Carleen and Ken Newton's Letter to Aunt Pearl & Family

[Written from an airport in Washington, D.C., Nov. 13, 1989]

My dear Aunt Pearl & Family,

This is the 13th of Nov. 1989 and my very sweet Daddy has been with our Heavenly Father for 48 hrs. When I called [Aunt Ruth Harrington in ND] Ruthie promised to let each of you know. I'm sorry for not calling you personally--actually, we keep learning more as the time goes by; and my phone calls to so many friends and supporters has been a tremendous comfort and encouragement to me and my family. There are 100s of dear ones praying for my Mama in this difficult hour. She's holding up beautifully.

I've had the opportunity of talking to Beth Ann & Calvin. The funeral went very well yesterday. ALL of Grandma's neighbors were there to hug her and kiss her and cry with her. We can be sure they heard the Gospel as Danny and Calvin spoke to more than 500 people. It was a victory service--singing the whole way to the cemetery! What a different perspective on Heaven everybody got from that funeral.

Our great concern is for Lenita Templeton--Beth and Dan's 19 yr. old. She is still in a coma as of last night at 9 p.m. and her lung collapsed. Pray for her & Beth as her baby is due to born any day now.

God is graciously working out our surprise and unexpected trip to Brazil. Kevin, our 18 yr. old is going with me. 2 of us travelling for the price of 1. We are in DC now buying our tickets with gifts from several individuals and a church in Tulsa. God just gave us our visas! Everyone else had to wait 48 hrs.--we got ours in 20 min. So, we fly tomorrow night and return Dec. 5th. pray that we will have a special ministry of love and comfort for my family. And pray that God will raise up a person or more to take Daddy's place. Thank you, Carleen

This letter is written in ink by Carleen on a card, and was evidently shared by Pearl Ginther with a loved one, for she has written on the top: "Would you send back next time you write me?". It was evidently sent back, as we have it here, thank the Lord. Other notes by Pearl Ginther on the letter-card: "She [Lenita Templeton] died 10 days later on the 21st of Nov. Beth had a baby girl Rebecca Grace. They were very ill but are fine now. I think Rebecca was born 2 days before Lenita died. Here she wanted to take care of her baby sister."

Finally, the card's condolence that was printed on it is: "In your time of sorrow, May God's love sustain you, His power and faith renew you, and touch your heart in a special way." After that is: "We love you, Carleen, Ken & Kids

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