Plain View Heritage Farm,

Rural Bryant, SD, Presents:

Victor Svanoe's Letter to Pearl Ginther,

Regarding the Centennial Augsburg Combined Quartets Choir

Tour of Norway, in 1994

Friday, Sept. 9, 1994

Dear Pearl,

This tape of sacred music captures the voices of former Augsburg College quartets come together for the celebration of Augusburg's one hundredth year. Rennard and I are among the 40 odd men you'll hear singing their aging hearts out in songs they've come to love. not all the songs are old favorites and some few are sung in Norwegian.

The Centennial Singers, as we are called, will travel to Norway this month, where concerts are scheduled in ten cities. Our quartet was one of three Augsburg quartets to tour Norway over the years of Augsburg's existence. We'll enjoy again singing in those grand churches and cathedrals. The Singers will return on the 6th of October to participate in Augsburg's Centennial festivities.

Join us in spirit as the old, old story gets another heartfelt telling. Sincerely,

Victor Svanoe

P.S. Mother Myrtle and sister Deborah underwrote this little project with their funds and legwork, respectively.

Note by Vic: You can no more become a Christian just by going to church, than you can become a car by sleeping in a parking garage.


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