"Mama Bergit's Quotables"

Mama and Papa Stadem, Before Papa's Homegoing to Heaven in 1964, Gathering the Bountiful Harvest at Plain View Farm, With Teenaged Grandson Russell Del Von Schaefer in the Background Helping

Excerpts from Ruth Stadem Harrington's Letter, February 10, 1982, Sherwood, ND, Giving Daughter's Remarks and Mama Bergit Stadem's Quotables.

Mama Bergit Stadem is a sunny-ripe age for a Norwegian "Granny Apple," three years shy of One Century!

"Yesterday on our daily trip to Sherwood for running errands and having coffee in the cafe, Mama said, "I believe the Lord is here and there." Daughter: "Yes, he is all over." Mama (very emphatically), "I BELIEVE IT."

"As we drove down the highway today, Mama said, "If we just had one verse we could sing. I think a little one is better than a whole lot of them. I think children like it short. We can put in one thing for the children."

We broke into praise with "Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow." Do you sisters and Leroy remember how Papa always sang the same when hitting the grade south of the farm? Momie is a joy to have here and is absolutely no trouble but a BIG help."

Excerpts from Daughter Ruth's Letter, February 25, 1982

Dear Ones - Tonight, 8:00 P.M., Mama just finished dishes. When I told her I'm writing to her kids she said, "I don't think they care to hear from me. I wish we could do something for them," as she waved her hands over the dining room table where I'm seated at this time.

[Website Guests: Here is Mama's comment about America's greatest presidents, whom she no longer recognized or remembered from history--Ed.]

Abe Lincoln's and George Washington's pictures are life size busts. [Daughter Ruth and Mama Bergit must have been loking at pictures of the presidents] Mama, "Those two men, they look like they're going to do something if they're asked; I'm sure they will do the best they can--marnog kjerring."

Mama talking in her sleep, "Our church in Bryant. I'm not sure if that's what they call it. We liked to sing it then and we like to sing it now too. 'In the Name of Jesus,' I know He knows it. He may be sleepy, but we can sing it anyway. Sing because of all those things Jesus has done for us. Have Jesus to help us, then it goes the best. He likes to have (?) with us. We must help each other to come closer and closer to God in heaven. We know we can go a lot of us together and sing it--" --Mama hums.

Watching "Family Feud" on TV. Mama, "I don't think they're as crazy in Mandal [Bergit's hometown in Norway] as they are over there."

Mama, groaning. Daughter, "What's the matter?" Mama, "It makes the time go faster."

Mama has a banana every morning since fluid pills take potassium out of the system. Daughter puts a partially pealed one up to her mouth. Mama took a bite and said, "Are you going to push it all down me?"

Mama watching "Sesame Street" and shoes flying across the screen, "Oh, my, there went my shoes." Daughter Ruth, "They're having fun, I guess."

Mama, "I hope so." Mama was taking Herb-lax. Daughter, "Did it go down?" Mama, "Well, everything goes down."

Daughter Ruth, "Let's sing a song." Mama [hard of hearing, guesses], "Put the potatoes on?"

Several times Mama for a couple days hums "Alas and did my Savior bleed and did my Sovereign die, Would He devote that sacred head for such a worm as I?"

Mama folding clothes and shaking out Ruth's husband Tom's underwear with her left arm since her right one hurt yet [she had injured the ligament in the right arm previously in a fall on the front entrance steps of the house, and had gone to the doctor for it]. Mama, "My, such lang bein [long bones]."

I asked her to sew a hole in her dress. Mama, "I don't think anybody is going to look for the hole." She did mend it and as good as usual.

Holding her still hurting arm this a.m., Mama said, "If I knew what to do with it, I sure would." Daughter, quoting the Bible verse, "The Lord says, 'Wait on the Lord and let thine heart take courage, wait, I say, on the Lord.' Daughter, "Isn't that a good verse?" Mama, "Ya, it is. It couldn't be any better."

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