Pearl Ginther's & Jerry Ginther's


to Estelle and Joseph Rangen

on Their 50th Wedding Anniversary,

their Golden Jubilee, 1990

Jerry Ginther with his proud Mother, Pearl Ginther,

On Graduating from HiLine Community College,

Federal Way, Washington,

with an Associate of Arts Degree


Note: Fortunately, Mother saved the drafts of these two tributes, which were requested and were to go into a special memory book, compiled by Chloe Rangen for her folks on their 50th Anniversary. I have never seen the book, but I am sure it was filled with over a hundred tributes, no doubt, from family and friends. Hopefully, she will bring it to the Reunion sometime for others to enjoy who did not make it to the 50th Anniversary. It would be a great pleasure for us to read the tributes! Just a thought anyway.--Ed.

Pearl Ginther's Tribute to Her Sister and Brother-in-Law, Estelle and Joe Rangen

My thoughts go back to the time when my sister Estelle was called Rixa because as a little child she couldn't sit still and loved to be bounced on our knee.

I do remember vividly how enthusiastic Estelle was when she came with our Mama and Papa down to visit Bob and me in Sioux Falls, SD, on Glendale Ave, telling us about the Lutheran Fellowship league started in S. Dak. amongst the laymen of different Lutheran churches about 50 years ago.

Never had I ever heard her express such joy of sharing what Jesus meant to her, especially hearing testimonies being shared by many also in choruses sung from their hearts.

I will never forget how gracious Estelle was to offer to stay on Plain View Farm and take care of the chores, milking, and cooking for Leroy, Ruth, and Arthur, plus my 2 oldest, Darrell around 3 yrs. and Gloria 8 months old, with her arm in a sling.

That was the time (1937) when Bob and I took Papa and Mama on a trip to the Black Hills at Rushmore, and we viewed prehistoric animals and [toured through] a windcave and on into Colorado, entering into Big Thompson Canyon, Estes Park.

In Rock Mountain National Park, Colorado, July 28, 1937, we drove to the highest altitude of 12,000, the highest elevation driven by car in the world.

Never summer there, we came to Iceberg Lake, where there's snow and ice year round. Scenery was fantastic. Then into Nebraska, coming down from the icy heights to camping in a stubble field in 107 degrees.

Then on to Kansas and heading for home in Sioux Falls.

Having such a fantastic time with our parents, all that time we were away we were assured, as we knew Estelle was the best ever and had everything in control when we arrived back on Plain View Farm at Bryant, SD, having gone 1500 miles in 8 days.

Pencil Sketch of Aunt Estelle as Young Stadem,

by Ron Ginther

Jerry Ginther's Tribute to Uncle Joseph and Aunt Estelle Rangen

I always find Estelle to be a blessing and indeed a God-given gift of fresh air, warmth, and sunshine of the Lord's Holy Presence whenver near her.

I find that one cannot help mention much about Estelle alone without also mentioning something about her husband, besides them being one flesh and spirit who can tell where one leaves off and the other begins.

Yes! Christ has formed them into one as He is one with His Father through the Holy Spirit. I cannot find one aspect of Estelle that could be considered as a leaning toward not being submissive to her husband.

I've heard that women are the more spiritual of the two and are called to silently win their husband over. I could only add to that statement or claim that Estelle is definitely serving the Lord through her faithfulness to her precious husband, who isn't the average Christian due to being a minister.

So who's to say who's more spiritual of the two? Oh, well, either way both together express to me one life walking with God.--In Christ, Love, Jerry

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