"2010--The Year in Review at Pearl Ginther's,"

by Son Ronald Ginther

Years and years back we the Ginther family lived in a "house" made by Dad by combining two little berry cabins (used seasonally for the berry pickers, without amenities or indoor plumbing or bathrooms). On the hillside overlooking town of Puyallup, we were high and dry when the river below in the middle of the view started climbing its banks, so we were safe. But that changed when we all moved down where most people lived!

Truly, God has take us through literal floods and fires--without exaggeration--and brought us out to rich fulfilment!

We are in the fulfilment stage now.

In Feb. 1996, the Puyallup River just a stone's throw away, began to spill over its banks. Mother prayed that it wouldn't reach her Mobile Home Court, Golden Rose, and it didn't.

The river was always overfull, it seemed, and so Mother prayed a number of times no doubt as the years passed.

Again, a major flood disaster seemed imminent as the river climbed its banks.

A year or so ago (2009), the winter floodtime here, the river just is just yards away, rose way up the banks of the levee. Without the levee built many years ago by the Civil Corps of Engineers, which straightened and confined the rather big Puyallup River that was previously wandered all over the valley as it pleased, we would have to face flooding maybe every year, when the snows melt and the low banks could not contain the massive amounts of snow melt and rain water that rushed to the saltwater Port of Tacoma.

This is the main lower part of the watershed of Mt. Rainier, so it is always going to have more water than we really can handle. A dam was built, Mud Mountain Dam, to hold back part of the yearly deluge at critical times, and it has served well over the many years. But in later years it seems to be proving insufficient. The river is getting bigger and higher each year, it seems.

Mother has always prayed in the last thirty-odd years that there would be no flooding there. A number of times the river has risen over the banks of the levee in a couple areas and caused some damage to homes and apartment houses, but the year before last it was really threatening us, moreso than in all the previous thirty years.

News reports were ominous, showing the pictures of places near us that were being swamped. The river was eating away the banks and invading parts of our city, taking a trailor court just east of us, and then the lower story of an apartment house just south of us on the other side of the river. I hardly dared to look at the muddy torrent as I drove over the little bridge to get to Mom's--it was so swollen and high and dangerous looking. We really needed prayer, so I contacted relatives I knew prayed, missionaries in Brazil. Mother was praying her believing prayer too--but family came and removed her to their house high on the hills, it was so bad looking.

My youngest sister and I stayed, but it was frightening, indeed. The mobile home court management gave everyone a notice, to expect to be evacuated in the night, as the river continued to rise. What made it so very dangerous were all the logs and trees that were being swept downriver. They could jam up on our little bridge here in North Puyallup, then the waters would quickly pile up and surge over the banks, flooding both sides of the city, and we would be right in the path here and these mobile homes would be ruined, with our lives even in question, as this is no small river when it is flooding.

I prayed very hard, you can believe, and my sister too, as we waited to see what would happen. [Afterwards, by the way, we both decided it would be foolish to stay here again under those circumstances, but each of would go to a motel and get a room for the night!--Ed.] But I had to sleep as the night wore on and just trust God for our lives and Mom's property, her little home full of her albums and precious memories and knicknacks--that night. You know, God answered! He did not allow the river to jam up with logs at the bridge.

That crucial point remained clear, and the water continued to the port harbor, and I saw pictures Mother brought back of the tremendous pileup of trees and logs along the shores of the by.

In my entire life here I had never seen the like before, and I am 68. It was like a huge woodlot of tangled trees and logs all along the miles and miles of the bay--an endless supply for anyone who wanted it. All that wood came down our Puyallup river! Millions of board feet of lumber no doubt were represented.

We thank God for saving us from the flood we might well have had here in North Puyallup, if the bridge had gotten jammed up with just one tiny fraction of all those uprooted trees and logs. God spared us from the flood! He is so faithful and merciful!

