Bernice Schaefer's Letters to Pearl & Family

Part I:

[Written in Atascadero, CA,

Jan. 2, 1990]

Dear Pearl & Family,

Just a note with this letter we received from Cora today. I told her I would get out a letter for her as it helps on her time and money. Have 16 envelopes of those that sent $ and others I thought would like to hear.

Our kids here have been so busy going places with the boys, etc., so told them any time is o.k. with us to open gifts, et. To be with the boys is more important, et.

We had guests here just before Xmas, they were the good neighbors we had in Esparto. They spent 3 days here and then went up near Frisco to his relatives. He called 2 days later and said she fell over dead up there and today sent us a copy of the memorial service they had for her up there, and when he gets home to El Paso where the 2 sons live will have another service.

It was her heart although she had been fighting cancer in the lymph glands.

Enjoyed hearing from you at Xmas time and the news.

It rained a little last night and we really need it. The cows on the hillside look like they are eating the roots of the grass as the hills look so bare.

Had a lovely breakfast (class) at Dick and Esther's and her house looks like a picture in a magazine.

Didn't do as well at our sales this year as so many have sales now in this area.

Hi to the family and enjoyed Lorin and Marylou's unusual card again.

Cora is brave but she needs our prayers and often letters. Love ya, Sis Be

Ink Note by someone, Bernice or Pearl: "On the one page of her letter she writes, 'So many mistakes I've made--too many tears.' Bless her heart"--does this mean Cora wrote this on her letter? It seems most likely my mother Pearl would write this comment regarding Aunt Cora's own humble statement.--Ed.

Part II:

Feb. 1, 1990,

Dear Pearl,

It is time I got these plans out to the family & I'm sending one to Ron & Gloria, but not sure of the address of some of the rest so you can let me know if I should send to the rest, but give Roberta this extra one. It was so good of them to come, and hope they can come again [to the reunion next]. Even if they (your kids) don't come I hope they will write a note or so for the Memory Book Chloe is making for them [for her parents Joseph and Estelle Rangen, on their Fiftieth Anniversary?]. Chloe called me the other day and it sounds like most of the Rangens are planning on the reunion even if they are going to go to Yuma to celebrate too.

I hope we have a good turn out because of Cora especially [who is coming to the reunion to be].

I have asked Joe and Leroy to take over at the Memorial Service and Ren and family to sing, also the Stadem boys if they can. I hope to have this at the farm as Cora and Carl [is this a mistake of the pen, as Carl went to Glory Nov. 11, 1989, only she probably meant it in the past tense--Ed.] do not know many at the Bryant church.

No doubt Pastor Florence will ask us to sing again. The people should appreciate it.

I wrote long ago and asked the cake maker in Bryant about making the cake, and no reply yet. Wrote in and asked Ruth what she thought. Possibly I could get one made in S.F.

It has rained here today and boy do we need it. Lakes are going dry.

Have decorations ready for guest night for C.W.C. and prayer favors. It all takes time. Got 32 blouses from a friend that died so got them washed as she smoked and what a smell. Also aired out all day.

Have 35 of them (letters like this one?) to get out so this is for this time. Love, Be

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