"Living for Jesus,

a life that is true,

striving to please him

in all that I do.

Yielding allegiance,

glad-hearted and free--

this is the pathway

of blessing for me!

Oh, Jesus, Lord and Savior,

I give myself to thee,

For thou in thine atonement

didst give thyself for me.

I owe no other Master,

My heart shall be thy throne,

my life I give, henceforth to live

O Christ, for thee alone!"

--Song that is True of Darrell's Life and His Glad Service of the Lord Jesus

As of 2010, we are happy to tell you that Darrell R. Ginther is now 76 years of age, and is still going strong for the Lord, in active service as a volunteer at the Seamen's Center in Tacoma, as well as making trips to Gospel missions in California and Canada and also here in Washington State. He has slowed down some, doesn't have that running gait any more, as can be expected, but still he is a witness everywhere he goes. He holds down small custodial jobs and resides downtown Tacoma in his own apartment, and has found very low rent again, which is a blessing. Christian friends (many in training for the mission field) help him out in many ways, as they see he is a man of God and want to be of assistance to him if they can in his later age.

[Update: Darrell R. Ginther passed to Glory, quietly in his sleep, it appears, Aug. 13, 2011, just a little over 2 months after his mother passed to Glory April 30.

Please go see the Memorials and Tributes to him, that tell of his life and his passing, and what he meant to other people.--Ed.]

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We have on-line now his entire account of boyhood life on the Prairie of South Dakota called, "Horse and Buggy Days." It was written many years ago, but is fascinating for its details of a time and society that is now past but was still pretty much alive still in the 1930s and 40s, the period this wonderful, detailed account mostly covers.

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