Victory Church Ladies Letter, July 1989,

Concerning the Cook Book Project



We can hear you ask, "What can we do?"

We believe that if each of us will contibute at least 10 recipes in any category...Appetizers, Breads, Casseroles,Desserts, pies, Heritage, Main Dishes (Brunch-Meat), Microwave, Crockpot, Salads, Soups, Sandwiches & Sauces, Sweets (Cakes-Cookies-Bars-Candy), Vegetables, we will have enough to make our Cook-Book. If possible, type your recipe on an Index card (5" by 7"). If you have no typewriter, print it. (Be sure your recipe is correct, and sign each recipe with your name. Please send us your BEST RECIPES! We must have these recipes by AUGUST 15th.

[Illustration of a duck saying or quacking: !!This is Fantastic!!]

We are planning an ALL CHURCH INTERNATIONAL DINNER in JANUARY. We mention this for the reason that some of you might have something unique, or typical of the culture from which you come. Can be flags, plates, baking tins, recipes, any decoration which you can use on the tables for a Center-piece or any National costume or brooch etc. Perhaps you didn't come from Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, etc, but perhaps your parent or parents came from "thee Olde Country" & you would like to carry on the tradition. Do you have readings, poems or songs which could be used? We should have at least six tables so let's rummage and bring out our Heritage. We will bake or cook recipes from "The Mother Land," as much as possible (It's not a must!).

WE WILL HAVE A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR THE LADIES IN MARCH! We mention this so that if you have any suitable decoration for the month you were born in, please bring that with you! June, the Centerpiece could be a miniature church, figurine wedding couple, guests (Like those used to decorate wedding cakes), a miniature car, etc. Ladies, would you be kind enough to send us your Birth date and on what month? We will celebrate them all in March.

Remember to bring a book, or two or three, for our lending library. Be sure your name is on the inside front cover. Don't be afraid of duplicates--this way two gals or spouses can be reading the same book at the same time. Good conversation could erupt! We'll keep these books to Christian novels, Autobiographies, Biographies, Devotionals, Books of inspiration and practical insight.

At the ALL CHURCH PARKING LOT SALE in NOVEMBER, we will have a Bake (or no-Bake) Sale too. This of course incluses us ladies. (The no-bake)_ means, we can contribute the dollars if we prefer not to bake. All free-will, of course. The monies will all go towarrds Victory's Projects. Let's pray for a Great Sale in November and another one in February.

Now in order that you don't forget what you'd like to take along to Yuma, you'll have to do what Al & Dolly Sather are doing...they already have a Box marked YUMA on it & they slip in the things they want to bring as they think of them.

God bless you each one. We're excited about this fall & winter already. --Evelyn Haug, Dolly Sather, Katie Wall, Ursula Ustick, & Estelle Rangen

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