Dan and Beth Templeton to Aunt Pearl

March 19, 1989

Peniel [Bible Institute]

[Jacutinga, Brazil]

Dear Aunt Pearl,

Forgive this very long delay in writing you! It was so nice to get that pretty Christmas card & news--thank you.

You mentioned Daddy--He is going strong again. He & Mommy are gone on meetings (5 days straight). They've both looking good. Daddy has put on some weight. I saw a recent picture of all of you at Mommy's. That was really nice to see.

We're having a good semester. The Lord is working in lives, including our own. We never get to where we don't need changing. We have 79 students including 14 married couples.

Our children are doing well--Praise the Lord. The girls are at Tenn. Temple Univer. in Chattanooga, Tn. They stay very busy and are very happy. Celinda has a "special" boyfriend"--who loves the Lord and wants to be a missionary. The girls will come down in June to see us. Celinda will stay a couple months and Lenita will stay a year--studying here.

Our boys are growing so fast. Clay is 13 and is in 7th grade, almost his Daddy's height. Carl is 11 and in 5th grade and my height. Pray for them in their studies and spiritual growth. Danny Boy will be 5 April 2nd. I have begun teaching him Kindergarten. At the end of the month we get a break here, so we're going to visit our boys.

My father-in-law is returning to Brazil on Wednesday (22nd). He is a widower since July 27. My mother-in-law passed away after having knee surgery in U.S. They have been in Brazil with New Tribes since 1951. Pray for him as he continues serving the Lord (alone at least for now).

Calvin and family are in Vianopolis teaching, till Calvin gets stronger.

Hudson and family are doing well in the new work with the Pataxos Indians. They have 50 students to teach--all ages.

Aunt Pearl, we love you very much--greet the whole family for us. In Him--Dan, Beth & Children

Note: This letter written in ink seems to be from Beth Ann Templeton for the two of them, who are teachers at the Peniel Bible Institute. On the top of the second part are a couple other notes on it from Beth Ann: "Isaiah 54:13, a good promise for our children!" Aunt Pearl looked it up and wrote by the verse the words of the verse: "All your sons shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be their prosperity of your sons."

Also note that Lenita Templeton is coming back to them to continue schooling at Peniel, and this will be her last major trip away from home, as a fatal accident will take her to heaven along with her grandfather and a fellow missionary, all resulting from the car wreck on the freeway to Sao Paulo.--Ed.

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