"Reflections on Plain View Farm"

Stadem Grandson, Ronald Ginther,

Written and Read on the Farm at a Reunion

Oh, Lord, what is Plain View Farm?

A passer-by sees only an old house in a grassy yard,

with a barn

and a few out-buildings.

Yet once a year there is a miracle--

a butterfly emerges from the cocoon, new, unimagined,

and new, beautiful life spreads her wings

and sails forth on the wind!

Is Plain View a Midwest "Brigadoon," an enchanted place,

with flags of yesteryear bravely flying?--

to be unfurled for a few days,

then packed away in moth balls for another year?

Home that is no continuing home,

we still fly to thee as to a mother's warm breast--

like generation after generation of Capistrano sparrows returning

to you as to a beloved nest.

Old House upon the Plain,

you're set on rich, deep soil,

trod by Indians and where bygone buffalo ranged,

both now plowed under like the old Buffalo Mound.

that's planted now to corn.

Is that all?

Are you just an old memory of former things

that passing time will erase

as the farmers' tractors plowed under the Buffalo?

O God of my fathers!

I can see the path of Your fearsome passing,

glistening on the dark waters,

spread beneath the thick clouds-- O Bearer of all Wisdom,

O Spirit of God, answer!

This precious little island, Plain View,

stands for a moment poised,

on the edge of eternity's ocean--

one wave spreading out from Thy Hand

will surely sweep it away forever...--

But why is Plain View still sailing on in time?

For what purpose does it still exist?

It's only a little lump of earth--

of no real importance, seemingly.

Take it away, and in this world it wouldn't be missed.



Remember the brief, poignant lilacs of the Springs?

the hot, burgeoning summers?

the crisp, golden falls?

and the cold, hard, killing winters that went into making it what it was

and is-----and possibly will be?

Doesn't Plain View tells us something?

of Birth, Growth, Sorrow and Pain? and a New Life come forth again?

Doesn't Plain View tell us something of God's hand on our brief lives?

Generations gone, generations to be,

Plain View is sailing on in time.

How long will it sail?

O what is Plain View?

Note: God has answered our plea and prayer! Plain View Heritage Farm has been shown a future and a hope, a new beginning with the birth of a "Barna Velkommen," that sets on the site of the former Basement Barn going back to 1942-3. A splendid-winged butterfly has emerged from its cocoon and is spreading her wings, about ready to fly! To God be the glory!--Ed.

Butterfly & Verse, Given Ronald Ginther by Grandma Bergit Stadem

(c) 2009-14, Butterfly Productions, All Rights Reserved

Stadem Reunion of 1991

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