"These Are The Stadem Generations,"

by Ron Ginther

1866 - 2014

Sjur & Oline Stadem (brothers, sister, mother)--1st Generation

Peder Stadem, etc.--2nd Generation

Alfred & Bergit Stadem.--3rd Generation

Pearl Stadem, Siblings, etc.--4th Generation

Darrell Ginther, Siblings, Cousins, etc.--5th Generation

Children & Grand-children of 5th Generation, etc.--6th/7th Generation, and Future Generations (Should Christ Tarry)

ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT YEARS have passed since the Second Wave Stadems represented by Knud Stadheim (Staim) and brother Sjur & Wife Oline Stadheim (Olson/Stadem) came to America to settle and continue their lives!

Six and Seven Generations long, this great calvalcade of Stadems ought to have produced ripe fruits after more than a full century of living here!

The Christian music, Christian art, Christian family life, Christian evangelism for soul-winning, Christian endeavors of all kinds, and to top it off, the faithful preaching of God's Word, the Gospel of Salvation being the foremost aim to share with the perishing souls of this perishing world.

Gospel sign ministry, tract ministry, pastoral ministry, evangelistic ministries, and the godly institution of the Christian family, the support of the local Bible-based Church and its outreaches, missions to the world, Radio and TV not excluded, these are the natural expression of this Bible heritage of ours as Stadems and Stadem Descendants, are they not?

Do you really believe this a reasonable expectation of the fruit to be such as this described?

What does the Bible say, if you have another opinion. Does your opinion square with the Scriptures' description of the fruitful life and produce of a Christian's life? You can easily find that out yourself, with no need of anyone else telling you, by going to the Scriptures.

The Bible exhorts us to abide in the Vine, which is Christ. If we abide in the Vine of Christ, truly, we WILL BEAR FRUIT, AND EVEN ABUNDANT FRUIT.

Are we abiding in the Vine, loved ones? Or have we somehow severed relationship with the Vine while maintaining a fruitful life for God--well, that cannot be done and not produce a withered branch, the Bible warns us. A branch that doesn't produce, is a branch the Vinedresser (God) will prune, but if it still does not produce, then there is only one recourse, it is cut off left to wither off to the side, and finally gathered together with other unfruitful, withered branches and BURNED.

What about our FRUITS? The Bible says you and I can know a man and even his ministry by his fruits. True! It is a litmus test that works every time! Well, what does it say applied to ourselves as a Fifth Generation, the one now in charge of things as adults and even seniors? What kind of fruits are we producing, and what kind of fruits have we produced in the past years of our lives?

The KIND of fruits really matters. Are these fruits born of the Spirit or our own fleshly/carnal/willful striving for something else than God's will? We can strive all we like, but if we are living separated from the True Vine, we will produce some bad fruit, which may look good on the surface, but will be rotten and worm-eaten within. From the account in the Bible, the Pharisees, godly and good-to-look-at on the surface, produced bad and even evil fruit, Jesus declared. He compared them to whitewashed tombs, good to look at, but full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness inside! Are we any different today than the good-looking Pharisees who, in truth, were cut off from the True Vine? We strive to look good superficially, but what is our true condition inside, where human eyes cannot look?

And have we taken the Torch of Faith held out to us by the Fourth Generation? Have we taken the world's torch and run with that instead? The world has a light, to be sure, in ideals and agendas stolen from the Bible and misinterpreted and twisted, leaving Christ out.

But the world's light is a delusion, a light leading only to death.

We have the True Light in Jesus Christ alone. He is not inclusive of any other "light" whatsover religious or philosophical man can come up with. HE is the Truth, HE is the Way, HE is the Life! No man, He declared, comes to the Father in heaven except by Him!

Any other light, then, is man's and Satan's deception, and we are self-deceived if we include Christ together with the world, Christ and some other "light."

