As we have already stated in various places, the Praire Farm website on Angelfire, for one, it was my Grandpa Alfred Stadem's mid-life spiritual crisis that started this whole endeavor, way back in the twenties, thirties, and climaxing in the forties.

A spiritual crisis came to a head in Grandpa that nearly cost him his marriage and his family's spiritual development that cost me my dad and uncle, two deaths that turned this strong Viking into a true lamb, a true child of God leaning only on the grace of Christ for salvation, not his own work's righteousness based on his keeping his Baptismal Covenant (Infant Baptism).

We have his own words about these things, as well as Pearl Ginther his daughter's testimony recorded in detail.

You can find both on the websites.

Learning of the way God used two deaths (God did not cause them, he allowed and used them to save Grandpa), I joined with my youngest brother Jerry Lee Ginther in 1997 to produce the record on-line for God's glory--for the story truly glorifies God and his marvelous working of grace in the life of Alfred Stadem and all he impacted with his life.

We wanted this record to bless others, and it has blessed all who have been open in their hearts to receive it.

Perhaps we were naive about the reception, which we thought would be favorable. But it was not to be, for a significant group. Some family and some relatives have not proven open, and have missed the great blessing, while influencing their own families not to accept the account too. They took it as our unfair criticism of our Grandfather, which it certainly was not, as it is the record of Grandpa, testified to by our beloved Grandmother Bergit in her own words given to Pearl her daughter, as well as by the testimony of their grown daughters Pearl Stadem Ginther and Cora Stadem Taylor, and also affirmed by Estelle Stadem Rangen and Bernice Stadem Schaefer and Myrtle Stadem Svanoe.

Wouldn't you agree that they all are truthful, credible witnesses of those times and events?

We did not make any of it up, as we were but faithfully recording what our elders testified about Grandpa's crisis and how God turned it all to good. God is still turning it to good, over 50 years later.

There is still some opposition to the account, of course, among those who were youngest when these events took place and did not know what was going on with Grandpa. Their children are confused or left ignorant of the accounts, so they know little or nothing, and what they know is not accourate.

They would all be blessed if they would hearken to the ample testimony of their own elder sisters, and Mama Bergit Stadem as well. When they do that, is anyone's guess! Until then, we will share the wonderful account to all who are open to listen, whether in the Stadem Relationship or outside (as it is a message the world that is dying and broken and dysfunctional, desperately needs to hear, that God is a God of grace and mercy, and will save anyone, no matter how comparatively "good," no matter how intrinsically bad or depraved).

But the third reason for the promoting PVF and the Heritage Center as well as the Plain View Farm's major narrative of Grandpa Stadem's redemption is that my own father, not to mention my uncle, lost his life. God allowed a crooked aircraft salesman to be the means. The aircraft was defective, taking an inordinate amount of oil and not running smoothly when being tested on the ground. The salesman knew the plane was a risky proposition, but pressed my father to take it up anyway, assuring him he had seen to the fixing of whatever ailed it.

My dad took it up again on the strength of the seller's word and character and handshake--and a little more than 10 minutes later perished in a fiery crash along with his young brother-in-law Arthur Donald Stadem.

The plane salesman who did this to them was Mr. Cecil Shupe, owner/operator of an aircraft sales company in Sioux Falls. Since he was all about getting money, even from a dead man's estate and the living widow, he took lawyers to sue the widow immediately for the total price of the aircraft as well as his lawyers' fees, then left SD and moved, not giving the widow his forwarding address.

But he inadvertently but providentially moved right to her hometown in Washington State and within a couple miles of her residence. While at a church camp, she heard Mr. Shupe's name, inquired of the lady who had named him, and found out she was her niece, and she was glad to give my mother his address.

What a miracle that was! My mother was now able to go directly to the runaway Shupe and settle up, paying the full price for the plane and his lawyers rather than go to court and risk losing the case. This is Biblical, by the way, to do it this way. Though he took her check for a plane that he had no business selling in its poor condition, he subsequently was turned radically around in his life by the loving and forgiving treatment of him by the widow, my mother. He had left his wife and gone to Washington State to get away from his terrible guilt, but could not escape God's conviction, when Christ's love through the widow was shown to him despite his leading role in the death of two innocent men, one, my dad, with a large family of young children. We expect to see him in heaven!

