Iceland's economy is based on fishing for sardines. In fact it is almost nothing but sardines. The diet of Icelanders would be monotonous except that the sardines are served with tasty banana pudding made from bananas they grow in hot houses heated by volcanic steam, with which the country is bountifully blessed because it happens to be located over a bunch of active volcanoes. Now and then one of these blessings blows up, however, and a lot of greenhouse bananas and fresh-caught sardines are sent sky-high.

Iceland boasts Scandinavia's and even Europe's oldest surviving unicameral parliament ("unicameral" means one camera per member of parliament). This august body is called the Sardinalinga. The Sardine was chosen to occupy this high position in the hearts of Icelanders because it is so important to them. Here you see the prime minister and the two members of parliament that comprise this ancient governing body as all three work hard on drafting the latest fishing regulations.

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