What we have then is a false, polluted and defiled light, a light of the world leading to darkness and the ditch where all the blind fall into it to their destruction. No other Light is true and pure but Christ's, based on the inerrant Word of God, and we cannot produce good fruit for God's kingdom unless we walk in this true Light daily, while living in the shadow of the self-denying Cross.

Finally, if you would choose to follow Christ alone, expect persecution and division! Christ said these would come, and division is sometimes healthy, a healthy sign you are on track with a Holy Almighty Saving God, not the evil, death-bringing world and its Satanic, man-centric system.


"O God, Revive Us Again!"

by Ron Ginther


O sweet devotions on

the grass at Plain View Farm!

Day's work on the farm left undone--

but an hour given to God,

what was the harm?


So they took time to read Scriptures

and pray,

and fellowship in and with Jesus a while--

they never thought of a time

when this would go out of style.


And oh! the stirring up of heart and soul,

when God's Word, the Gospel," was preached

and "teached," in a tent at old Plain View!

That was a glory

to which t hearts

and callused hands reached!


Family and friends,

neighbors from all around,

invited and welcomed with hugs and smiles


God's solemn little throng!

Sad but true, some Stadems abstained,

their branches cut off and withered,

for this Fountain of grace

proved full of salvation,

offered in a humble, earthen cup!

Mama, Papa, Ruthie, Myrtle, Estelle, Be,

Pearl and eldest daughter,

Leroy too,

all heard Alida the lovely voiced Stadem meadowlark

sing "Revive Us Again,"

a noble Church hymn or chorus,

inspiring the faith of the brethren!

The grass is not the same now

where once Devotions were held,

the very ground where Papa's hired Gospel Tent stood,

a tree grew and stood, then in a storm was felled.

Only games are now played there,

taking up the sanctified and sacred place.

And we no longer have the Gospel preached--

our Fifth Generation has

substituted convenient, Cross-less,

unconditional Grace!


"Revive Us Again,"

Hymn from "The One Year Book

of 365 Devotional Readings

ased on Great Hymns

of the Faith,"

Heritage Book from Pearl Ginther's Heritage Collection for the Archives,

Presented to her on her 88th Birthday by youngest son, Jerry Ginther

June 3


by William Paton Mackay (1839-1885)


We praise Thee, O God,

For the Son of Thy love,

For Jesus who died

And is now gone above.


[Refrain] Hallelujah, Thine the glory! Hallelujah, amen!

Hallelujah, Thine the glory!

Revive us again.


We praise Thee, O God,

For Thy Spirit of light,

Who has shown us our Savior

And scattered our night.


All glory and praise

To the Lamb that was slain.

Who has borne all our sins

And has cleansed ev'ry stain.


Revive us again--

Fill each heart with Thy love;

May each soul be rekindled

With fire from above.


Note to Stadem Descendant/Friend: If you wish like the Berean church to inquire further, by going to the Scriptures for confirmation, and verification of the above, and seek support for this heritage and calling from the Lord to us Stadem Descendants, then go to: Matt: 6: 18, 20, 21, and 33;

Jer. 35: The Chapter of the Rechabites's Godly Fidelity & Nomadic (Pilgrim-like) Lifestyle, Obeying their Forefather's Command, and Jeremiah's Testing of Them, with God's Eternal Promise Given to them;

WE Stadem Descendants must not be like the Pharisees, eating their "leaven" or indulging their kind of wicked self-deception, for they destroyed themselves by claiming a spiritual Jewish heritage they did not truly and honestly possess:

Matt. 23: 25-29.

Jeremiah 6: 16;

God's Covenant with his faithful ones who make a Covenant with Him by sacrifice:

Psalm 78: 5-7

Psalm 50:5

Healthy Division for the sake of gaining Christ:

Luke 12: 51, 52, 53

Good Fruit vs. Bad Fruit, How to Tell a truly Good Tree from a good-looking Diseased Tree:

Matt. 7: 15-29.


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