Part 1:

Calvin & Gwen Taylor's Letter to Friends, Feb. 7, 1989,

Part II,

Calvin and Gwen's Letter to Friends, Sept. 1989

Part I:

February 7, 1989

76870 Vianopolis, GO,


Dear Friends,

It is with very thankful hearts that we greet you again from Brazil. We appreciate so much your praying for us as we returned this time.

We arrived on the 4th of January in Sao Paulo with the objective of serving the Lord this next term, helping the Pancararu believers in northeastern Brazil. But after a couple of weeks we realized that my health was not up to it yet.

Just before our return two families from the Berean Bible Church in Knoxville paid my expenses to go to Erdman's Clinic in Philadelphia. There they discovered that I have an hereditary problem that cause poor blood circulation. The extremes of hot or cold weather, fatigue, and viruses cause this condition to worsen over a period of time. The treatment is very simple and helpful, and we have been able to carry on a normal day's work at times. However our going into the Pancararu area at this time would not be wise because of the heat.

When we arrived here in Vianopolis to leave Karis and Anita at the school, our field leadership met with us and offered us the opportunity of living here in a much cooler place and working in our mission school and helping with different projects related to the field headquarters. Both Gwen and I will begin teaching on Monday.

We have rented a house in the little town. And before we had time to look for a car, a Christian brother told us that we could buy his and pay for it as the Lord provides. It is a 1986 Volkswagen and only had 16,000 miles on it.

Jeffrey came down with us and helped in so many ways. He is back in Jackson for his last semester. God very graciously took care of Karen and comforted her during this big separation. Praise Him for grandmas.

You have prayed for the new tribe being reached here. It's name is most likely "Emequem" The missionaries are learning the language quickly because of a lot of good contacts with them. Part of their belief is that their tribe came from two deer. The buck went up to the sky and became the moon while the offspring became the Emequem people. Please continue to pray.

Thank you for your part in helping us return. Let us pray for one another.

Yours to reach tribal people, Calvin & Gwen Taylor, Calvin, Gwen, Karis, & Anita Taylor

Part II

Vianopolis,GO, Brazil,

Sept. 1989

Dear Friends,

As you received our February letter asking you to pray for the "Emequem" Tribe in northern Brazil, the Brazilian government was deciding to visit for the first time, allowing the press and anthropologists in to see this isolated group. The videos which were brought back sitrred up reporters from around the world to have their chance at first hand reporting. Much misrepresentation and lies circulated about our Mission's work. Our enemy thought evil against us, but God meant it unto good. Our men have been allowed to stay and have received a good word from those in authority. Pray that they will receive permission to build an airstrip in one of the villages now so they can live closer to them.

In June we moved here to the MK [Missionary Kids] school and are now dorm parents for the high school girls whose parents work in different places in Brazil. Gwen is also teaching two classes of Biology a day, and I teach one class of Bible to 9th-12th grades each morning. Our Karis and Anita are doing really well and enjoying their 11 "new sisters."

After being here eight months, we realize that it won't work out for us to work in a hotter climate. However, God has supplied Ronaldo and Katia Lima to help among the Pancararu people for the time being. Do join us in prayer that God will raise up laborers from among these that can help in reaching other northeastern tribes.

We have a church here for staff and students, and we are looking forward to reaching out to many as God does a good work in our hearts. Mauro and Thelma are faithfully hearing God's Word in their home 2 or 3 times a week and we believe it is going to bring forth eternal fruit.

Jeffrey graduated from Bible School in May. During the summer he has helped his Grandpa Martin and plans to stay there for right now. He would appreciate your prayers for him for the future. He was diagnosed in August at the Erdman Clinic as having the same hereditary circulatory problem as I have.

Karen has returned to Tennessee Temple University for her sophomore year. She had a good summer working and staying with some dear friends in Corning, N.Y.

In I Kings 8:43 Solomon expressed one of his desires to God: "That all people of the earth may know thy name. . ." Certainly our great God is worthy of this. Let's live wholeheartedly for this objective.

Yours to reach tribal people,

Calvin, Gwen, Karis, & Anita Taylor

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