Last year we had fire that came against us. We knew that the Devil was in the flood, but was prevented from doing us harm. But the fire came without real warning here in the court, although I was somewhat alerted by the practices of our neighbor across the little street in front of Mom's.

He barbecued most every day, and once I remember walking over there to see if it was a fire in the house, so much smoke was drifting out from there.

He barbecued right next to his house too, not safely in the driveway on the cement. Was that laziness or carelessness, or just thinking nothing serious could possibly happen if he did that?

Well, I looked out there one day and saw smoke coming up, and there was no question this time! Five fire trucks were also present (which I thought were just service trucks for garbage or recycled maters, when Mom first heard the noise). The fire trucks, I found out, rushed here like they were also on fire, as they knew that one mobile home on fire will catch the others quickly on fire, as they are so close together here, being the super-sized kind that take up their whole lots, at least in the front part next to the street.

A brand-new, expensive-type home next to the neighbors across from Mom's, was already being affected, the siding buckling with the heat.

But they quickly doused the fire, and then in the days after we watched the man and woman living there hauling out salvageable furniture. They had to move out completely.

My sister and I walked over, when they finally finished filling pickups and cars with household furniture and items, and we saw complete devastation. A whole section of the house was utterly destroyed in that fire that lasted only a few minutes. It had damaged most every room.

Though the house had been newly repainted and was up for sale, it was a total loss now. Men came and divided the double mobile home into two parts, then hauled them away, no doubt to the dump where they were trashed (though it is possible someone could restore the structures of most of the parts, if the back parts were rebuilt).

God be praised! We were spared being driven out, and Mom did not lose her home to this very dangerous fire. The neighbor's propane tank was faulty, it seems, and he kept using it. It blew up, made a loud bang, then quickly ignited the side of the house back in the kitchen area where he had it. He could have been killed by the explosion, and the fire could have killed both him and his "girl friend" partner too, who was in the living room sleeping on a sofa and had to be roused by him. If he had been hurt, he couldn't have roused her in time, as the smoke spread through the whole place, and it is toxic smoke, not fire, that kills most people, we know.

Being directly across the street, we would have been directly affected. The house is on a gas line, and it could have blown up. The fire alone was so very dangerous, because of the close quarters here in the court. The houses alongside on his side of the street would have caught fire, if the trucks had not come so quickly. Here on this side of the little court road, the heat alone would have burnt up the shrubbery and then the porch and the front of Mom's trailer, perhaps ruining this house. Could this house have caught fire too? Yes, as the sparks and flames could have reached across to this tinder-dry house. Just one spark in the heat-dried shrubbery and tree would have ignited them and caused them to burst into flame.

It was flood before, now fire, but God overruled the Devil once again! There was no catastrophic fire here. And the court was spared everything else too, except that one house that had to replace some siding. One house was lost, and that is unfortunate for the people, but Mom attempted to witness about Jesus to them and they were not receptive, even at the last, when you would think they would have been more open to the God.

Mom's health, the next target!

Lately, however, a third thing has happened, the Devil has struck at Mom's health and she received a report about a biopsy that is not particularly good. But please go to the prophecies, for they promised from the Lord she would see many days and years yet, and also be given an end-time ministry of healing and giving words from the Lord to people who come to her for prayer and healing from God. Years are promised, not days! Years!

We choose to believe God's word. We believe God is giving Mom the best of her life, beginning now, and we look forward to what He has in store for her. It will be glorious and bring even more glory to His name than all her life has seen previously to this point. She believes God for this to happen too.

Do you believe, dear friend? Try and forget a minute, just one minute if you can, about your past experience and even your pet theology. Even today I have seen a fulfilment of the prophecies given Mom at AGLOW, a women's Gospel ministry to the world.

A woman from her church came with a new afghan shawl, very beautiful and warm, as the church women's gift and ministry to her, and she loves it. But the lady asked prayer from mom for her sister who is my age, by the way, and is not living for the Lord and keeping away from everyone too. The lady gripped mom's hand hard as she prayed believing for the healing of this sister. This woman had herself been most difficult in mom's experience.

