"The Goat that Played King of the Mountain

One Too Often"

Contributed by Darrell Ginther, Grandson of Alfred and Bergit Stadem

The Moral to this story is that a boy or girl who shares and is generous will be happier than someone who acts selfish.

Pearl grew up on Plain View Farm. She was Alfred and Bergit Stadem's very first child.

When she grew up and married Bob Ginther from Bruce, South Dakota, she married a flier. How exciting! He had his own plane!

Together they flew it to Plain View Farm, landing in the big, flat field across the road from the house.

How thrilling that was whenever they came in to land! It was enough to take away your breath!

Everybody heard them coming and dropped what they were doing to run out from the house, shouting and trying not to get in the way of the plane.

When it landed, Denver the dog was first to get to the plane, and soon everyone else!

Mama Bergit was so overcome with the "flutters" she dropped to her knees on the ground.

Have you ever felt your heart thumping when something really exciting happened to you? Well, that was what happened to Mama Bergit.

Besides the plane, Bob also had a goat, which wasn't much good as it turned out.

One day the goat jumped up on the top of the Ginthers' car and since the top was canvas and not metal in those days, it caved in under the goat, making a hole for the rain to pour through.

Bob wasn't very happy with the goat. He then gave the goat to Grandpa, who might be able to get some good out of it.

But that did not happen, so Grandpa Stadem decided to get rid of it too.

He sold the goat, and then Bob asked him how much he got.

"Twenty five cents, more than he was worth!" replied Papa Stadem.

Would you like to have a goat like him? What would YOU pay for it? Nothing? That was what Papa Stadem reckoned it was worth!

Have you ever gotten something you wanted, then found out it wasn't worth getting?

And have you ever played "King of the Mountain"? It is a game where someone climbs to the top of something, then tries to keep everyone else from getting the spot.

This game has a lot of pushing and shoving others down by the person on top. It is a game, but what if you always acted that way all the time?

Some children and even some grownups do, sad to say, even after they become old and should know better. They are always playing "King of the Mountain," never sharing but pushing away everyone else.

Are they happier because they act that way? The Bible calls Christians sheep, not goats. In fact, sheep are loved by God, and goats are divided from God's flock and have no place in heaven.

And the only "King of the Mountain" is ........? Can you name Him? He is called our Good Shepherd. And he is the precious Lamb of God, and isn't one whit goat!

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