"A Motherís Greatest Gift

Wins Over Satanís Plan,"

A Memorial Reflection

on Darrell Ginther's Passing, August 2011,

by Sylvia Yuge


A Mother, who loses her husband early in life, struggles to find ways to care for her children; what gave this mother the strength to go on? It was her trust in Godís promises. She gave her children one of the greatest gifts a mother could give her children, the knowledge of who their creator and redeemer were. She had nothing but her faith to see her through the difficult and lonely times. This mother trusted that God would take care of them. Did they have hard times, yes, did they struggle, yes, and I imagined many times they didnít know where the next money would come in. I know she missed her husband and the children missed their Father and I imagine at times there were tears.

Her children were challenged by Satan many times but her teaching, her love and God won over Satan. The Ginthers, they missed their Father and Husband.

Satan worked hard to destroy the Ginthers, he used many of his demonic schemes to take them as he did with Adam and Eve. Satan worked on each and every one of them. He took their father and husband leaving them sad, alone, in poverty, and in some case, some of the children didnít even have a single memory of who their father was.

Years went on and I imagine every one of the Ginther children can testify how Satan used their fatherís death to own their souls. The oldest of the sonís Darrell was angry, alone, acted out and taken in Satanís procession, yes Satan focus on Darrell hoping it would help weaken the others. He plotted that it would take a motherís focus off her other children, leaving them easier to pry on. He worked on making some of the children who were already sad and angry and hopeless even more sad, angry and hopeless that their brother was a troubled soul. Once again a motherís love and loyalty to God recognized Satanís plan and proclaimed that her son belonged to God and she fought for him. She prayed many prayers over her son as many others did. God answered these prayers and together with Darrellís mothers love and knowledge of God accepted Jesus as his Savior.

Darrell I know had to continue his battle with his demons because Satan doesnít give up his battle to take as many souls as he can. I imagine he stayed on Darrell and Darrell fought many battles. Satan used many to discourage him. I imagine he was ridiculed made a mockery of taken advantage of, he didnít know where his next meal or shelter was going to be.

Darrellís faith kept him going but in the very end Satan lost just as he lost many other souls because of his motherís faith in God and Darrellís love for his Heavenly Father.

Jesus who died for all Darrellís sins that he committed in thought, word and deed has brought him home to be with his mother and father. Darrell is now in heaven with his true Father and Satan has lost, because of a motherís love for her son but more than this, her love for God, her obedience to raise her children in the knowledge and teaching of who their creator and redeemer were.

I know if you spoke with Darrellís brothers and sisters they can tell you of their story. I know Satan lied to them as well and he did Darrell. I know he worked hard to possess their souls as well but their motherís love lives on in them even because she gave them knowledge of God and has spoken over and over to them the word of God. This was the greatest gift a mother to give to her children.

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