition of the Chief Engineer Svanoe who apparently worked on the then modern, state of art (of the 1900s) HELLIG OLAF steamship that Bergit and Katrine Holbek sailed from Norway to America on in 1903. We have this Svanoe's picture and also the Norwegian-American shipping line history book features him, where most of a chapter is devoted to him and also shows the Hellig Olaf.

Also, we want to add to the Svanoe music legacy the Stadem favorites songbook that Rennard and Grace Svanoe compiled from all the Stadems who responded with their favorites--in the hope that these would be preserved for the future. The least we can do is to list the songs in the songbook.--Ed.

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