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"Let's Get Acquainted with...Pearl Ginther"

A Brief Bio for the Golden Rose Mobile Home Court Family

Pearl Ginther has lived at Golden Rose for about 20 years [it is now 30 years in 2009] of her long and eventful life. She was born in Canton, S.D. in 1909 and lived on the Tetlie farm which was owned by the pastor that baptized Pearl, the first born of nine children. The family later relocated to Bryant, S.D., and lived on their grandparents' farm when the grandparents moved to town. Later her dad bought 80 acres of land from his uncle and the family built a house. Pearl can remember her part in the work as nailing up laths betwen the 2X4's and picking up rocks to put into a wagon and then throwing them into the mortar that was poured as insulation for the farmhouse. To lthis day it is in good shape and the family holds their reunion there each summer.

In 1933 she met Robert Ginther, a landscaper who also worked as a cashier at Skagg's Grocery Store in Sioux Falls and later was employed at John Morrell's Packing Plant. They married in 1934. In 1942 the dcecision to move west "where the money was" was made as it was getting harder to live on the 73 cents an hour that Robert was making at Morrell's in the canning department. Robert did not weant to leave as Pearl was expecting their fifth child, but Pearl said "You're the head of the home, you go as you feel led."

Robert got work right away in the Tacoma Shipyards. They built a house at 1232 9th St. SW in Puyallup. Pearl lost her husband on January 9, 1947. He had taken a train to go on to South Dakota to pick up an airplane and bring it back for a couple friends that wanted it. The plane crashed before the trip back killing both Robert and his brother-in-law Art Stadem. At that time the couple had six children, and Pearl was carrying her seventh. Both Robert and Pearl always relied heavily on their love of God to get them through the hard times. Pearl knew God would give her the Grace to carry on.

Pearl serves as key woman from her church for Lutheran Community Service and many other areas in her church. She works with the local garden club (Towhee) and other community service groups, and works tirelessly and donates to many other worthy causes.

Pearl can be seen on summer days, in her own car, hauling donated fruits and vegetables from her son's fruit and vegetable stand in Edgewood to the Salvation Army, the Senior Center, Catholic charities, and needy families.

For 27 years of her life, Pearl was a cook and often "jack of all trades" at various Lutheran institutions in the area. This has carried ovr into her "supposed" retirement years, as she continues to care for others' personal and household needs. Anyone who knows Pearl will say she certainly lives up to her name!

Recently we were entertained at our holiday potluck with special Christmas music and a sing-along by Pearl and her family. The family are frequent singers at their church. Pearl is a very loved member of our Golden Rose Community.--February 2001, Resident's Voice, Golden Rose, Puyallup, Washington

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