But after mom's many prayers for her, she has come forward spiritually, and is a different person. She believes God now for healing prayer, and requests it, and shows all the signs of loving Jesus now, whereas before she was just the opposite!

So you see in just this one instance the demonstrated effects of Mother's faith and praying. I hope you have enjoyed this Year in Review at Pearl Ginther's. It has been tumultous, to say the least, but God has indeed brought us all out to rich fulfilment, and you "ain't seen anything yet!" as they say in the vernacular. God said in the prophecies there would be signs and wonders attending her prayers for people, and that even dead people would be raised back to life!

Jesus said to his disciples, they would "do greater things" than He did on earth (hard to believe, but he said it!). He raised the dead, did he not? Yes, he did. He himself rose from the dead, did he not? Yes, he certainly did. Well, death is no problem with God, though it is for us as mortal human beings.

Yet, we can do all things in Christ, if we are his children, and when we invited Jesus into our hearts and to forgive us our sins, we received the grace of God and were made his true children. Nothing else can make us children, no amount of church attendance or good works or good qualities in us can make us God's true children. But we are now his true children, all we who have done this simple, child-like thing, simply inviting him to become our Lord and Savior, to enter our hearts and take up his throne there where we once sat so proudly and defiantly as reigning king or queen, and also asked his forgiveness for all our sins--for the pardon he won for us on the cross by paying the complete price as well as paying for the entire penalty for sin at the same time.

Praise and thanks to God for all these wonderful gifts from God our loving Savior and Lord. A new year of even greater things God will be developing in Mom's life. I can hardly wait to see more of this fulfilment come to pass, as it surely will. She shall not die or become bedridden and ill, but live and be healthy aand declare the works of the Lord in the new end-time ministry of praying for people with her golden, anointed hands!

Sylvia & Tom Yuge and Group of Related Families

Update, Oct. 2013:

As I shared with my cousin Sylvia Yuge in California, I still believe Mother's prophecies given her at AGLOW are true and will be fulfilled. God's word when given does not return void! Scripture says so! In her case, it was mercy for God to take her to heaven, if she was not going to go without pain and sickness, though we had prayed and believed, joined by churches and individuals in their prayers, for her healing, as I said in this account. Jerry and Darrell were not getting better physically but were suffering more symptoms of their bodies shutting down too. They passed to Glory shortly after she did, so there was Divine Mercy operating in the timing of all three Homegoings, that is clearly apparent.

Just the same, I had to re-think what had happened in terms of her prophecies, which I read over a number of times. I have since concluded that they will still be fulfilled, and are being fulfilled in ways we do not yet know, but will know someday. As for the part about her praying and people would be raised from the dead, I am looking especially forward to hear how that will be come to pass. Her anointing in prayer, was it passed to any of us her sons and daughters? Or to any of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren? That too is a possibility. God will show us, I believe, in his time and way.

People of the world, in their thinking, will not be impressed with this explanation, of course. They will call it "sweet lemons," or some such rationalization. I expect that condescending response, but I know that God's ways are mysterious, and the workings of His grand master-plan take more time and are worked out in a marvelous way despite our limited vision and comprehension--all such impediments will be swept away in the Resurrection,and we shall see Christ face to face plainly, and he will make these former mysteries plain as well. I cannot satisfy people of the world anyway, they have the record of the Scriptures, and they remain skeptical, so let them continue to trust the world's reasonings, and see what they get from doing that. I know it will be next to nothing, or even nothing!

As for believing in the prophecies Mom was given, that they will be fulfilled yet, I know joy is coming, great joy, as I and others see what God accomplished, in part because we still, like trusting children, still believed in His power to accomplish those promised things. And when we do see them, we shall join in giving God all the glory, for He alone is worthy!--Ed.

Pearl's Prophecies, Given Her at AGLOW

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