When you look now below this writing at the various artifacts handed Pearl Ginther the widow after the crash, retrieved from her husband's partly burned wallet, please try not to view them as grisly items (for we are not to grieve as the world grieves, the Scriptures tell us, or view events with the unredeemed world's mindset)--they are actually glorious evidence of the workings of God's redemptive grace in the lives of Alfred Stadem (to deliver him from his own self-righteousness, his bitterness and judgmental spirit that had mastered him and threatened to destroy his marriage) and Mr. Cecil Shupe.

God worked in miraculous ways, not only to redeem many souls besides these two men's but those of hundreds of people across the State of South Dakota and the Midwest, for thousands heard about the tragic crash on the radio and read about it in the papers and thus were reminded that life could be cut short at any time--so that they had better settle up with the Lord now concerning their eternal destiny.

The double funeral was thronged with over 1,000 people, and had to be moved to the City Auditorium of Bryant, after the church proved too small. Gospel signs paid for by memorial gifts were also erected, and these were set alongside highways, and no doubt brought other souls to Christ for salvation and assurance of spending eternity with God. Many, many ministries were given funds from the money gifts and memorials. We shall only know in eternity how far reaching were their effects.

Do you get the picture now, friend? Some still resist, who pride themselves on being descendants of Alfred and Bergit Stadem, while Alfred and Bergit Stadem are in heaven strenuously approving of everything we have shared with you and thousands of others through these websites already.

Pearl A. Ginther, matriarch of the line of Alfred and Bergit Stadem, also approves of every word and has told this account many times to sundry individuals in Washington her home state and SD and elsewhere she has traveled. She is now over 100 years old, and the events described on these websites are still yesterday's events, to her thinking. She glorifies God in her testimony, how God turned these dreadful losses all to good. She does not opine or sorrow--never! She could never give way to grief, knowing that God's hand was with her through it all and would be with her through her entire life, long as it has proved to be.

Now you know pretty much the reasons for this website and the others in the Plain View Heritage family. Now you also know why we pressed all these years for a Heritage Center to be built to be used to glorify God on Plain View Farm, not content to see the Farm used only 4 days a year for reunions while being neglected, silent and forlorn the entire rest of the year (with sometimes a visit or two in hunting or fishing season by a few individuals).

We believed God intended the Stadem Farmstead for a wonderful ministry site, and it shall be a ministry site, for the propagation of the liberating, saving Gospel of Jesus Christ--if God still be Almighty, and He certainly is, though many today claim He isn't relevant to American society, doing it while in high government positions or in black robes of court judges.

We strongly believe Jesus is not a hate crime perpetrated by "Bible thumpers" against Tolerance and the politically correct philosophy of this Satan-ruled world.

Jesus is exactly what He claimed to be, what He was right up to his death on the Cross as payment for our sins, and beyond that to His resurrection from the dead.

We can celebrate Him as the only Son of God, the only Savior of sinful men that God has provided mankind. Jesus still is the God of the Bible and a Saving Lord to all of us, if we would only surrender to Him and confess our sin and be forgiven! To God be the glory! As you view the partially burned artifacts below, think how God can make beauty come forth from ashes, just as the Bible says.--Ronald Ginther

The contents of the wallet did not include the newspaper clipping of the Obituary, of course, but it was with these other things in a candy box kept by Pearl Ginther to preserve them all these years. If you are interested in the obituary, we will provide it soon here on-line, with a link to it.--Ed.

Bob Ginther with his beloved plane

"TheTrumpet Call," Compiled & Printed by Mrs. O. B. Stime, Containing Rev. Henry J. Peterson's Message for the January 1947 Double Funerals of Robert Ginther & Arthur Stadem, January 1947, Bryant, SD


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